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Unboxing Covergirl's Queen Voxbox

When Influenster reached out and offered to send me their latest parcel, I was thrilled because, as you all know, I love unboxing mystery packages!  I've been a part of their network for quite some time now, and through them, I've had the opportunity to test out a variety of products.  For today's post, I'll be reviewing three new products from Covergirl's Queen Collection. 
1.  Covergirl Natural Hue Liquid Makeup ($8.79) -  I hate to bash Covergirl, but I'm definitely not a fan.  I personally didn't have a very good experience!  The makeup didn't absorb well at all, and it went on super unevenly.  Heads up guys, you're getting very little coverage with this - it's basically a tinted moisturizer - so if you want full coverage, get a different foundation.  I tried Amber Glow, but it was way too red for me.  Hopefully y'all will have better luck!  I give this product 1.5/5.

2.  Covergirl Stay Luscious Lipstick ($8.99) - I feel very "eh" about this lipstick.  I had a chance to try Duchess, and although the lippie went on ok, the color just didn't work for me.  Props for its longevity though - it glided on smoothly and stayed put for most of the day.  I give this baby 2.5/5 because of the price!  I definitely think there are better and more affordable products out there for $9, but I'll have to check out the rest to know for sure.  I may totally be biased because of the shade!

3.  False Lash Drama Mascara ($7.49) - I'm kind of starting to feel bad at this point!  I really want to like this mascara...but I don't.  I had a hard time working the applicator, and at a certain point, my lashes started to clump.  Then, on top of it all, I couldn't get the right amount of curl.  I give this a 2/5, and that's me being generous!  It's available for $7 or so on the Covergirl website, but I'd rather save the cash and splurge on a solid mascara that works super well.  That's just me though! Let me know if you want a recommendation!

That's all folks! I'm sorry I was a negative nancy for today's post, but hey, I gotta keep it real.  I'm not going to tell you that something's awesome just because I had a chance to review it for free. However, I do want to thank Influencer for giving me the opportunity to try these items out...even if I didn't like them, ha!

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