May 2015 - Sensible Stylista

Remix: The Striped Top

Re-mixing my Danice striped top for you guys on SS today!  I featured it HERE a few days ago.  For my OOTD, I styled the shirt with a trendy skater - animal print FTW.  I didn't think the combo would work initially, but I think it turned out nicely!  

Stripes are so easy to wear.  Dress them down with jeans for a casual look or mix 'em with another print (like I did below) for a trendier vibe.  I know brown & black don't technically usually "go together", but hey, I'm all about breaking fashion rules *grins*.  Plus, my necklace ties everything together!  

TIP: "random" color combos can look totes natural with matching accessories! I've actually styled entire outfits around statement necklaces.  I've def. tried some unique hue pairings back in the day (#noregrets, ha) - some good, some not so great.  Have a blast and remember that it's all about experimentation!  I mean, it's your PERSONAL style.  How else are you gonna find YOU if you don't try different things?

Necklace:  c/o Sparkles & Pop
Skirt:  Deb - old
Bag:  Prada
Top:  c/o Danice

Oh how I LOVE Sparkles & Pop.  Their jewelry is always on point!  Here are some of my current faves.  FYI: statement necklaces come with a free gift, and US residents get free shipping & returns.  I seriously can't recommend them enough.  Make sure to check them out!  I promise you'll be impressed.

So which look do you guys prefer - right or left?


Meet Zoe Luiz: Sensible Stylista's Summer Intern

Super excited to introduce you guys to my beautiful intern, Zoe Luiz!  I'm stoked to work with her this summer.  She's the total package: gorgeous, intelligent, passionate, and [insert any and every positive adjective here].  Here's a fun Q&A for you guys.  I want y'all to get to know her because you'll be hearing from her quite a bit these next few months.
How would you describe your fashion sense?
It's hard to put my fashion sense into one strict category; I like to incorporate hip-hop, boho, and edgy fashion all into the way that I dress.  I draw most of my inspiration from Rihanna who can pull off any and every look, which is something that I aspire to do! 

Where do you like the shop?
I love shopping anywhere inexpensive; honestly, being able to find a diamond in the ruff at cheaper stores makes me much happier than getting an expensive piece.  My favorite store of all time is Forever 21 which always brings it with the latest trends but keeps it affordable for young people like me.  Lately, I've also been loving thrift stores, Brandy Melville - although their "One Size Fits Most" clothing sizes are completely ridiculous - and Necessary Clothing.  If I'm feeling rich, I sometimes venture into Zara.

What beauty products do you recommend?
I've recently discovered the cult classic Lorac Pro palettes.  I don't know how I lived so long without them, but I'm now fully obsessed.  I've never used any eye shadow that has the same color pay off as these shades.  And, not only are they amazingly pigmented, but they are also so incredibly easy to work with.  

Lorac has many palettes, but I've only tried the Pro Palette & the Pro Palette 2.  The first has warmer shades, like golds and browns, whereas the second palette has cooler shades, like pinks and purples. For my olive skin tone I prefer the latter, but I recommend everyone goes to their local Sephora or Ulta and tests out these shades.  The palettes are $42 each but well worth the investment.

What is your "can't live without" accessory?
I have a ring obsession; you'll never find me without at least six rings on at a time.  I love everything from delicate midi rings to large statement rings.  My all time favorite piece has to be my Om ring: throughout all my different ring pairings this is the only piece that has a consistent spot on my pointer finger.  

In fact, I love this ring so much that when I lost it two years ago in Chile, I went back to the same etsy shop I ordered it from a year before and got it again.  I've also been loving my chokers lately.  I used to wear them back in elementary school - I'm so happy this trend has returned.

What do you do in your spare time?
My fashion obsession takes over most of my free time, and you can usually find me in bed on  I love that they have articles on every aspect of fashion, from simple street wear to Chanel runway shows.  If I'm not creeping on Vogue then I'm probably either binge watching Supernatural on Netflix or hanging out with my amazing friends!

Color: Gold in general, but black to wear.
Song:  This is constantly changing, but right now it's M'$ by A$AP Rocky.
Drink:  Root beer all day every day!
City:  My heart will always live with my hometown of Boston.
Dessert:  Any kind of ice cream, specifically Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.
Movie:  Silver Linings Playbook!  This also happens to be my favorite book.
TV show:  I'm a huge geek, and I love the CW's Supernatural.

Strathmore Artist-in-Residence 2015-2016

Super stoked to share today's post with you guys!  As a new artist-in-residence at Strathmore (for the 2015-2016 season), I had the opportunity to shoot with Jonathon Timmes - an incredible photographer based in the DMV area.  His style is most notably marked by his vibrant and compelling use of light, color, and composition.  Clicky HERE if you'd like to see more of his work and/or book a sesh with him!  I can't recommend him enough.  Not only is he an incredible artist, he's SUPER sweet and fun to work with.
All of you obviously know Kimberly Kong the fashion blogger, but I want you guys to meet Kimberly Kong the classical pianist & teacher.  Many of you already know about my not-so-secret "double life", but if you'd like to read more or hear me play, clicky HERE. Also, for those of you living in the DMV area, I'll be performing here A LOT next year so if you want to hear me live, shoot me a message or tweet me (@sensiblestylist).  I promise to always respond.
FYI: I'm wearing a stunning gown from BCBG.  I think I scored this piece for $60 or something ridiculous?  Sorry, I can't remember! It's been far too long. I always buy my dresses there though. TIP:  hit up the BCBGMaxAzria factory outlet after Christmas for ridonkulous sales.  

On another note, I absolutely LOVE performing in red gowns - hands down my fave color to wear on stage. It helps me channel my inner goddess.  Don't you guys think it's such a powerful color?  I find it extremely fierce.
A shot of my gorg necklace courtesy of Dainty and Bold.  This stunning piece is available here for $42.45 - def. one of the most beautiful pieces I own.

The Ruffled Black Skirt: Day to Night

Soooo Workwear Wednesday didn't quite work out this week - sorry guys, I had to share my Lookmazing contest entry yesterday.  I didn't mean to throw y'all off schedule!  On that note though, I'd absolutely love it if you could help me out and vote for my look HERE.  As a plus, you'd automatically be entered to win a $50 gift card to Aeropostale.  It's a total win-win *grins*

ANYWHO, since I was lame, I did a fun day-to-night look today on SS to make it up to y'all.  I've partnered up with Storets and centered my looks around a fab ruffled skirt.  If you'd like to browse their collection, clicky here.
Skirt:  c/o Storets / Bag: Prada / Top: Talbots

TIP: don't be afraid to wear bold prints and colors on top when you're sportin' a solid black skirt!  You really can't go wrong because your skirt's, in essence, a neutral canvas. Go all out and throw on chunky jewelry while you're at it.  If my neckline was different, I would've totally worn a crazy statement necklace!  If you want to wear big earrings, try putting your mane up in an updo.  Topknots always look chic!  
For night, I swapped my blouse for a sexy faux-leather crop.  I threw my hair up. wore huge silver hoops, and carried a lacy clutch.
TIP:  experiment with different vibes!  I took a girly skirt and paired it with an edgy crop for funsies.  Unexpected combos are the best! Remember, style's all about taking risks.  Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful.  Screw what's "hot".  You can pull off ANYTHING if you feel confident.  That's the x-factor in my (humble) opinion.

Top:  Forever 21 / Skirt:  c/o Storets / Earrings:  c/o Mint & Lolly / Clutch:  c/o Mimi Boutique

PS.  Today's HauteDeals will be up today at 4:30 EST so check back later this afternoon.

Lookmazing x Aeropostale: Who Wore It Best Contest

Alright guys, I need your help!  I've been selected to compete in LookMazing's Who Wore It Best Contest.  I'd absolutely LOVE it if you could sign up and vote for my look!  Your support would be the world to me.  Plus, it's kind of a win-win situation.  Be super nice and help me out, and you'll automatically be entered to win a $50 gift card to Aeropostale.  Yay for free swag!  I know I usually share office-friendly looks with you guys on Wednesdays, but I'll do that tomorrow - had to make an exception this week.

FYI: LookMazing is a fashion and beauty focused social shopping site that connects content creators (bloggers) with shoppers.  Content creators are rewarded for making their photos and videos shoppable, while shoppers are rewarded for shopping!  Rewards are earned in the form of points and are redeemable for items in your wishlist from LookMazing's 300+ partner retailers.  

To enter/help me out because you love me *grins*:
1.  Sign up for LookMazing and "admire" me HERE.
2.  Vote for me by "winking" at my look HERE.

The winner will be announced on June 5, 2015 and a voter will be selected at random to win a $50 gift card to Aeropostale.  

Love, love, LOVE my new crop top and skater skirt courtesy of Aeropostale.  High-waisted skirts and crops work so well together - super easy to pull off for sure.  Make sure you guys check out Bethany Mota's collection at Aero.  Her collabs with them are on fleek!  


Let Me Love You

Oh how I adore stripes!  I'm excited to feature another fab piece from Danice today on SS.  Every girl should own a striped top.  It's a must-have for mixing prints!  Unfortunately, the top I'm wearing below is sold out, but no worries.  I'll make sure to share a widget with other faves below.

As promised, other adorable options for you guys (all under $50)...
Anywho, I styled my fab top with my new polka dot skirt courtesy of Front Row Shop - available here for $48.  This adorable piece is so money: the chic print + the high-waisted design + the fluted hem = on fleek. So let's get down to bidness - here's the 411:

Fabric: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
Quality:  comparable to H&M and Zara
Vibe: trendy yet polished and sophisticated
Perfect for: the office and everyday wear
Measurements: waist 26-27", hip 35", length 16" for the XS I'm wearing
Shipping:  Free but takes 15-18 working days

Now, let's move onto my necklace.  This GORGEOUS piece is available at Sparkles & Pop for $42 HERE, BUT with my special discount code (enter SENSIBLE at checkout to get an extra 20% off - valid until 5/31), you can cop it for $34 + free shipping on all US orders.  

Their jewelry is SO incredibly amazing.  I really can't recommend them enough.  Even my MOM likes their stuffs.  That's saying A LOT because she is super picky!  Trust me when I say you need to shop their collection STAT.  FYI: this piece is 14" long with a 3" extension.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.
Bag:  Chanel
Shoes:  c/o Deb
Skirt:  c/o Front Row Shop ($48)
Top: c/o Danice
Necklace:  c/o Sparkles & Pop ($42)

Elite99: Swing Dress Review

It's Fri-YAY! Time for another dress review.  I'll be telling you guys all about an adorable swing dress (courtesy of Elite99) today on SS.  FYI: I've worked with them in the past; way back in the day. I didn't have a great experience back then, but thankfully they've stepped up their game.

This trendy dress is cute - think Wet Seal quality - but I feel like it'd look way better on someone skinnier because it's so voluminous.  Belting it would help, but I left it as is because I wanted to show y'all the natural silhouette.  I'm actually a huge fan of pleated pieces! I actually just bought a pleated maxi skirt at Charlotte Russe.  It was on sale for like $3 - thank you memorial day sales, ha.

TIP: When shopping Elite 99's online collection, pay CLOSE attention to measurements.  Items usually run small - asian sizes and US sizes are VERY different.  I remember my first time ordering stuffs from an Asian wholesaler - it was ridiculous.  I bought a pair of leggings (size small), and I couldn't even pull them up past my calves, ha.  I remember thinking, "WTF, how can a human being wear such a small size?"  Ha!  In all seriousness though, they do carry cute stuff!  You just have to be smart about it all.  It also helps that shipping's free.  Let me know if you have any questions or concerns below.
Details, details, details...
Another dress shot for you guys!  This piece is currently out of stock, but no worries.  Scroll down below for other fab options!

Dress:  c/o Elite99

My current fave swing dress picks under $50...
PS.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway with Cleavitz HERE to win a crop top in the style of your choice!

Talbots Memorial Day Sale

I freakin' love Memorial Day sales!  I went shopping yesterday and hit up the local Charlotte Russe Factory outlet (for my LA trip comin' up) ONLY to find that they were giving peeps an extra 50% off on already reduced prices.  I bought 4 dresses, 2 shirts, and 3 skirts for under $50 (!!!!) Ridiculous, right? 

To my glee (and my wallet's dismay), I just got done shopping the Talbots sale - buy one item to get an extra 40% off and two or more to get an extra 50%.  I wish I could've bought ALL the fab pieces pictured below, but due to my budget I stuck with the two pencil skirts (polka dot & plaid) and the heart blouse.  If you're looking for workwear, I suggest hitting them up and stocking up now while prices are heavily discounted.  Their skirts and blouses are seriously legit.  Honestly, I like them better than J. Crew.  Bold statement but whatevs.  Just being truthful with y'all!

TIP: make sure you sign up for ebates HERE (I promise to love you forever if you use my URL - I get commission if you sign up through me) before shopping their sale to get cash back!  You get 2% sent back to you - hey, every bit counts!


Workwear Wednesday: The Striped Two-Piece

Today's work-friendly OOTD is officially live... Don't ask me why I'm stating the obvious.  Honestly, I just didn't know how to start this post sooo there we go *shrugs* Honesty's the best policy, right? Ha.  ANYWHO, I freakin' love Wednesdays!  I live for cute office-friendly ensembles.  I styled this Tobi blazer WAY back in the day so if it looks familiar, that's why.

When Byer California sent me this chic striped skirt I immediately thought, "why not wear this as a two-piece striped suit?"  I went with it and grabbed my blazer, and to my delight it worked out nicely.  I wanted to keep the look clean and chic so I paired it with a white crop top from Charlotte Russe.  Why did I go with a crop? Because I didn't want my shirt to get all bunched up! I hate when that happens.  Tucking in tops can be such a hassle - hashtag first world problems.
A closer look at my necklace.  It definitely adds a sophisticated touch!
My Byer CA striped skirt *forms heart with hands* It's available HERE for $38.  Made of a polyester/spandex blend, the textured knit is stretchy and comfortable!  I wear it in a size small, and it fits me like a glove!  The quality's comparable to H&M in my opinion.  With my exclusive discount code - enter SENSIBLESTYLISTA at checkout to get an extra 20% off - this skirt costs about $30. Totally worth it if you're a fan of stripes.  FYI: the length is perfect for work!

FYI, the Tobi blazer is also available HERE if you'd like to wear them together like I did.  The blazers currently on sale for $31 + an extra 30% off with code SUNLIT = $21.70 + free shipping!  The blazer's quality is comparable to H&M as well.  Tobi's one of my favorite stores!  They carry super trendy clothing for affordable prices.  I suggest taking advantage of their sale before it ends on May 21st.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions!
Necklace:  Mad Jewels
Skirt:  c/o Byer California
Blazer: Tobi (currently on sale for $31 - originally $52)

PS.  I'm currently hosting a fab US giveaway with Cleavitz! Clicky HERE to win a crop top in the style of your choice - value $40+.

The Ultimate EDM Playlist

Oh how I love EDM.  I've been especially obsessed lately because I just finished studying for a ridonkulously hard classical piano literature exam (for my doctoral degree) - I was listenin' NONSTOP to prepare for it.  As a reward for PASSING (!!!!), I subscribed to Sirius XM.  I normally wouldn't buy somethin' like that, but I wanted to treat myself.  They also offered me a sweet deal - $20 for 6 months.  I can manage that!

As a result, I've been blasting BPM and Electric Area in the car.  Definitely pumps me up after a long day at work!  I thought I'd share some of my new favorite tracks with you guys in case you were looking for new tunes to sweat to.  Personally, I love working out to EDM! I get bursts of energy every time the beat drops.

1.  Helicopter (original mix) - Martin Garrix & Firebeatz ($:38)
2.  Karate - R3HAB & KSHMR (4:05)
3.  Big Bang - Borgeous & David Solano (2:49)
4.  Tremor - Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix, & Like Mike (3:19)
5.  Intoxicated - Martin Solveig & GTA (3:15)
6.  Where Are U Now - Skrillex & Diplo ft. Justin Bieber (4:14)
7.  TSUNAMI - DVBBS & Borgeous (3:57)
8.  Melody - Oliver Heldens (3:19)
9.  Turn Up The Speakers - Afrojack & Martin Garrix (3:10)

Comment below with some of YOUR fave EDM tracks! I'm always looking for new tracks to check out.

Find of the Day: The T-shirt Dress ($8)

Super excited to share this fabulous find with you guys today on SS.  My mom actually found this gem at Walmart last week.  She wore it out, and I swear I thought it was from Ann Taylor or Banana Republic.  I was super impressed with the quality and fit.  I actually ended up purchasing two of them for myself: one in grey, one in black.  They had other cute prints and colors though!  Clicky here to see.

So here's the 411 - material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester jersey.  Care: wash inside out, machine wash cold (gentle cycle) with like colors.  Tumble dry low!  I bought this baby in size small because I liked the loose fit.  Measurements are as follow: bust 34.5-35.5, waist 27.5-28.5, hip 37.5-38.5.  FYI: also available in M, L, XL, and XXL.  

In my opinion, this dress is a total must-have.  It can be dressed up AND down, and it's ridiculously comfortable.  I'll make sure to style it several different ways for you guys in the near future!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  For $8, this item's a steal - clicky here to purchase.  I really can't recommend it enough.  Oh, and FYI, these pieces were purchased with my own money.  This post wasn't sponsored in any way!  I'm also not making any commission whatsoever - just in case you guys are wondering.

PS.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway with Cleavitz HERE to win a crop top in the style of your choice.

PSS.  Check out my sweet EDM playlist HERE.  Best tunes to sweat to for sure.

Ruby Red Bling

Sharing an all-black ensemble with you guys today.  Sexy and slimming, a total win IMO.  I've featured this peplum skirt (courtesy of Charlotte Russe) several times already on SS for a reason.  This skirt is an all-time fave.  The peplum silhouette is mad flattering, and the quality's on point!  I personally LOVE peplum because it highlights my curves.  

I paired it with a sexy crop because I wanted to go all out.  There's just something about off-the-shoulder tops - subtle sex appeal FTW!  How do you guys feel about this crop? How would you wear this?
A closer look at my necklace courtesy of Dainty & Bold.  This gorg piece is available here for $41.06.  Like all D&B items I've featured in the past, this stunner looks WAY more expensive than it actually is.  The ruby red  is beyond fab and looks amazing for all occasions including holidays and formal events.  
Top:  New Frog
Skirt:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Bag:  Handbag Heaven
Necklace:  c/o Dainty & Bold ($41.06)

The Gold Shift Dress: A Review

It's time for another fab OOTN - I've partnered up with Stylemoi again on SS today.  I can't wait to tell you guys all about my new dress (available here for $34.99).  It's beyond stunning! The floral lace fabric is especially beautiful due to its metallic sheen.  SM calls it a "long sleeve shift dress" online, but that's misleading because it's bodycon.  Shift dresses have straight lines, and this piece clearly hugs my curves.  Just giving you guys a heads up because I want to make sure y'all know exactly what you're purchasing.  

This dress is def. fab for a GNO or date night, but it adds bulk.  It makes me look bigger than I am; adds 5 lbs IMO, which some people may actually want - I've had super thin friends do all sorts of crazy (not in a negative way, of course) stuffs to gain weight.  I wish I had that problem, haha.  

Other than that, this piece is gorg, and it looks WAY more expensive than it is (think Cache level).  Stylemoi has quality clothing for sure, and I only have WONDERFUL things to say about their designs, customer service, and standards. I highly recommend shopping their collection.  As a bonus, they offer free shipping worldwide *pumps fist*  Let me know what you guys think of their selection.  I'm curious to hear your thoughts!  Where do you guys like to shop?
Dress:  c/o Stylemoi ($34.99)
Bag:  YSL

The Printed Pencil

YAY! Super excited to partner up with Fevrie again - I featured them HERE back in January.  They have the CUTEST stuff online.  If you guys are interested in shopping their collection, make sure y'all use code SENSIBLESTYLISTA to get an extra 25% off your purchase.  Hit them up STAT because the aforementioned code ends on 5/30.

Soooo, I only have one pic today because lighting was bunk.  I apologize!  Things have been totally cray.  Summer will def. be better  though - I'll have more time to do shoots outdoors.  Anywho, what do you guys think of my new skirt?  I really like the design.  One can never go wrong with a fab form-fitting printed pencil!  I absolutely love the zipper detailing, too.  I kept things simple up top because I wanted to style a classy look today for you guys so I threw on a ruffled tank and cashmere cardi.  
Skirt:  c/o Fevrie Fashion
Shoes:  Deb
Tank:  Banana Republic Factory Outlet
Cardigan:  BCBGMaxAzria Factory Outlet

Karelen: A Beauty Review

Super excited to tell you guys all about karelen today on SS.  I can't get over how AMAZING their new line is.  They offer hair and skin care products that enhance one's natural beauty.  Their items are formulated with only the purest ingredients: no glycols, parabens, mineral oils, or petrolatum.  They also NEVER test items on animals.  Trust me when I say you'll adore this line.  I seriously love EVERY product I got from them.  Make sure to keep reading 'cause I'm sharing a BAMF discount code at the end of this post!
1.  Aloe There Hand and Body Creme ($5.99) - This lotion smells like heaven and absorbs crazy fast, improving your skin's natural firmness while keeping it soft and hydrated.  It contains all of aloe's potent natural antioxidants from beta carotene to vitamins C & E.
2.  Vivacious Vitamin E Dry Oil ($5.99) - Amazing oil for sure.  Use it on your hair or your body.  I like layering it on lotion post-shower to seal moisture in, but it's also great for your tips!  Make sure you don't overdo it though - you don't want your hair to get all greasy!
3.  Shea Your Way Body Butter ($5.99) - I can't recommend this body butter enough.  The consistency is lotion-y (not rich and creamy like most), but trust me when I say it works like magic.  I used it ONCE and woke up with silky smooth skin.  You seriously can't go wrong with this!

 4.  Tea Tree Treat Hair Masque ($6.99) - A fabulous hair masque!  Use it once a week to hydrate and condition your mane.


5.  Mango Crazy Leave-in Detangler ($6.99) - My fave hair detangler.  I've tried a slew of different ones, and this is by far the best!  I brush my hair before showering and spritz this on after I step out.  No more tugging *thumbs up*
6.  Luscious Coconut Bath & Shower Gel ($5.99) - A luxurious shower gel that smells AMAZING and leaves your skin soft and irresistible.  The coconut was such a good call! I recommend trying this scent out yourself.

So basically, here's my conclusion:

- Karelen products are mad affordable (the items I reviewed are $6-7) but work like high-end salon products.
- They're available in 13 different fragrances.
- You guys need to try them out STAT, and use code SENSIBLESTYLISTA to get an extra 10% off your purchase.  Also, for a limited time, y'all get free shipping with a $25+ purchase.

Sponsor Spotlight: Nature's Time

I'm SUPER excited to tell you guys all about Nature's Time today on Sensible Stylista.  Nature's Time was created in the heart of SF by founder and active registered nurse, Christian Panaligan.  After hearing story after story of suicides and shootings linked to bullying, he decided to step up and take a stand.  As a victim himself, he found solace in the strength and beauty of nature so he incorporated it into his vision: a chic fashion accessory - made of natural materials - that would spread compassion and awareness.
"Through nature, each and every one of us is connected and it's our TIME to start making real impact for each other.  We don't know what tomorrow will bring, so why not make the best of today for the good of society?" - CP
Support NT and help #endbullying by purchasing a sustainable eco-friendly, toxic free watch that'll make a serious fashion statement.  Each watch purchase helps 6 bullying victims, and NT has partnered up with Free2Luv to fight bullying through community outreach, awareness campaigns, and events.  Make sure you guys help them out on their Indiegogo campaign HERE.  
The men's and women's limited edition prototype is available only for the first 100 sales.  After that, no more will be made!  The men's designs start at $89 each.  Once they reach $100,000 in fudning, the women's line will be released.  They use natural wood and 316L steel to handcraft all their pieces, and they're water resistant.  FYI: the watches have pins and holes in every link of the band so the re-sizing is hella easy.

My Current Fave LBD

This dress should look mad familiar because *drum roll, please* I featured it HERE not too long ago.  It's def. my current fave LBD!  It's super comfy yet sexy like whoa.  For $36, this piece is a total steal especially since y'all get free shipping with your order.  Yeah, a sweet deal for sure!  Clicky here to purchase...

I previously wore it with a pair of statement earrings, but as you can see, I accessorized with a statement necklace courtesy of Trendy Trinket today on SS.  I really like the way the green pops against the black.  How would you guys style this dress?  Oh, and I'm sorry I didn't get a full body shot, but for the record, I was wearing a pair of black pumps.
Dress:  c/o Bikini Luxe ($36 + free shipping)
Necklace:  c/o Trendy Trinkets

The Reversible Maxi Dress

Super excited to partner up with Rolla Coster Clothing again on SS!  If you missed my last collab with them, clicky HERE.  Anywho, I've styled a fab maxi dress for you guys today.  This stunning dress is sexy yet ridiculously comfy.  I dressed it up for y'all, but it can def. be worn casually.  I love that it's reversible - sport the cut-out on front or back depending on your mood.
A full body shot for you guys...
I accessorized with sparkly pieces todays because I wanted to glam out.  The maxi's a neutral canvas -because it's solid black, DUH *playful grin* - so I felt comfortable sporting serious bling.  Isn't my necklace STUNNING?  This beautiful crystal drop necklace is available HERE for $43.09.  A total steal IMO!  Trust me when I say it looks WAY more expensive than it actually is.  Handmade in Korea, this baby's gorg enough for a bride on her wedding day for realz.
Dress:  c/o Rolla Coster Clothing
Clutch:  c/o Lily Rain
Necklace:  c/o Dainty & Bold ($43.09)

Workwear Wednesday: The Flared Skirt

YAY! Time for more workwear inspo.  For today's post, I remixed my Talbots nautical striped tee (available HERE for $34.99) - clicky HERE to see how I wore it previously.  I styled it with a flare skirt - copped it at Madewell for $25 a while back - and accessorized with pearls.  
Statement pearls are a must-have IMO.  I recommend purchasing a traditional strand (a total classic for sure) and an updated statement piece (to add a trendy touch of course)!
Skirt:  Madewell
Top:  Talbots ($34.99)
Necklace:  c/o Armed & Readi
Bag: Louis Vuitton - borrowed
Shoes:  c/o Light in the Box