February 2014 - Sensible Stylista

Wardrobe Must-have: The Classic Shirt Dress

For today's post, I've featured a classic shirt dress courtesy of Velvet Heart.  I LOVE "loose" pieces like this - super comfy yet chic.  The tie helps accentuate my waist creating a flattering silhouette.  
I jacked my mom's jacket for today's look du jour - she bought the piece while it was on sale a couple months ago at Nordstrom. I'm so glad she picked it up because I'm in love with the design.  I've been wearing it out as much as possible, haha!
My Velvet Heart dress sans jacket.  If any of ya'll are interested in purchasing this piece, clicky HERE.  It was originally $98, but it's currently on sale for $48.  YAYZORS.
Necklace:  c/o Lotus Blossom Design 
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old
Bag:  Prada - gifted
Dress:  c/o Velvet Heart ($48)
Jacket:  IRO - borrowed

The Striped Maxi

For today's post, I've styled a fun maxi dress courtesy of Poof Apparel.  I paired it with a denim jacket for a casual vibe.  I'm not sure if you guys caught yesterday's post, but I went on a little spiel about preparing crafty fashion formulas. WELL, here's one of my personal favorite pairings: fitted jean jacket + summer dress = BAMF... 
I'm diggin' these diagonal stripes.  Oh, and the cut is totally awesome.  I love asymmetrical hems...
Dress:  c/o Poof Apparel
Bag:  c/o The Quiet Riot ($65)
Necklace:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Jacket:  c/o Aeropostale (similar HERE and HERE)
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old

So Skandl-ous

Alright ya'll, for today's post I've styled a crop top with a pair of high-waisted jeans for maximum comfort/chill-factor.  I'm not really sure if "chill-factor" is a word, but whatevs. I'm hopin' you guys know what I mean anyway, but if not, here's my super creative definition (warning: it may or may not make sense, ha):  chill-factor = steeze = aka serious style with ease.  Anywho, I'm sure I've mentioned this on here before, but it's smart to have sweet outfit "formulas" ready to go so you can look hella good even if you're in a rush.  
A closer look at my adorable top from The Skandl.  Their clothing is super cute!  I highly recommend checking them out.  If you'd like to purchase this top, I've provided the product link below...
I could live in these jeans, freal.  The zippers are freakin' adorable, too...
A close up of my new Lina Shatara earrings.  Cool right?  I'm totally diggin' the design.  Lina's love of travel inspired her 2014 collection.  Oh, and these earrings were inspired by Egyptian calligraphy!
In love with my shirt's crochet detailing...
Top:  c/o The Skandl ($18)
Shoes:  c/o Deb
Bag:  c/o The Quiet Riot
Sunnies:  c/o Sunglass Warehouse (similar)
Earrings:  c/o Lina Shatara
Jeans:  c/o Deb ($34.90)
Cuff:  c/o Deb ($11.50)

Crazy Cutouts

For today's post, I've featured a cute work-friendly look around a form-fitting peplum skirt courtesy of Charlotte Russe. This piece is currently on sale for $8.49 soooo that means you should've bought this YESTERDAY.  Seriously though, talk about versatility.  You can wear this baby out to party the night away or break necks while walkin' the hallways at school.  You'll be struttin' fosho.  Anywho, what are you waiting for?  Clicky HERE now...
I'm sure you've already figured this out, but I named my post "Crazy Cutouts" for my ballin' shirt.  I bought this piece WAY back in the day from Macy's, but I still wear it because I love the design.  Unexpected cutouts are so ridiculously sexy.  TIP:  If you want to show skin, make sure it's TASTEFUL.  For example, go ahead and show off your mile-long legs with a tight mini-skirt but PLEASE make sure you're covered on top.  I say pick one of the two: cleavage or legs.  Ya gotta leave SOMETHING to the imagination, hardy har har.
I got this Kate Spade bag a couple years ago while it was on sale.  I paired it with my top because I liked the way the prints meshed. Anywho, I'm such a fan of Kate Spade.  Their bags are SO cute.  In fact, I picked a few of my faves and shared them below so make sure to check them out...
 Skirt:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($8.49)
Top:  INC via Macy's - old
Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet - old
Tights:  Talbots Factory Outlet
Boots:  ASOS - old
Bag:  Kate Spade

Here are some of my favorite Kate Spade bag picks...

Turn the Night Up

For today's post, I've featured a sexy look for a fun night out with frands!  If you're looking for fab dresses for a GNO (girls night out, obvi) make sure to check out Charlotte Russe. They have a HUGE selection!  In fact, I'll make sure to share some of my favorite LBD picks with ya'll below...
My dress sans jacket.  Aren't the mesh inserts super sexy?  I love showing  tasteful unexpected bits of skin!
 A closer look at my statement necklace.  I will always be a sucker for flashy jewelry ::grins::
Necklace:  c/o Deb ($12.90)
Dress:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($20)
Bag:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($39.91)
Tights:  Talbots Factory Outlet - old
Jacket:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Shoes:  c/o Deb

As promised, here are a few of my favorite LBD picks from Charlotte Russe...
Left / Middle // Right
Left / Middle / Right


Some Kind of Blue

Alright guys, these jeans are BOSS.  They're definitely one of the comfiest pairs I own.  I swear, these are magical, like "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" magical.  Anywho, if you haven't checked out Dittos yet, make sure to keep an eye out for them.  I know I surely will. ALSO, another brand to keep an eye out for: Velvet Heart.  I'll be featuring them again in the future for sure.  Their clothing is legit - I literally love EVERYTHING they sent me!
A closer look at my necklace courtesy of Wild Butterfly Boutique.  They match my mint shoes, YAYZORS!
Necklace:  c/o Wild Butterfly Boutique ($18.95)
Blazer:  Banana Republic 
Top: c/o Velvet Heart
Jeans:  c/o Dittos
Bag:  c/o Ora Delphine
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson 

Peach Undertones

For today's post, I've featured a super casual look showcasing several new pieces in my wardrobe.  I gotta warn you guys though.  I'm feelin' mighty lazy, so today's blast will be short and sweet.
This faux leather moto jacket is currently on sale for $25 (originally $39.99) at Charlotte Russe.  I suggest checking this piece out, guys.  Grab it while you still can by clicking here...
A closer look at my new blouse courtesy of Zamrie.  If you haven't checked them out yet, make sure to hit up their site - they've relaunched recently!  Oh, and the Anna asymmetrical top featured below is available in two other colors:  green & blue.
I'm LOVING my new bag from Olivia +  Joy.  They have a really great online selection so check them out if you're looking for quality bags. Oh, and the crossbody strap is removable, so you can carry it by the top handle if you'd like. FYI:  this bag is also available in two other colors - black and blue.
 Shoes:  c/o Deb ($40.90)
Jacket:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($25)
Bracelet:  c/o Pink Lips Red Heels ($18)
Necklace:  c/o Nashelle - similar
Jeans:  Bongo via Kohl's - old
Bag:  c/o Olivia + Joy
Top:  c/o Zamrie

The Sequin Mini-Skirt

ERMERGERD, SEQUINS!  I've been obsessed with sparkly things as of late...not really sure why I told you that cause I'm sure ya'll could tell from the sequin dress I featured yesterday, hardy har har.  Whatevers, sometimes it's nice to state the obvious ::grins::
I've always wanted a sequin skirt, but I never found one that I really liked...until now, ha!  I wasn't sure if I could pull it off, but I finally manned up and tried sportin' one!  
I thought the peplum silhouette would be a nice contrast to the sequin bodycon.  What do you guys think?  How would you style this piece?
OH, and I wanted to show ya'll a close up shot my new necklace from Kristin Perry.  This vintage 1920's inpired tassel necklace is so freakin' cute. I can't get over it!  I love the geometric pendant - the embedded crystals are too adorable! This piece is available for $38 HERE.  FYI:  Kristin Perry offers free shipping to US residents and a flat $8 fee for international shoppers!
Skirt:  c/o AMI Clubwear (similar HERE and HERE)
Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet - old
Clutch:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($39.91)
Necklace:  c/o Kristin Perry ($38)
Boots:  ASOS - old
Ring:  c/o Pink Lips Red Heels 
Top:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($18.99)
Tights:  c/o Deb

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

For today's post, I've featured a stunning dress courtesy of Motel Rocks.  This gorgeous bodycon piece is perfect for a night out with the girls.  
 I threw on a faux leather jacket and fleece-lined tights for warmth...
Dress:  c/o Motel Rocks
Clutch:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($39.91)
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old
Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet - old
Tights:  c/o Deb

Playing with Color: Navy & Silver

For today's post, I've featured an adorable romper courtesy of Charlotte Russe.  I've always been a huge fan of Forever 21, but I've officially converted.  Now I'm a loyal Charlotte Russe-ite, hardy har har!  I'm always super impressed with their clothing and accessories, and I'm not just saying that because they're one of my favorite sponsors.  Ya'll know I'm no sell out ::smiles::  What store do YOU guys prefer?  Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe?
Anywho, I wanted to stick with a simple color scheme, so I wore my trendy navy trench from Spiegel.  I then threw on a stunning statement necklace from Outrage fashion to match my metallic Coach clutch.  I thought sparkly silver shoes would be a fun touch!  
ALSO, this Spiegel trench is currently on sale for $44 (originally $214).  SUCH a steal. Seriously.  Get on that, RIGHT now by clicking here! You won't regret it.  It's available in ivory as well.  I'm actually thinking about buying one in the other color myself.  Super trendy piece that will elevate any look.  PS.  If you spend $50 or more, the lovely associates at Spiegel will give you a $10 discount.
A closer look at my glittery shoes...
I've featured this necklace a million times on here already, but I don't care! This piece is beyond gorgeous - such high quality.  Unfortunately, this item is sold out, but Outrage Fashion has a lot of other fab stuff available on their site (clicky here to browse)! PS.  If you sign up, you get 20% off your first purchase.
Trench:  c/o Spiegel ($44) 
 Romper:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Necklace:  c/o Outrage Fashion 
Clutch:  Coach Factory Outlet- old
Shoes:  c/o Deb

Incorporating Pops of Color

Wow, I've featured pants two days in a row now.  I guess I really am over my "I-hate-pants" phase, ha.  Anywho, for today's ensemble I've styled a trendy outfit centered around my vibrant turquoise blouse courtesy of Kash Collection.  The pop of color really does wonders for the look!
I'm really diggin' my statement shoes and shades.  I guess am biased though, hardy har har.  They definitely add a trendy touch!
I know you guys have seen these pants several times already, but I can't stop featuring them.  They're so comfy and the stripes are totes cute.
 A closer shot of my top!  I love the cut-outs...
 I LOVE my new watch courtesy of Daniel Wellington...
Top:  c/o Kash Collection
Blazer:  Barney's Factory Outlet
Pants:  Rock & Republic via Kohl's - old
Sunnies:  c/o Sunglass Warehouse ($14.41)
Watch:  c/o Daniel Wellington
Shoes:  c/o Deb - similar
Bag:  Prada - gifted

How to: Add Instant Polish

Alright guys, listen up!  If you're feelin' lazy, wear a distressed or oversized top/tee with jeans and throw on a blazer.  I don't know what it is exactly, but sporting a blazer magically adds polish.  Although I'd recommend investing in different cuts & colors, every girl needs at least ONE fitted black blazer.  This prep school version from Macy's is so cute.  I bought it YEARS ago while it was on sale. It actually sat in my closet for a year or so because I didn't know how to style it.  LUCKILY, I realized this piece could be worn with anything.  
Oh, and throwing on a pair of fab shoes can also pull a look together. but you guys already knew that. Deb, one of my favorite sponsors, has such a nice online collection!  Scroll down below to see a few of my favorite picks.
I love my ripped top!  I feel like such a BAMF wearing this, hardy har har...
Top:  c/o Deb
Blazer:  Ralph Lauren - old
Jeans:  Bongo via Kohl's - old
Necklace:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Bag:  The Quiet Riot c/o tlnique
Shoes:  c/o Deb ($37.42)