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So Skandl-ous

Alright ya'll, for today's post I've styled a crop top with a pair of high-waisted jeans for maximum comfort/chill-factor.  I'm not really sure if "chill-factor" is a word, but whatevs. I'm hopin' you guys know what I mean anyway, but if not, here's my super creative definition (warning: it may or may not make sense, ha):  chill-factor = steeze = aka serious style with ease.  Anywho, I'm sure I've mentioned this on here before, but it's smart to have sweet outfit "formulas" ready to go so you can look hella good even if you're in a rush.  
A closer look at my adorable top from The Skandl.  Their clothing is super cute!  I highly recommend checking them out.  If you'd like to purchase this top, I've provided the product link below...
I could live in these jeans, freal.  The zippers are freakin' adorable, too...
A close up of my new Lina Shatara earrings.  Cool right?  I'm totally diggin' the design.  Lina's love of travel inspired her 2014 collection.  Oh, and these earrings were inspired by Egyptian calligraphy!
In love with my shirt's crochet detailing...
Top:  c/o The Skandl ($18)
Shoes:  c/o Deb
Bag:  c/o The Quiet Riot
Sunnies:  c/o Sunglass Warehouse (similar)
Earrings:  c/o Lina Shatara
Jeans:  c/o Deb ($34.90)
Cuff:  c/o Deb ($11.50)


  1. Love the look, especially the bag and sunglasses !
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  2. loving the heels. and your bag looks like Celine :-) nice outfit btw


  3. This is super cool and fun outfit.. I like the back of your top
    Keep in touch

  4. So sweet!
    Laura. xx

  5. Amazing outfit!!! Love it!

  6. Super awesome pics :)
    Cool outfit <3

  7. Hello from Spain: great outfit. Your bag is fabulous. Keep in touch

  8. veeery nice.

  9. I love the blouse!Beautiful outfit!!
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  10. love that blouse!

  11. Love the back of your striped top! Super cute!!

    xo - Sheila

  12. Amazing blogg<3 I would be so happy if you could follow me back on GFC ღ Keep blogging! xxpeach