July 2015 - Sensible Stylista


 I'm very excited to share one of my favorite looks with you guys today.  As you all know, I'm a huge fan of layering.  Even in warm weather, I'll very often throw on a light cardigan to top off my look (see posts below). 

For today's featured outfit, I centered my look around my new printed dress courtesy of Zaful.  I've seen this design on many different websites with varying price tags.  This particular one is available HERE for $11.10.  I have to say, I'm a big fan of the print itself, but the craftsmanship isn't impeccable.  It's a shame because I personally really like this item.  The fabric itself is fine, but the collar's needlework isn't great.  However, I still wear it out all the time anyway. 
Today's ensemble is a transitional look.  I'm going to publish an article on how to incorporate summer staples into cooler weather in the near future so keep an eye out.  Summer dresses work beautifully in the Fall.  It's quite simple actually.  All you have to do is throw on outerwear and boots (tights are optional, of course), and you're good to go.

Let's take a closer look at my new booties from Shoetopia. I absolutely love the fringe detailing because it adds a boho vibe to my look. Here's some basic info for you guys.  The shoe fits true to size, and the heel's 3.25" high.  It's made of faux-suede, but the quality's legit - think mid- to high-end Nine West.  These beautiful boots are available HERE for $36.99 + free shipping.
 Dress:  c/o Zaful || Cardigan:  Almost Famous || Necklace:  Vogue'M || Shoes:  c/o Shoetopia

Velvet Heart: The Tencel Dress

I'm very excited to tell you guys all about my new tencel dress from Velvet Heart.  It's ridiculously comfortable, and I absolutely love the fabric.  It seriously feels like butter on my skin!  This flirty, short-sleeve dress has a gathered waist with side pockets.  FYI, Velvet Heart is based in LA.  Their collection oozes style with ease - think Neiman Marcus quality clothing.  If you haven't shopped their line yet, you must do so STAT!  I especially like their tencel button-fronts - available here.
Here's a full body shot for you guys! I styled my dress simply because I'm all about minimalism as of late - I think my style's definitely changing!  I accessorized with my favorite dainty necklace (from Kitsch) and threw on a hat to top off today's look.
Dress:  c/o Velvet Heart || Shoes:  Nine West || Bag: Deb || Hat: Arth || Necklace:  Kitsch

Also, since I don't have a hat link for you guys, here are other chic options for your browsing pleasure:

PS.  I'm totally honored that IFB chose my article, "4 Bags Every Girl Must Own" to feature on their weekly link-up!  Here are other pieces that made the list:


Find of the Day + Ann Taylor Shoe Sale

Alright guys, I literally JUST featured these heels in today's post - click here if you missed it.  However, I wanted to showcase 'em again for a number of reasons. 

1.  They're ridiculously cute and comfortable - that's saying A LOT because they're almost 4" high.
2.  They're on sale for $35 (!!!) - they were originally $138.
3.  Everyone needs animal print in their life, ha.
4.  ...and I need to share more crazy fashionable shoe picks from Ann Taylor's sale with you guys.
I mean, just look at those heels!  They're SO cute, and they add so much personality to an ensemble.  If you're afraid of wearing animal print because you find it bold, these heels are a good way to start.  The print's very subtle due to its neutral color.  At 3.75", these shoes may seem intimidating, but like I said, they're super comfy because they have padded footbeds.    You also don't have to worry about them slipping off because they have zippered straps.  I can't recommend these enough!  Make sure you buy a pair for yourself HERE.
Left / Middle (I own these in beige) / Right

Also, I'm sure you guys already know this, but Ann Taylor's giving you guys an extra 50% off ALL sale styles so make sure you get your browse on.

The Mustard Dress

Happy hump day, guys!  I hope you all are having a great week thus far.  I always get really excited for Wednesdays because I like sharing office-friendly looks!  I know, I'm a dork, ha.  For today's post, I centered my ensemble around my new sleeveless dress from AMICLUBWEAR.  I really like the color!  I definitely need more rust-colored pieces in my life.  I styled the dress with my favorite open-front cardigan to keep things "conservative" and threw on layered pearls for a classy, polished look.  As you all know, accessories can make or break an ensemble.    In this particular case, my necklace adds sophistication - pearls ooze elegance.
Let's take a look at my new bag and heels. If you work in a very formal office, these shoes definitely won't cut it!  You'd have to wear nude heels for sure.  Luckily, I'm a concert pianist and teacher by day so my "uniform's" casual to business-casual for the most part.  I say "for the most part" because I wear formal gowns for recitals.  I purchased these gorgeous heels at Ann Taylor for $35.  A total bargain because they were originally $138.  Lucky for you guys, these shoes are available HERE for the same price - FYI, the extra 50% is taken off at checkout.  I really can't recommend them enough!  They're stunning AND comfortable.

Moving on, I absolutely adore my new Burberry bag! I got it on sale at Bluefly not too long ago.  It's pricy but totally worth it in my opinion.  Due to the neutral color and classic shape, it'll stay in style for years to come, and I know I'll get my money's worth.  Remember, it's all about cost-per-wear!  Read about it in my recent post, "4 Bags Every Girl Must Own."  I talk all about the importance of an investment bag there so make sure you guys check it out!
Bag:  Burberry || Dress:  c/o Amiclubwear || Cardigan:  Rollacoster Clothing || Necklace:  InPink || Shoes:  Ann Taylor

Sensible Stylista x Fyuse: Win a $200 Gift Card to Amazon

It's time for more free swag, guys!  I'm beyond excited to partner up with Fyuse for today's post because they're one of my very fave apps - think instagram but WAY cooler.  You can take amazing 3D pictures and panoramas just by tilting/swiping your phone!  I think it's SO cool that you can see full 360 views.  If you guys haven't checked Fyuse out yet, you need to fix that STAT. Here's what my profile looks like!  Make sure you guys follow me HERE.  Once you download the app, you'll see tutorials on how to take these awesome pics!  I can't wait to see your shots, everyone.
ANYWHO, back to giveaway info for y'all.  One very lucky INTERNATIONAL winner will score a $200 gift card to Amazon.  All you have to do to enter is:

1.  Download the app (available for iPhone and android)
 2.  Sign up and register for an account!
 3.  Take a fyuse selfie!
4. Use hashtag #BestSelfieEver.

Make sure you enter through the rafflecopter widget below so I can track your entries!  Good luck, guys.  This contest ends August 17th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Best of Drugstore Make-up

As you guys probably know by now, I am obsessed with everything beauty related. I love buying and experimenting with new makeup, especially if it's affordable! When it comes to inexpensive makeup, these products are the best of the best:


I have a literal obsession with lipsticks, and I like to think that I've tried a good portion of drug store offerings. These five are the absolute best when it comes to quality, color payoff, and lasting power!


Every girl has her favorite, trusted mascara. I used to only use Better Than Sex by Too Faced, but after discovering these three, I stick with drugstore brands!


Eyeliner can make or break any look. I love wearing a nice, thick, wing so it's very important for me to have a liquid eyeliner that works flawlessly!

1. Sephora Smart Liner
3. NYC Liquid Liner
4. NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker


If you get pale like me in the winter, or just want a sun-kissed look in the summer, then bronzer is a must-have. These three products really brighten up your skin. 

1. NYX Matte Bronzer
2. Rimmel London Natural Bronzer
3. Elf Studio Baked Bronzer


Blush is a necessity for me whenever I wear makeup. There are an overwhelming amount of different blushes at the drugstore, but these four are by far the best.

1. Elf Studio Baked Blush
2. Milani Baked Blush
3. Be Matte Blush by City Color
4. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush


It's important to find the right concealer for your skin type. However, I believe that these three concealers work universally and are definitely the best (not very much) money can buy!

2. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
3. Elf HD Lifting Concealer

What are your guys favorite cosmetics? Have you tried any of these? Show us your fierce makeup look and make sure to use the hashtag #sensiblestylista so we can check it out!

Written by Zoe Luiz

Sponsor Spotlight: Glamhive

I'm super excited to tell you guys all about Glamhive today on SS.  It's seriously the coolest fashion platform out there so I suggest joining STAT! You can post your own looks AND shop the fab ensembles of others.  There are so many amazing bloggers and fashionistas on there already (myself included obvi, ha)!  I guarantee you'll be addicted within minutes.  Let me tell y'all how it works:

1.  Post your OOTD and tag exact or similar pieces.
2.  Find and follow other stylistas for outfit inspo & info on the latest trends!
3.  Cop any look you love!  Every ensemble posted is shoppable, and it only takes ONE click to get the 411 you need. 
4.  Search for specific pieces with ease, and shop your fave brand through the site to get points!
5.  Get rewarded when your outfits are shopped or you shop through GH.  You can cash in your points for gift cards to your fave stores (!!!!!)

They've partnered with over 600 online retailers including Asos, Nordstrom, and Nastygal.  I totally flipped when I saw Nordstrom listed, ha.  Y'all know it's one of my fave stores!  Anywho, let's talk a bit more about points because, well, everyone likes earning free stuffs!  You earn 'em by...

1.  Shopping stores through GH.
2.  Posting a pic and getting shopped by another GH member.
3.  Sharing your GH pics on social media platforms like pinterest, twitter, and facebook.
4.  Inviting friends to join the network!

Yeah.  It's pretty much a win-win situation so make sure y'all join me ASAP by clicking HERE. Points accrue and are redeemable for gift cards to popular retailers.  2,000 points = a $10 gift card to any store of your liking (!!!!)  Awesome, right?  Here are a few stores you can score GC's from:
What do you guys think of this BAMF site?  Do you already use a site like GH?  I bet this one's better *grins*  

Sponsored by Glamhive, but all opinions are my own.


All About Thigh-Splits

I have been living in maxi dresses as of late.  I'm loving this gorgeous cross strap - I actually didn't cross 'em but that's ok, ha - version, but then again, I pretty much adore any dress/skirt with thigh splits, ha.  This piece is perfect for summer because of its plunging neckline.  It's a little risque though - or maybe I'm just conservative *shrugs* - so I recommend saving it for super casual occasions like beach days.  Here's some info for you guys:

I'm wearing: a size medium, but this dress fits like an x-small
Vibe: casual yet trendy and sexy
Quality comparable to: Charlotte Russe and H&M
Length: on the shorter side so pair with flat sandals
Price:  $27.99 - available HERE at STYLEMOI.
A close-up of my body chain.  As you can see, I'm thoroughly obsessed with this piece.  I'm definitely going to be purchasing more of these! They're just so freakin' cool.
These are my "flats," ha.  They're obviously not flat, but they're the flattest shoes I'd ever wear!  I really just like struttin' in heels. What can I say?  It's my thing *grins*
Dress:  c/o Stylemoi || Body chain:  Amiclubwear || Shoes:  Tahari via TJ Maxx- old

PS.  Make sure you guys check back at 4:30 EST to read all about Glamhive, an awesome shopping platform that rewards you when you shop with gift cards to stores of your choice!

4 Bags Every Girl Must Own

Alright guys, it's time to get serious up in here.  Today's post is all about *drum roll please* bags.  As I'm sure y'all know by now, they're my fave accessory by far.  I pretty much collect 'em.  Now, I'm all about being sensible, that is my name after all.  However, I believe smart shopping's all about knowing when to save and when to splurge.  Bags, in my humble opinion, are worth the moolah. We're going to talk about four pieces EVERY woman must own.

1.  The Investment Bag

Every girl needs a solid version - one that'll last them a lifetime.  Now, I'm gonna ask you to splurge here.  It's called an "investment bag" for a reason.  Don't cut corners here.  Go for the big designers if you can.  They're pricy so start saving now if you haven't already.

Consider three things when you're shopping for an IB:  style, material, and color.  Pick a piece that'll look chic even when you're 80 years old.  I don't know about you guys, but I don't have the funds to purchase 40 different designer bags.  If you have a limited budget like I do, you're not going to want to drop a ton of cash on the current "it" bag - it'll eventually go out of style, and you don't want to be stuck with an expensive bag you don't carry.

Moving on to material.  I recommend purchasing a leather bag because it's easier to take care of.  Pieces made out of suede and fabric can be a pain to upkeep.  Color's also an important factor as mentioned previously.  As much as I love bold hues, I'd stick with a neutral tone like black or brown.  White's also good, but it's a bit limiting because it's more of a summer color - personally, I don't usually like wearing a ton of white in the Fall & Winter.

Some amazing IBs are pictured above:  the Prada Saffiano Tote, the Hermes Birkin, and the Chanel Classic Flap.  Now, if these are too pricey, other brands like Coach, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch carry more affordable versions.  Here's a handy widget for your viewing pleasure:
2.  The Clutch Bag

If I had it my way, I'd buy 20 of these in varying prints, colors, and sizes.  Unfortunately, I don't have the means to do so, ha!  I've acquired 4 over the last few years - none of them were investment buys FYI.  They were all $50 and under *thumbs up*  It's not a huge deal for me though because I usually carry my YSL crossbody because I prefer to be hands-free whenever possible.  

I typically carry these for formal events and fancy dinners.  I recommend purchasing a chic, simple version in gold or silver to start.  If you already have a "standard" clutch, don't be afraid to experiment with different styles! Remember though, you want to make sure you can fit in your basics.  Here are some fab options for you guys (different price points):

3.  The Everyday Tote

I call this my Mary Poppins bag because it fits all my essentials...and non-essentials!  This tote is a must-have for college students and young professionals alike.  I have several different versions in my closet:  brown, black, gold, animal-print, and LV (my Louis Vuitton).  Purchasing the LV tote was a mistake on my part because I did a crappy job taking care of it.  It's all tattered up now, and every time I look at it, I die a little inside, ha.

If you're like me and you fling your everyday tote around, stick with more inexpensive versions because you'll go through them quickly.  I've learned my lesson from my LV though.  I now guard my tote from the rain and keep it OFF the floor - I usually place it behind me when I sit down or set it on a chair next to me.

Here are some awesome options for you guys!  Let's start with $50 & under...
And move onto pieces that are $50-$250...
4.  The Crossbody Bag

The crossbody's arguably my fave bag of the four listed above!  I have a bunch of these because I love being hands-free.  Although this is my go-to when I'm running errands, it's also a fave for a fun night out on the town so if you have the extra cash, I recommend splurging on a designer version in addition to the more affordable options you accumulate over the years!  I bought YSL's Cassandre tassel crossbody, and it's a serious staple for me because of its versatility.

Here are some affordable versions for you guys (under $75)...
...and some splurges to browse...

I hope you all enjoyed this post!  What do you think of my list of must-haves?  What would you add or omit? Also, where do you guys like to shop for bags?

Playing with Fringe

I'm super excited to tell you guys about another fab find from Sparkles & Pop today on SS.  As you all know, I'm a huge fan of their store. They have the most amazing collection, and their quality's always on point.  This gorgeous statement necklace will make you feel like royalty.  This eye catching boho bib oozes vintage with its Victorian accents!  Available in gold & silver here.  Also, make sure you guys use code KIM20 to get an additional 20% off your purchase.  FYI: I'm not making ANY commission - I just want y'all to get a killer deal.  BTW, they offer free shipping to US residents *thumbs up*
A shot of today's OOTD for you guys.  I centered my look around my new printed tank courtesy of Almost Famous.  I paired the top with high-waisted shorts for a casual look.  I've really been feelin' simple ensembles as of late.  You guys can't see - I didn't like any of the full-body shots so I just took 'em out - but I'm wearing flat, gold gladiator heels to match.
Top:  c/o Almost Famous || Bag:  Charlotte Russe || Short:  Aeropostale || Necklace:  c/o Sparkles & Pop 

QUESTION: how do you guys feel about fringe? Personally, I'm a huge fan of the trend!  I feel like it screams boho chic!  I don't think I'll be sporting a fully fringed dress anytime soon, but I do like experimenting!  This bag tops this look off beautfully IMO, but then again, I suppose I am biased, ha!  If you're interested, here are some other fab fringed bag options...

Celeb Style For Less: Zendaya

Photo credit - BCK

One of the newest stars in the scene, Zendaya, has already gained a lot of attention for her fashion choices, even though she's just 18! She's currently a Disney Channel star, but she really knows how to dress like an A-List Celeb!

Jacket: Forever 21 || Jeans: Pacsun || Flannel: Blair || Shoes: Lulus || Tank Top: H&M || Watch: H&M || Earrings: JCPenny

In this look, Zendaya does two things that I'd never try; mixing two prints, flannel and camo, and putting a jacket over the flannel around her waist. Yet, her outfit looks amazing. Zendaya's adorable camouflage jacket can be found at Forever 21 for $21.  I def. recommend cuffing it like she did -- it's so cute that way!  The black and white flannel is perfect for this ensemble - anything with color would probably just clash with the camo. A reusable version can be purchased for $28 at Blair.  Her medium wash jeans are also universal. I absolutely love the tiny little cut in the knee - it adds just the right amount of flare.  Jeans with a similar cut can be found at Pacsun for $50, and the simple white tank pictured above is sold at H&M for $6.  

Moving on to her shoes - they really complete her look; they're not bold enough to draw too much attention, and they add the PERFECT pop of color. These gorgeous, orange-toned sandals can be found at Lulu's for $36.  Last but not least, Zendaya's wearing gigantic silver hoops that JCPenney sells for only $14. Also, the gold watch on her wrist adds the perfect amount of bling. A pretty, simple watch like hers can be found at H&M for $31. 

What do you guys think of Zendaya's outfit? Would you rock any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see on the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz

IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions

Everyone loves thick, long, luscious hair, however, some of us just weren't lucky enough to be born with that. There is a way around that -- hair extensions! Lately, hair extensions have been becoming extremely popular, with even Kylie Jenner creating her own line of extensions. There are tons of different brands of hair extensions to try out, but IrresistibleMe is definitely one of the best out there!

IrresistibleMe offers five different types of clip-in extensions: Silky Touch, Royal Remy Hair, Volume Vixen, Highlights, and Ponytails. They range in price from $79 to $339, but are definitely worth it for the quality of the products. They typically last three to nine months, depending on how often you use them.

I have Royal Remy in Chocolate Brown, 18 inches & 200g (available here for $279).  There are ten wefts total so you can use as few or as many as you'd like. These extensions are unreal!  They're so soft and silky, and they match my hair color PERFECTLY.  I promise that they're really easy to use. I'm a first-timer so I should know, ha.  FYI:  IM also sends extra texture clips just in case.  Make sure you guys take good care of these babies!  Wash 'em, brush 'em, the whole works - they'll stay in perfect condition if you do so.

Silky Touch Extension                                           Volume Vixen Extension

Clip-in extensions are amazing for a number of reasons. First of all, you can put them in yourself! They're so easy to just take in and out of your hair, so you don't have to bring then into your salon for an expensive procedure. Also, other extensions damage the hair you already have. Clip-on extensions leave your hair just as beautiful as it is before using the extensions!

Royal Remy Hair                                          Highlights

IrresistableMe also carries Full Lace Wigs, which, like the extensions, are made with 100% Remy Human Hair! The wigs cost $299 and come in 12 different shades. The wigs are custom made and hand stitched, which give the perfect appearance of real hair!

Full Lace Wigs

They also carry a variety of products to style your extensions, or even just your real hair! They have hair straighteners, curlers, shampoo, conditioner, and tons of cute hair accessories. So, even if you don't want extensions, definitely check out IrresistableMe to style your own hair. 

Sapphire 8 in 1 Curler

This amazing brand is helping all of us thin-haired girls get that desired long, thick look. Make sure to check out IrresistableMe on their site, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Written by Zoe Luiz