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July Beauty Faves: Part 2

YAY - it's time for Part 2 of my beauty faves! Clicky HERE if you missed part 1...
1.  BioRepublic Sheet Masks - What can I say? I have an obsession with sheet masks as of late. They're SO easy to use - I like that I don't have to wash my wash my face after.  I just stick 'em on for 20 minutes, peel off + discard, and apply moisturizer (optional, of course).  Both these and the When masks I told you guys about HERE are amazing, but BioRepublic = much better value.  You get 8 for $36 + free shipping - that's $4.50 each compared to $7 for a When mask.  

There are four different kinds available:  Aloe Rescue, Cucumber Breeze, Green Tea Detox, and Pomegranate Crush Illumination.  I've tried every one, and I adore each equally.  They smell magical and leave your skin crazy hydrated so make sure you guys cop these stat.

2.  Scent Trunk - This service is GENIUS.  This monthly subscription service delivers sample niche fragrances right to your door.  I got my first box a couple days ago, and I absolutely love my perfumes.  Here's how it works.  You fill out a scent profile and choose a plan:  $18 per month, $16 per month for 6 months, and $15 per month for a year.

I've relied on designer brands all my life, but I've always wanted my signature scent.  Let's be real, it kinda sucks when someone's wearing your perfume.  I'm all about this service because I know I'll be the only one wearing it, at least in my circle! I highly recommend trying this subscription out. Lucky for you guys, I have a sweet code for y'all. Enter SENSIBLE40 to get an extra 40% off.  Make sure you guys tell me all about your experience.  Oh, and make sure you guys tag any frand that'd be interested so they can save, too!

 3.  Ultimate Serum by RevivSerums - y'all know how much I love serums - thanks to Brandbacker, I got to try this fab item out.  This high performance serum address aging skin and rejuvenates like whoa.  Contains PhytoCellTec stem cells, peptides, antioxidants, and other goodies that heal.  You can apply this goodness onto your neck, face, chest and hands.  Currently on sale HERE for $129 - it was originally $250. As a bonus, you guys can enter this fab giveaway to win a full-sized product for yourself!


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