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Celeb Style For Less: Zendaya

Photo credit - BCK

One of the newest stars in the scene, Zendaya, has already gained a lot of attention for her fashion choices, even though she's just 18! She's currently a Disney Channel star, but she really knows how to dress like an A-List Celeb!

Jacket: Forever 21 || Jeans: Pacsun || Flannel: Blair || Shoes: Lulus || Tank Top: H&M || Watch: H&M || Earrings: JCPenny

In this look, Zendaya does two things that I'd never try; mixing two prints, flannel and camo, and putting a jacket over the flannel around her waist. Yet, her outfit looks amazing. Zendaya's adorable camouflage jacket can be found at Forever 21 for $21.  I def. recommend cuffing it like she did -- it's so cute that way!  The black and white flannel is perfect for this ensemble - anything with color would probably just clash with the camo. A reusable version can be purchased for $28 at Blair.  Her medium wash jeans are also universal. I absolutely love the tiny little cut in the knee - it adds just the right amount of flare.  Jeans with a similar cut can be found at Pacsun for $50, and the simple white tank pictured above is sold at H&M for $6.  

Moving on to her shoes - they really complete her look; they're not bold enough to draw too much attention, and they add the PERFECT pop of color. These gorgeous, orange-toned sandals can be found at Lulu's for $36.  Last but not least, Zendaya's wearing gigantic silver hoops that JCPenney sells for only $14. Also, the gold watch on her wrist adds the perfect amount of bling. A pretty, simple watch like hers can be found at H&M for $31. 

What do you guys think of Zendaya's outfit? Would you rock any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see on the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz


  1. I'd never thought those prints could look so good together! Brilliant!

  2. Cool look!


  3. I like her look, reminds me of Khloe Kardashian quite a bit! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  4. Such a nice look !


  5. totally love the army shirt

  6. Like this look, I would try to wear it and see how it fits me :) Love! x