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Celeb Style For Less: Beyonce

Photo credit - USA Top Stars

Beyonce is, unsurprisingly, killing it in this outfit. She really knows how to put herself together and can look amazing even in a simple jean-white tee combo. She wore this outfit to Coney Island where, as you can see, fans surrounded her. Even though she's just wearing a white tank, there's no doubt that top's hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars. Keep reading to see how you can rock this look for less!

Top: American Eagle || Bralette: Target || Pants: River Island || Shoes: Dublin || Necklace: Ali Express || Choker: Country Homemade || Bracelet: Bling Jewelry

Beyonce's wearing a simple white shirt, but she adds flair by exposing a mesh bralette underneath. This keeps the "old" trend of wearing a white shirt totally fresh. The tank pictured above can be purchased at American Eagle for $12, and the gorgeous bralette's available at Target for $9.50!  Her pants are on point, and what better place to get them than River Island, a haven for hip-hop fashion! They have these perfectly ripped light wash jeans for only $40 - an amazing deal for pants like these!

Bey's black patent leather booties are simple, just like the rest of her look. Dublin sells similar ones - in faux-leather - for $86. That may seem kind of deep, but for shoes that will never go out of style? Totally worth it.  Finally, Beyonce is rocking the whole over-accessorizing trend with this look. She's layered gold necklaces on top of each other and styled tons of gold arm candy.  Her gold coin necklace looks like a Versace piece. Lucky for you guys, Ali Express has a very similar version for $13! She's also wearing a choker; so her neck & chest are completely covered in gold.  Country Homemade has a fab one for $10.

One last detail to discuss: her BANF snake bracelet! It wraps all the way up her arm. These pieces tend to be super expensive, but Bling Jewelry has a cute one for $37! It only wraps around once, but it's a solid choice regardless.

What do you guys think of Beyonce's outfit? Would you rock any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see on the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz


  1. Very nice look !


  2. I love Beyonce's style. I would wear quite a few items from this look.

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  4. Amazing outfit! I would definitely wear the complete outfit :) Love! x