December 2014 - Sensible Stylista

Bar III International Giveaway - Win this Belted Moto Jacket ($180)!

Alright guys!  It's time for free swag again. I'm super excited to team up with Bar III for today's post. One lucky winner will score this GORGEOUS faux-leather moto jacket - retailed at $180.  Trust me when I say you want to win this piece.  I have one myself, and it's ridiculously fab!  Designer quality for sure.  
All you have to do to enter is follow +Bar III on instagram via rafflecopter (scroll down to the bottom of the post for the widget).  As always, there are several bonus entries to up your chances of winning.  Good luck!  Contest ends on Jan. 19.

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Luxury Loungewear

YAY!  Excited to partner up with +Velvet Heart again on SS.  Love, love, LOVE the new terry sweatshirt they sent me - definitely one of my fave sponsors.  The floral print is beyond cute, and I can't recommend it enough - luxury loungewear at its best.  Clicky HERE to pick one up for yourself...
A closer look at my new sunnies courtesy of +FREYRS.  LOVE these babies to pieces.  Make sure to hit them up for amazing eyewear.  These shades are only $10 HERE, and they're freakin' adorable AND comfy.  I call that winning...
Sunnies:  c/o Freyrs ($9.95)
Pants:  Hangten via Kohl's - old
Top:  c/o Velvet Heart ($84)
Bag:  Vintage Coach
Shoes:  INC

The Pleated Skater

Super excited to share today's post with you guys!  I've been having a blast shooting pics outdoors.  I hope you guys have been enjoying my scenic shots *crosses fingers* Anywho, I'll be telling you guys all about my new dress courtesy of +Deb Shops...
This stunning skater dress is available here for $17.50 (originally $35).  The lace illusion neckline is beyond cute, and the pleated skirt flatters like whoa.  Super comfy, too!  I styled the dress with a BAMF faux-leather moto jacket for edge.  Y'all know how much I love juxtaposing vibes.
A closer look at details...
I went easy on jewelry because of the gorg lace neckline.  My fab necklace is from +Nashelle.  Such a beautiful piece.  Dainty accessories FTW!  
Dress:  c/o Deb ($17.50)
Bag:  YSL
Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet - old
Shoes:   Nine West Factory Outlet - old
Necklace:  c/o Nashelle

InPink Jewelry

Excited to feature a casual look that's both warm AND chic on SS today.  Left on Houston sure knows luxe knitwear.  I can't recommend them enough.  Their collection is pricy but worth it, believe me!  I've never been disappointed.  Their pieces are always on point - designer quality for sure.  This fab sweaterdress is no longer available online, but they carry other amazing options HERE.  Check them out STAT...
A closer look at my INPINK necklace.  Such a beautiful piece!  18-inch chain with a 3-inch extension; comes with matching teardrop earrings!  Available here for $55.
A closer look at my liquid leggings courtesy of OASAP.  Available in a million different colors here...
OH, and make sure you guys check out Paul's Boutique.  If you're a fan of Kate Spade, you'll LOVE their store.  I'm OBSESSED with them.  Seriously.  Their Nicole crossbody is beyond cute - available in six other colors/styles.  As you can see, I own the embellished grey/black snakeskin.  LOVE the studs!

Dress:  c/o Left on Houston
Leggings:  c/o OASAP ($12.90)
Bag:  c/o Paul's Boutique ($87.50)
Necklace:  c/o Inpink ($55)
Jacket:  c/o Chicwish

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The Sequin Skater Skirt

Alright y'all, I need your honest opinion.  Do you guys prefer white-wall/brick-wall photos or scenic shots like below?  I used to think the white-wall worked well, but I'm starting to think shooting outside's the way to go.  I'm curious to hear feedback so please take a second to leave a comment below!  I've also enlarged my pics - hopefully it's for the better?  *smiles*
I've featured two new pieces from +Deb Shops today on SS: a lace bodycon top ($10) + a sequin skater skirt ($8).  Both pieces are adorable AND on sale.  The top has a scoop neckline and 3/4 length sleeves - it's pretty much see-through so wear a sexy bralette underneath!  The skater is covered in sequins, and is on the shorter side (when I say "shorter side" I mean super duper short) so you'll probably want to wear tights underneath.
Oh, and my FAVE accessory as of late = this fab ear cuff courtesy of Dainty & Bold.  I've been looking for THE perfect cuff for god knows how long.  I'm SO happy I finally found the right piece.  This gorg item is on sale HERE for $30.  Worth EVERY single penny.  Super lightweight, perfect for everyday wear.  Also available in silver. 
A closer look at my ear bling...

Top:  c/o Deb (on sale for $10)
Jacket:  Ann Taylor Factory Outlet - old
Skirt:  c/o Deb (on sale for $8)
Ear Cuff:  c/o Dainty & Bold ($30.83)
Shoes:  Kate Spade (got on sale for $170)
Bag:  YSL

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Smooth like Satin

I'm excited to partner up with Shape FX again on SS today.  I'm not sure if you guys caught my previous collab, but I styled their Mariah dress HERE a while back (same design, different print). Which dress do you guys prefer? The Caroline (pictured below) or the Mariah?
The satin feels absolutely amazing - hashtag luxe fabrics FTW- and the v-neckline's super flattering. Also, the piece comes with detachable shapewear!  You can wear it underneath other dresses, too. YAY!  Comfy and super-slimming.  Oh, heads up though.  The dress runs large so keep that in mind. Clicky here to purchase the piece - only available in black.
A closer look at my gorgeous necklace courtesy of Dainty & Bold.  Drop length:  26 cm + 14 cm extension. SUPER cute.  Will bling up any ensemble - complements both casual & fancy outfits alike. Also available in royal blue and coral red HERE.
 Necklace:  c/o Dainty & Bold ($40.56)
Dress:  c/o Shape FX (on sale for $29)
Clutch:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($47.96)

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Stuck on a Feeling

I can't wait to tell you guys about my new dress courtesy of +Deb Shops.  The mesh illusion bodice is absolutely beautiful, and it (very conveniently) has a built-in bra.  If you're a fan of sequins and tulle, cop this baby stat.
Oh, and go easy on the accessories.  This dress is super flashy so it's best to keep things simple IMO. What do you guys think of this dress?  Yea or nay?  Would you wear it to a holiday party?

Shoes:  c/o Deb (on sale for $15)
Dress:  c/o Deb (on sale for $40)
Bag:  YSL

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Remix: The Pink Cardigan

YAY! Totes excited to re-feature this fab pink cardigan today on Sensible Stylista. In case you guys missed it, I styled it HERE a while back.  For today's post, I paired it with a casual graphic tee and skater skirt.  Skaters transition beautifully into Fall.  Just throw on leggings and boots, and you're good to go.  
A close-up of my Karmisa necklace!  Use code SENSIBLE10 for an extra 10% off your purchase.
Skirt:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Necklace:  c/o Karmisa 
Cardigan:  c/o Light in the Box
Tee:  c/o PersunMall
Bag:  Chanel

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Welcome to the Dollhouse

Alright guys, this trench should look mad familiar cause I've featured it in navy a million times on SS.  Yeah, I liked it so much I had to get it in ivory.  I'm not playin' around when I say this piece is LEGIT.  Definitely one of the COOLEST coats I own.  Clicky HERE to pick one up for yourself.  On sale for $69, originally $214.
Let's take a closer look at my new dress courtesy of +Deb Shops.  
The piece is absolutely sublime.  The mesh plunge neckline is beyond sexy, and the sequins are flashy like whoa.   If you're looking for a fab NYE dress, make sure to check this baby out!  FYI: it's currently on sale for $30 (originally $60) *pumps fist*

Dress:  c/o Deb ($30)
Clutch:  c/o Mimi Boutique ($34)
Trench:  c/o Spiegel ($69)

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Just A Girl

For today's post, I've re-styled my "Dream, Believe, Achieve" tee for you guys.  I love wearing graphic tees because they're mad versatile.
I paired my tee with a sequin mini for funsies and threw on a blazer for polish.  I kept thangs simple because I didn't want to over-accessorize.  The sequins + bag tassel + animal print shoes = more than enough IMO. What do you guys think? 
A closer look at my outfit sans blazer.My Deb skirt is available HERE for $13.20 (originally $22).
Oh, and I had to throw this pic in because Daisy looked SO cute!  She loves taking shots with me. Errtime I take outfit photos, she insists on making an appearance *grins*

Also, here are other outfits I styled previously around my Sincerely Jules tee.  Clicky HERE to access the look on the left and HERE for the right!
Skirt:  c/o Deb ($13.20)
Bag:  YSL
Shoes:  c/o Sole Society ($69.95)
Tee:  c/o Sincerely Jules ($49)
Blazer:  Theory via Off Saks

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December Beauty Review

1.  The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter ($20) - I've been obsessed with moisturizers as of late so I thought I'd give this body butter a try especially since it was on sale when I bought it!  I'm a huge fan of rich, super luxe lotions so this body butter totes tickled my fancy.  I definitely don't slather it all over though.  Not because I don't want to, but because I want to save as much as possible.  I only use it on super rough areas like my knees and elbows.  Oh, and it also smells amazing!  
2.  Lashem Extensions in a Bottle ($30) - This mascara supposedly lengthens your lashes in two steps.  The bonding fibers and primer in these brush-on extensions attach to your lashes to create a fuller look, and the volumizing mascara formula contains lash enhancing serum, promoting stronger lashes through continued use. That all sounds great and all, but I had some issues with smudging and clumping.  I also didn't see a difference in length?  I don't know - maybe you'll have a better experience with it.  I personally wouldn't dish out $30 for this *shrugs*
3.  Ahava Caressing Body Sorbet ($26.50) - Hm, I have mixed feelings about this lotion.  It smells like heaven and absorbs quickly, but it's overpriced IMO.  If you have extra moolah to spend try this product out for yourself, but Aveeno will get the job done just as well.
 4.  Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara ($20) - Got this mascara on Black Friday for $10 *pumps fist* Excited I got to try it because I would've regretted spending $20 on it, haha.  It's decent at best. Biggest issue? Excess mascara on the wand.  It cakes on like no other and ends up smudging and clumping.  It's also a really wet formula so you'll have a "fun" time removing from your upper lid if you mess up.  Oh boy!

...yeah, today's beauty review wasn't very positive, ha.  I apologize! I promise to find BOMB products for y'all next time!  How about you guys though.  Have you tried any AMAZING beauty/makeup products this month?

The Sweater Tunic

For today's post, I've styled a casual look for you guys.  I didn't really feel like dressing up so I copped out and wore a dress with boots.  I REALLY dislike wearing pants & jeans, haha!  Dresses dominate IMO.  Comfy, cute, and form-flattering *steps off soapbox* ANYWHO, back to my OOTD.  Let's start with my new peacoat from +Deb Shops.  This fab piece is available here for $22.50.  It has toggle closures, a fur-trimmed hood, and is a cotton/polyester blend.  I love the design, but I'm not crazy about the faux-fur.  It looks a little TOO faux if you get my drift, haha.  It's a good coat for the price.  Keeps you nice and warm!
This Deb dress, on the other hand, is a real winner.  The crochet trim is adorable, and the dress flatters like whoa.  If you find it to be a bit short, just throw on a pair of opaque black tights.  Problem solved *grins*  Available here for $16.25.
OH, I almost forgot to tell you guys about my new necklace from +INPINK.  This gorgeous piece is available HERE for $55.  Pricy but worth it.  The black gems and rhinestones are soooo sparkly. Hashtag such pretty bling. The matching teardrop dangle earrings (not pictured) are also totes adorbs.
A closer look at my boots courtesy of +AMI Clubwear.  Love, love, LOVE these boots.  They're SO freakin' comfy, and they're cute as hell.  4-inch wedge heels?  I think yes!  I seriously recommend pickin' up a pair!  Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below...

Necklace:  c/o Inpink ($55)
Boots: c/o amiclubwear ($54.99)
Dress:  c/o Deb ($16.25)
Coat: c/o Deb ($22.50)

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After Midnight

Thrilled to feature another evening gown on Sensible Stylista.  This stunning number is a serious must-have - it's glam and classy all at the same time.  Oh, and it's only $34.99 (!!!) Well, technically it's $69.98, but it's on sale so yeah *grins* Bargain shopping FTW.  Anywho, I'd recommend sizing up (since it's an asian brand), but this piece fits true to size.  I ordered a medium, and it was far too bit!  Just givin' you guys a heads up. 
This gorgeous dress is a lovely choice for ladies of all ages!  What do you guys think of the design? 

Dress:  c/o Light in the Box ($34.99)
Clutch:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($15.99)
Earrings:  c/o Blackfive ($9.99)

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Lost in Lust

Super excited to re-feature Pin Up Darling on SS today.  I styled another holiday look for you guys - I hope you're not getting sick of my party ensembles!  I promise I'll style more casual & work-friendly looks come January, haha.  'Til then, I'll be workin' it with sexy LBDs...
ANYWHO, this dress is beyond sexy, and it's surprisingly comfortable.  The length is PERFECT IMO - not too long, not too short.  Definitely a keeper.  I'm consistently impressed with Pin Up Darling - their pieces are always legit. I highly recommend check them out STAT.  Clicky HERE to browse their dress selection.  This LBD is available HERE - so worth it~

I wore a layered gold necklace and carried a sequined clutch (also from Pin Up Darling) - YAYZORS.  You guys know how much I like bling.  I lovvvvve sparkly accessories.  Don't judge.  I'm a girly girl deep down, ha! *grins*
Oh, and I GOTS to tell you guys about my new heels.  These stunning close-toed pumps are BAMF. I know it doesn't make sense, but these 4-inch babies are seriously comfortable, and they're on sale for $34.95.  Hashtag bargain-shopping FTW.  Clicky HERE to cop a pair for yourself...

Dress:  c/o Pin Up Darling ($64.50)
Clutch:  c/o Pin Up Darling
Shoes:  c/o Pin Up Darling ($34.95)

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The Velvet Skater

Re-featured my Spiegel trench on SS again because it's THAT fab.  For $69 (originally $214), this is a must-have. Trust me when I say it's ridiculously stylish!  The ivory is also crazy chic - I own it in that color, too *grins* Let me know if you have any questions below!
Oo la la, I'm loving my new dress courtesy of +Aeropostale.  The velvet feels so nice, and the skater silhouette is cute AND comfy - hashtag so much winning.  Unfortunately, this dress is no longer for sale, but there are other fab options available.  Check out +Bethany Mota's collection - her designs are always adorable!
My new statement necklace courtesy of +INPINK - this gorgeous piece comes with matching earrings.  Love, love, LOVE +INPINK so much - their accessories are mad legit! Definitely check them out for solid pieces and holiday gift ideas.
A closer look at my bag courtesy of Winky Designs - their sequin clutches are totes cute!  If you're interested in gettin' one up for yourself, use code SENSIBLESTYLISTA15 for an additional 15% off. FYI: they carry a bunch of different colors! Oh, and if you want more info about WD, remember to sign up for their newsletter.

Clutch:  c/o Winky Designs
Necklace:  c/o Inpink
Dress:  c/o Aeropostale ($32)
Trench:  c/o Spiegel ($69)

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