December 2016 - Sensible Stylista

Adventures in Old Town Alexandria

Oh how I love bargain buys.  I copped this poncho at the Banana Republic Factory Outlet for $10 during Black Friday sales - did I mention that blowouts make me ridiculously happy?  I always find good deals at BR so I make sure to hit 'em up every time I head to the Grove City outlet mall.  I actually got 5 pieces there for $50 total - yep, that's right, $10 a pop (!!!!) - that time.
Anywho, I shot today's post in Old Town Alexandria with my friend, Sung Shin.  I had never gone there before so I was stoked to explore.  I'm really glad he suggested OTA because it was such a cute place!  I can't wait to go back - we were only there for a few hours so I didn't get to see nearly enough.
I wanted to take action shots so I decided to spin around this lamp post...which turned out to be a terrible idea.  You guys have no idea how hard it was, and on top of it all, it was REALLY cold outside so my fingers totally froze, ha.  So, if you see me laughing hysterically below, it's because I was failing so hardcore. here, ha!
Shop my look:

A full body shot for you guys!
A close-up shot of one of my favorite everyday bags!  To see more of my designer bag collection check out, "A Peek Into My Closet:  My Bag Collection."
Poncho:  Banana Republic Factory Outlet || Shoes:  5/48 via Off 5th || Jeans:  c/o Riders by Lee || Bag:  Prada || Necklace:  JWholesale || Sunnies:  Freyrs

Traveling to Naples, FL: Part 1

Alright guys, if you've been following me on instastories, snapchat or twitter, you know that I was recently vacationing in Naples.  I go to Florida every winter to escape the cold for a few days.  I usually go to Orlando, but I decided to go somewhere different this time around.  I went a few years back, but I didn't really get to explore much so I thought I'd give it another go.  It's not the most EXCITING place per se, but it's perfect for those of you looking to get some serious R&R, which I personally am all about.  I took a TON of pictures while I was there, and I'm really excited to share them all with you so let's get to it!


I got into Naples at around 10:30AM - I flew in early because I wanted to take full advantage of the entire day!  My family and I started by grabbing brunch at Goldies Restaurant.  I, of course, used yelp to find them.  They had REALLY good reviews so I was excited, but unfortunately, meal no. 1 was kind of a let down.  It took them forever to take our order, and when food came, it was just ok.  

I got The Club House, a triple-decker sandwich with turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, with house-made coleslaw and sweet potato fries.  My mom ordered their Cobb Salad, garden-fresh greens served with chopped turkey, bacon, eggs, tomato, onions and crumbled bleu cheese, so I got to try a bit of that, too.  The highlight of the meal was definitely the coleslaw though.  I probably wouldn't go back, but I'm glad I got to try their food anyway.  I mean, that's how you discover local gems after all!
Our check-in time wasn't until 3 so we decided to explore the Naples Botanical Garden.  Tickets were $14.95 each, and they had a really cool origami exhibit going on in addition to their normal garden so it was well worth the money.  The weather was absolutely beautiful, too, so we went at the perfect time.  For those of you interested, the exhibit will be up until April 23rd so go if you have the chance!
I took pictures of my favorite pieces!  These fabulous works were created by artist Kevin Box, and the exhibition included large-scale installations, gallery works, his own compositions as well as collaborative pieces with his wife Jennifer and world-renowned origami artists Robert J. Lang, Te Jui Gu, and Michael G. LaFosse.
The garden itself had several different themes:  the Orchid Garden, Lea Asian Garden, Kapnick Brazilian Garden, Kapnick Caribbean Garden, Scott Florida Garden, and The Preserve.  In addition to the aforementioned ones, there was also a really cute children's garden with a beautiful butterfly house and water fountains.
Afterwards, we drove to LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort and checked in.  I was super tired so I quickly changed into my bikini and headed to the beach to get my nap on in style.  I literally felt like I was on my own private island, which was a nice change from Orlando.  It wasn't crowded at all so it was super relaxing!  I spent the next few hours drifting off to the sounds of the ocean.  

I woke up kind of late, and we had a dinner reservation at USS Nemo at 7 so I was rushing to get ready.  I threw on an LBD and sprinted down to the valet.  There was a HUGE wait at the restaurant so I was glad we made it on time. Now, onto the unbelievably amazing food.  We started our meal with their sauteed calamari, and it was straight up ridiculous.  It was served grilled in a tomato sauce with parmesan cheese, and it was quite possibly the BEST calamari I've ever my entire life. It took a while for them to cook it because it was obviously made to order, but it was SO worth the wait. Plus, we munched on complimentary bread + a trio of yum apps (marinated cabbage, hummus, and seaweed salad) so it was fine.
For my entree, I ordered the Seared Fresh U-8 Jumbo Scallops.  It came with oyster mushrooms, roasted beets, grilled nasu eggplant, and crispy cheese polenta in a savory tomato lacquer.  The presentation was impeccable, and the flavor was absolutely amazing.  Like the app, everything was cooked to perfection, and the price was pretty reasonable, too.  $28.95? Not bad at all!  
My dad ordered their number 1 bestseller, the miso broiled sea bass, as his entree.  The fish was marinated in a citrus-ginger butter sauce, and it came with steamed rice, asparagus, and carrot tempura.  He had the option of upgrading to a risotto, but he decided to stick with good ol'-fashioned rice.  I didn't get to try this because I haven't been eating fish lately, but apparently, it was the best fish dish he'd ever tasted.  Coming from my dad, that means A LOT because he can be pretty picky about eating out.
My mom ended up ordering a vegetarian entree.  She got the Miso Glazed Tofu.  It came with asian veggie stir-fry (bok choy, edamame, mushrooms, green beans, and cashews) and apple steamed rice in a spicy but fruity ginger-soy sauce.  I tried a bit and wasn't really a fan - we both thought it was way too sweet. It would've been fine if the rice came on the side, but it was drenched in sauce so this was a no-go.
We were pretty stuffed but ordered dessert anyways because it was made in-house, and how could I possibly resist that? Ha.  We got the "73% cocoa" Chocolate Decadence, a flourless cake with white chocolate ganache and pistachio brittle, and split it between the three of us!  Each and every bite was heavenly.  If you like rich, chocolatey desserts, this is an absolute must-try.  I'm seriously drooling just thinking about it! 

Day 2
I started my day bright and early at the gym with my parents!  LaPlaya's resort is super nice overall, but their fitness facility definitely needs work.  There were only two elliptical machines available, and they were both in use, so I decided to run a few miles on the treadmill instead.  I ended up tackling 5, which is the most distance I've ever covered (!!!!) 

Afterwards, we grabbed breakfast at the hotel's restaurant, Baleen.  I wanted something healthy since I splurged the night before so I ordered a fruit cup and a spinach egg white omelet (made with turkey sausage, green onions, and avocado) with dry whole wheat toast.  The dish also came with potatoes, but I didn't eat 'em because they looked fried.
We decided to lounge by the pool for a few hours before checking out the Miromar outlet mall.  We ordered lunch poolside and enjoyed the breeze while eating our healthy turkey wraps before taking off.  If you're looking to score bargain buys in FL, you need to head on over to this mall.  It has over 140 stores and was voted the best factory outlet mall in southwest Florida.  I didn't actually end up buying anything here, but it was fun window shopping. 

When we got back to the hotel, it was time for dinner so we got ready quickly and drove to Campiello.  It was awarded "Best Restaurant" in Naples so I was really excited - I had been craving good Italian food so I was beyond pumped.  You know me! Pasta, especially homemade pasta, is always a do in my book.  Everything about the restaurant was so beautiful.  The atmosphere was amazing, and the interior was classy and elegant.  They did a great job with the decor! Unfortunately, the food didn't live up to the ambiance.

Our meal was off to a great start!  We were seated promptly and greeted soon after by our wonderful waitress. She served us fresh italian bread with high-quality olive oil (which we loved), but things started going south with apps.  We ordered Spicy Fried Calamari ($16) and Bruschetta ($10) to start. The former came with a lemon parsley aioli, and its flavor was really good, but the batter was too thick.  The bruschetta was kind of a mess.  The marinade was tasty, but the bread underneath was burnt and super soggy.

We had high hopes for our entrees though.  We ordered three different pasta dishes, and I, being the foodie that I am, sampled all of them.  I ordered the tagliatelle with spicy lamb sausage ($24), my mom got the pappardelle with braised veal, tomato and oregano ($26), and my dad went with their spaghetti alla chitarra with marinara and campiello meatballs ($24).  

The pasta itself was REALLY something.  I loved the texture of the noodles; they were cooked to perfection - al dente, just the way it should be - but the sauces were bland.  All in all, it was an ok meal!  I'd go back to try their entrees (maybe those taste better), but I wouldn't get pasta again.  We ended dinner with dessert, which was a good call because it was probably the highlight of the meal. Their dark chocolate tiramisu tart was unique and delicious!  
Alright guys, that's it for today's recap!  Have any of you vacationed in Naples, FL before?  Comment below with a city you'd absolutely LOVE to visit!

Introducing You Guys to WearMe Pro's Shadesbox

As many of you know, I just got back from Naples, FL a few days ago.  I stayed at the LaPlaya Beach & Golf resort with my family and had a fabulous time.  The hotel was absolutely beautiful (not to mention spotless), and everyone there was super friendly and attentive.  I pretty much ate myself to death though - if you've been following my adventures via instastories, you already know all about it.
Anywho, while I was there, I pretty much spent all of my time outside so I was sporting different sunnies on the daily.  Not only do they make a killer fashion statement, they protect your eyes while doing so.  I seriously own 50+ designs because I think they make such fabulous accessories.
Thanks to WearMe Pro's SHADESBOX, I got to gallivant around FL in style.  If you decide to sign up with 'em too, you'll get 4 packages a year; FYI, each one contains 3 sunglasses so you'll receive 12 pairs total. Simply fill out a brief survey for them so they know what your style preferences are - you only have to do it once, but you're free to change them whenever you want. 
Each season costs $29.99, which is less than $10 per month.  If you do the math, which I obviously did because I'm all sorts of sensible, it's like getting a free pair each time (as opposed to purchasing pairs individually). Get even more bang for your buck if you pay for your year all at once.  Simply enter code "save50" at checkout to get 50% off your first box when choosing the billed-annually option.
My style settings are as follows: women, casual, oversized + round + cateye, and black + grey + tortoiseshell.  I honestly couldn't be more pleased with my sunnies!  All three of them are cute and SO me.  Which pair do you guys like best - 1, 2 or 3?  OH, and before I forget, I'll be hosting a giveaway with them VERY soon, so make sure you guys keep your eyes peeled.

My Daily Skincare Routine

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called "My Everyday Make-up Essentials," and since then, I've been getting requests via email to share my skincare must-haves as well.  I figured I'd tackle that topic today since I haven't blogged about beauty in a while.  So, you all know me as a "sensible" person.  I don't splurge unless I think it's necessary or 200% justified.  

Skincare is one thing that I don't mind spending money on.  Not everything I use is expensive by any means, but if I find a pricy moisturizer or serum and think it's completely legit, I'll buy it in a heartbeat. I don't go out and get facials though.  In fact, I've never gotten one in my entire life!  And on top of that, I've only gotten ONE mani and pedi professionally done, and that's because someone decided to treat me to it.  However, I'm all about treating myself at home (relevant posts:  My At-Home Spa Routine & Give Yourself the Perfect Mani:  Must-Have Tools), and I'm a stickler when it comes to both my morning and nighttime regimens.  Without further ado, let's tackle the former:
My Morning Routine:

1.  Clinique Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser ($19.50):  The first thing I do in the morning is wash my face with this cleanser.  I like it because it's a gentle yet effective exfoliator.  It's perfect for the morning because my face is already clean - the only thing on it is residue from the products I've used the night before.  
2.  Instanatural Vitamin C Facial Toner ($15.17): After washing my face, I spritz on some toner.  I like this product because it's refreshing and easy to use.  I don't have to rub it in or anything - I just spray it on and let it sit before applying my daily moisturizer.  TIP:  I like to store it in my fridge for a cooling effect!  
3.  Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer SPF 15 ($8.99):  Then, I pat on this sunscreen.  I've used several different kinds, and while many are good, I'm team Olay because it's moisturizing, protective, AND available at Costco in bulk.  You know me - I'm a sucker for a good deal!  This everyday moisturizer gets the job done FOR sure.  Garnier also carries a nice one!  If you're looking for something a bit more high-end, try this product from Shiseido.
4.  e.l.f. Eye Refresh ($3):  The skin around my eyes gets pretty dry so I always make sure to use eye cream or gel to keep the area nicely hydrated.  The last thing I want is to get crow's feet!  TIP:  do NOT rub product in unless you want to get wrinkles.  Use one finger and pat gently - rubbing is a serious no-no.  
5.  C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve ($7.50):  Last but not least, I swipe a bit of this onto my pucker to finish my morning routine off.  It does a great job hydrating my lips, and it smells divine which is a huge plus. If you're going to spend the day out basking in the sun, I recommend using Supergoop's lip screen since it's SPF 50.

My Nighttime Routine:

1.  Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover ($5.99):  As you guys can see, my nighttime regimen is WAY more rigorous than my morning one.  I start by diligently removing ALL my eye makeup with a tissue. Like I mentioned earlier, this area's super sensitive so it's important that you pat and avoid rubbing at all costs.  I've used a lot of different removers in my lifetime, and nothing works as well as this.
2.  e.l.f. Make-up Remover Cleansing Cloths ($3):  If I'm wearing any kind of face make-up (ex. foundation, concealer, etc.), I make sure to remove it all pre-wash with these cleansing cloths.  I'm a stickler about removing make-up because I don't want to clog my pores or mess up my skin.  And on that note, always, ALWAYS make sure you wash your face.  The worst thing you can do to your skin is sleep with a face full of makeup.  At least take a second to wipe your face with a cloth!
3. Shiseido SWL Brightening Cleansing Foam ($35):  Then, I wash my face with this cleansing foam.  It's definitely on the more expensive side, but a little goes a long way so it'll last you months!  It's by far my favorite nighttime cleanser because it removes ALL residue with its BAMF lather.
4.  Queen Helen's Mint Julep Mask ($4.49):  This is seriously my go-to when I break out or feel super oily.  I either use it as a spot treatment or leave it on my entire face for about 15-20 minutes.  I can't recommend this mask enough! It's been in my arsenal for YEARS now, and it only costs $4.49.
5.  When Sheet Masks ($7):  Sheet masks are an absolute must in my book - they do WONDERS for my skin so I always have some handy.  I like to experiment with different brands at my local TJ Maxx, but if I'm looking to really spoil myself, my go-to is the When Travelmate sheet mask.  Simply peel off the cover, put it on your face for 20-30 minutes, and then apply cream on top.  Use 1-2x a week for best results!
6.  Lancome Tonique Confort ($44):  After masking it up, I apply this toner on top to soften my skin.  I prefer to use this product at night because it's much more hydrating than the Instanatural one mentioned above.  It's a bit more expensive, but you'll feel like a total queen using this because it's really luxe! TIP: if you live near an outlet mall, check to see if they have a Cosmetics Company factory outlet.  I go to Grove City often so I always grab this when I'm low in stock.  It's substantially cheaper so take advantage, especially during blowout sales.
7.  Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Cream ($85-465):  Now THIS is the epitome of a splurge.  I've purchased this about 2-3x total; it's done WONDERS for my skin but serious damage to my wallet.  If I buy this, it's because there was a huge promo going on...or my face needed serious R&R, and I mean SERIOUS.   There are a lot of other great creams out there that are far more affordable, but nothing quite stacks up to this.  It's like the freakin' Lamborghini of face creams.  TIP:  Sometimes Costco SELLS this for a fraction of the price (!!!!!) It's still really expensive, but it's far cheaper than Nordstrom or any other high-end retailer.  You gotta keeps your eyes peeled though - they sell out FAST!
8.  Olay Regenerist Sculpting Face Cream ($25.99):  A really solid face cream that I use frequently.  I bounce from product to product because I like trying different things, but this is definitely one of my go-tos. My skin's fairly dry so my main concern 99% of the time is hydration.  This quenches my skin like a boss so if you suffer from the same predicament, give this item a try!  Like the aforementioned sunscreen, this is available in a pack of 2 (or was it 3?) at Costco.  
9.  Amorepacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Masque ($60):  Hands down, the most amazing overnight treatment you'll ever use.  Apply a thin coat - think dime size - over your moisturizer and let it work its magic. Formulated with 5-Hydra Complex (a potent blend of Asian botanicals that deliver mad hydration), this product is lightweight and luxe.  I use this about 1-2x a week when my skin feels extra dry.  
10.  Kiehl's Midnight Recover Concentrate ($46):  Another fabulous item that helps me combat dryness!  This replenishing nighttime oil regenerates, restores, and replenishes skin like nobody's business.  The Kiehl's site tells you to apply 2-3 drops BEFORE moisturizer, but I prefer putting it on after.
11.  Vaseline:  To finish off my nighttime routine, I slather on good ol' fashioned vaseline on my lips! If you want something fancier, try Hourglass' No 28 Lip Treatment Oil.

My nighttime hydrating routine is as follows:  sheet mask or washable mask, toner, cream, and oil or sleeping mask, and in case you're wondering, I usually use masks 2-3x a week max.  Many of these products have been long-time favorites of mine, but I'm always trying new things so keep an eye out for my monthly beauty favorites. You can also binge read my beauty archives if you're interested!  

Also, as important as my beauty regimen is to me, THE most important thing - and I can't stress this enough - is living a healthy lifestyle.  That means no smoking, drinking in moderation, eating healthily, sleeping consistently, and exercising regularly.  If you treat your body like crap, you'll look like crap regardless of what you use on your face.  You can slather on bottles of La Mer and it won't do jack unless you're being good to yourself.  Remember, your body's your temple!  Treat it so and your results will be glorious.  To access my posts regarding health and wellness, click here.

Anywho, if you guys have any questions about products or whatnot, don't hesitate to reach out!  And if there's a topic you'd like me to tackle, let me know.

My Current Favorite Over-the-Knee Boots

Oh man, I can't even begin to tell you guys how awesome these shoes are.  I am straight up obsessed with these over-the-knee boots.  I've been lusting for a pair for god knows how long, BUT I wasn't ready to drop serious $$$ on them so I controlled my shopping urges.  Lucky for me, I found an affordable version at Amiclubwear.  Black's no longer available - they (unfortunately) sold out a few days ago - but they still carry 'em in royal blue, burgundy, and olive.  They're surprisingly comfortable for sky high heels, so naturally, I HIGHLY recommend checking them out.  It also doesn't hurt that they're on sale for $31!  
Getting my strut on!  I was actually really hungry when I shot this look so if my face looks a bit off, it's probably because I was crazy hangry, ha.  Luckily, Sung and I finished quickly and headed over to Springfield, VA to get our nom on at The Halal Guys.  If you haven't tried their platters out yet, you need to drop EVERYTHING you're doing and head on over stat.  Like, I'm not messing around! Their mixed platters (lamb + chicken) are the  
I used to live in NYC - I got my master's degree in piano performance at Juilliard back in the day - and cnr (aka chicken 'n rice aka what the cool kids call it) was how I treated myself weekly.  If I had a bad day, I walked on over to their food cart and stuffed my face with zero shame whatsoever.  I know it sounds really basic, but everything's cooked to perfection, and the sauces are to DIE for.  Every time I go, the workers there think I'm going to die because I get SO much hot sauce, but I always live to tell the tale!  In all seriousness though, go easy on the spice if you're trying it for the first time - it's pretty ridiculous.
I'm so glad that they went global though.  It's a ways drive from my place, but that's probably a good thing, ha. It would've been great for my taste buds but terrible for my diet!  Have you guys tried their food?  Who here's a fan of food trucks?  Also, if you live in the DMV, what restaurants do you recommend? I'm always looking to try new things so drop me a line below!
Other lace-up pieces that slay:
Sweater Dress:  AMICLUBWEAR ($15.75) || Shoes:  AMICLUBWEAR || Jacket:  Sosie (similar) || Bag:  YSL
 Photos shot by the incredibly talented Sung Shin.

Baby, it's Cold Outside

...seriously though.  It really WAS cold outside when I shot this, ha.  I wanted to feature another holiday look though so I braved the cold and went out in my itty bitty LBD!  I may have gotten sick BUT s'all good because Sung and I ended up getting some great shots.  
Anywho, onto my latest OOTN!  Today's dress is from Cooper & Ella.  It's called the Maren drape dress, and it's available in three other colors in addition to black:  cerulean, orchid, and forest.  Oh, and BTW, I'm totally wearing this dress backwards.  I like having the drape up front so I decided to just go with it.  Which side do you guys prefer?
I accessorized with a bold choker to step things up and carried a studded clutch for some edge.  To finish things off, I threw on statement heels!  I got these kicks a LONG time ago so I don't have a link for you guys, BUT here are other fabulous shoes that slay:
A close-up shot of my fabulous choker from JWholesale.  If you're looking for cute yet affordable pieces, make sure you browse there collection STAT!
More deets for y'all!
Other fabulous LBDs for your browsing pleasure - just in case this design didn't tickle your fancy! Oh, and if you're looking for tips on how to spot your dream LBD, check out "How-To Find the Perfect LBD."

Choker:  J Wholesale || Dress:  c/o Cooper & Ella || Shoes:  Rachel Zoe || Clutch:  Handbag Heaven
Shot by the amazing Sung Shin.

December Fitness Update + My Costco Grocery List

I'm SUPER excited to update you guys on my fitness progress today on SS!  I finished week 4 of T25, and I couldn't be more proud.  I feel like I've been doing a really good job staying on track, AND I even got validated by my parents, who are definitely my harshest (but most supportive) critics.  I'm actually in FL for vacay so I'll be starting week 5 when I return, but I've been keeping up with my workout at the hotel gym!

People always say you make your abs in the kitchen, not the gym.  I've always been skeptical about that statement, but I've found that it's 200% true.  I've been working up a sweat 7 times a week, but I believe that my clean eating's what's helped me the most. It's hard to be good about it though on the daily, especially when you're a foodie like me.  I'd love nothing more than to just stuff my face with fried food and carbs, but I'm not going to let my cravings get in the way of my long term goals.
It's easy to cut corners when you're busy with everything life throws you, but there ARE healthy, delicious, AND quick options out there if you're looking to nourish your bod like a boss.  I'll be sharing some of my favorite meals + snacks with you guys today!  Note:  All of these products are available at Costco.  I do most of my grocery shopping there because it's affordable.  

1.  Morningstar Black Bean Burgers:  I eat these patties with freshly sliced jalapeños and ketchup on 100% whole wheat bread.  Who knew vegetarian "burgers" could be so good? Simply microwave 'em for 2-3 minutes and they're good to go.
2.  Breakstone's 2% Cottage Cheese:  I absolutely LOVE cottage cheese, which is awesome because it makes for a great snack.  I'll either eat it as a side for breakfast (omelette + cottage cheese), spread it onto a slice of whole wheat toast or get my dip on with a handful of PopChips as a snack.
3.  Sambazon Unsweetened Smoothie Packs:  These are super convenient because they're individually packed. Store 'em in your freezer and simply run one under warm water before blending.  I like to mix mine with plain greek yogurt (vanilla works too) and milk!  Add honey or fruit for extra flavor.
4.  Liquid Egg Whites:  If you read my post on time management, you know that I always pre-cut veggies on Sundays to facilitate my mornings.  I just whip out my frying pan, pam it up, pour in my egg whites, and add veggies (usually onions, peppers, and jalapeños) for a delish & healthy breakfast.  While it's cooking on low heat, I usually put on my makeup (if I have to go out) to make the most of my time!  I like eating BIG meals in the morning so I'll usually have toast w/ nomtastic jam or a side of cottage cheese (like mentioned previously).
5.  100% Whole Wheat Pasta in Marinara:  Another thing I make in bulk on Sundays!  I cook up a giant pot of sauce (filled with tons of veggies of course) so I can have it for lunch or dinner when I'm in a hurry. It takes like 15 minutes tops to boil the pasta and heat up the sauce.  I sprinkle on red pepper flakes and eat it with pickled jalapeños for an extra kick.
6.  Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice:  This product's on the pricier side, but totally worth it!  I like to meal prep spicy korean chicken + veggies and this is the ideal side IMO.  I am asian after all, ha.  I usually use my rice cooker to whip up my own brown rice, but it takes time so I eat this when I'm in a hurry.
7.  Healthy Choice Chicken Noodle Soup:  Definitely not the most delicious soup you'll ever have, but add in (lots of) sriracha and you're good to go!  It's super low in calories + filling so I have this when I get home late.
8.  Suja Mighty Greens Organic Juice:  I totally have a thing for fresh juices.  I seriously can't get enough of them!  I don't like the kinds with tons of added sugar though.  I thought this juice was pretty disgusting at first, but it totally grew on me - now I find it delicious!  I'll have it as a post-workout snack or down a glass before bed time if I get super hungry.
9.  Kirkland Organic Fruity Snacks:  These gummies are the bees knees!  Made with real fruit, they're ridiculously yummy.  I like to eat them for dessert when I'm craving something sweet.  Their consistency is quite different though so it takes a little getting used to, but I highly recommend giving 'em a try.

On top of all that, I get tons of veggies (typically portabella mushrooms, different peppers, onions, tomatoes, and kale) and different fruits (bananas, clementines & berries when they're in season, and grapefruit cups).  I also buy 100% whole wheat bread in bulk here.

Anywho, my current weight is 112.4, but I'm hoping to hit 105 within the next month or so! Numbers don't mean anything of course, BUT it helps keep me motivated.  How are you guys staying in shape?  Are there any yum recipes you'd like to share with me?


Spreading Some Serious Christmas Cheer

T-minus 4 days until Christmas!  Who else is excited?  Hopefully you guys are all done with your holiday shopping by now.  In honor of the upcoming holiday, Sung and I decided to shoot today's featured outfit in front of a magnificent x-mas tree.  How many of you guys have real trees set up in your homes? Are you big on decorating or are you a minimalist like me?  
Anywho, I decided to bling myself out for today's OOTD.  I centered my look around a festive mini - sequins just scream Christmas to me - and paired it with a matching lace-up top.  I threw on a drape jacket to add a bit of warmth and wore black tights and boots to create the illusion of longer legs.
A closer look at details!  I totally splurged on my Chanel boy, but there are a bunch of other fabulous options available that cost a fraction of the price, like this Rebecca Minkoff design.  I've totally been drooling over these designs:  Denim Love and Velvet Love.  What do you guys think - hot or not?
 Skirt:  H&M (similar) || Jacket:  Spiegel (similar) || Top:  H&M || Shoes:  Shop June July || Bag:  Chanel (look for less)
 Photos shot by the incredible Sung Shin.