August 2014 - Sensible Stylista

The Crochet Blouse

YAY for super girly outfits!  I've featured a feminine look for ya'll on SS today.  I centered the look around my new Spicy Avenue blouse.  Don't you just love the crochet detailing?  For $26, this piece is a must-have.  A serious upgrade from the classic white blouse IMO!
I paired the top with a stunning bodycon skirt courtesy of AMI Clubwear.  Unfortunately, this piece is no longer available but there are a ton of fab choices available on their site.  They seriously have bandage skirts in every color!
I threw on a pair of beautiful statement earrings to elevate my OOTD and carried an oversized Badgley Mischka satchel to (basically) carry my life, HA!  I'm like an asian Mary Poppins *grins* ANYWHO, I know I sound like a broken record and all but you guys need to check out Lorraine Tyne STAT!  Take advantage of their $10 blowout sale today.  FYI:  free shipping for US residents.

Blouse:  c/o Spicy Avenue ($26)
Skirt:  c/o AMI Clubwear ($15)
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old
Earrings:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($35)

PS.  Make sure you check out my Weekly Roundup for earlier today fun giveaways, fab links, special discount codes, and more!  What kind of content do you guys wanna see on there?

Little Mistress Clothing

Super excited to team up with Little Mistress for today's post!  Love, love, LOVE their clothing. If you're a fan of ASOS,  I guarantee you'll adore LM.  They sell all kinds of clothing, but I recommend checking out their dresses.  They have pieces for all occasions! Unfortunately, the dress I'm wearing is no longer available on the LM site, but I've shared a couple of my favorite dresses down below so make sure ya'll scroll down.  
Anywho, I accessorized with a quilted Rebecca Minkoff bag and Silvano cat-eye sunnies. Totally skipped jewelry today because of my BAMF cage neckline.
Here's a full body shot for ya'll.  OH, and this is the third and final bag from my Off Saks Haul. Remember the whole "buy 1 get 2 free" deal I told you guys about?  If you'd like to see the other two bags I scored, clicky HERE and HERE.

Sunnies:  c/o Silvano Apparel
Dress:  c/o Little Mistress
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old
Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff

My LM picks as promised above *grins*  Use code NEWUSA for an extra 10% off your purchase.  Also, US residents get free shipping!

Influenster Vitality VoxBox Review

YAY!  Always love working with Influenster.  They always send me lots of goodies to review! Anywho, I was a big dumb-dumb and totally forgot to take a photo of my package.  I'll just have to use product pics instead.  I hope you guys don't mind!  Oh, and because I don't want to ramble on and on, I'll just be talking about the products I ADORE!  
1.  Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum ($60) - My first experience with Elizabeth Arden = bomb.  I absolutely loved trying this serum.  It had a beautiful finish, smooth and weightless.  It also did a great job hydrating my face and neck.  If you're looking for a new serum and don't mind investing in a "high-end" product, check this out!  
2.  Pure Leaf Tea - I'm definitely a big fan of their tea!  Mad tasty for sure.  Just gonna stop there because I don't know what else I can say about it, ha!  What kind of beverages do you guys enjoy? 
3.  Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care ($3.49) - My new favorite chapstick hands down!  Way better than EOS in my opinion.  Love the smell AND taste. It also hydrates like whoa.  Shea butter always does the job.  FYI: also protects lips from sun damage - SPF 15 FTW!  I own vanilla bean, but it's also available in pomegranate-blueberry and fresh mint.

The Printed Midi Dress

My first official midi dress, YAYZORS! This gorgeous number is part of Artelier  Nicole Miller's collection. This stunning piece is made of powernet: a thick fabric that flatters one's body like whoa.  In addition, the piping along the torso helps create an hourglass silhouette.  Oh, and LOVE the off-the-shoulder cap sleeves and vibrant floral print.  FYI: this is definitely a splurge so if you're looking to purchase a beautiful dress for a special occasion, clicky HERE.  This would be perfect for a fancy dinner, wedding, holiday party, and so on and so forth.  You get the idea!
I accessorized with my new Karmisa necklace!  Make sure to check them out for fab baubles HERE.  FYI:  they offer free worldwide shipping with same day dispatch (!!!!!) Yeah, doesn't get much better than that... but actually it does, ha!  Use code SENSIBLE10 to get an extra 10% off your purchase *pumps fist*
Here's a full body shot for you guys...

Dress:  c/o Artelier Nicole Miller 
Clutch:  c/o Lily Rain
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old
Necklace:  c/o Karmisa ($34)

PS.  Make sure to check back at 4:30 PM EST.  I'll be reviewing my latest VoxBox from Influenster.  YAY!

The Trendy Bikini

Alright guys, for today's SECOND post I've featured the CUTEST bikini I own.  I gotz to say though, I feel mad scandalous "modeling" this swimsuit, ha! *shrugs* Make sure you guys check out OASAP stat because this swimsuit is ridiculously comfy and totes adorbs.  OH, and it's only $15.90.  FYI:  also available in blush and orange. Clicky HERE to purchase now...

Also, my cover up is from Charlotte Russe.  A stylish kimono that I can wear out anywhere:  pool, mall, dinner, whatever.  Versatility FTW, ya'll.  Make sure to clicky HERE to check out their BAMF selection.  My high-waisted shorts are from Aero.  Always love Bethany Mota's clothing!  Clicky HERE to see more of her collection.

Kimono:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Shorts:  c/o Aeropostale
Bikini:  c/o OASAP ($15.90)

The Kimono - Part Deux

Alright guys, it's kimono time again!  I styled a sweet fringed version HERE last week, and I was so obsessed that I just had to re-feature the trend, ha!  
This fab kimono is yet another elegant piece from Charlotte Russe - the belled sleeves are such a beautiful touch. Anywho, they have a BUNCH of different styles available online so make sure you check 'em out stat.  FYI: this item is an online exclusive
A closer look at my necklace from Charlotte Russe!  LOVE their jewelry so much.  Make sure to clicky HERE to shop their collection now...

Necklace:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($6)
Dress:  Mossimo via Target - old
Kimono:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($22.99)
Bag:  Vintage Bally
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old

PS.  Make sure to check back at 4:30 PM EST!  I'll be blasting a fun little post for you guys~  My first bikini post *grins*

White Gladiator Heels FTW

Featuring a stunning maxi tube dress for you guys today on SS!  Loveeee this dress to pieces - the embroidered details + dual slit = seriously trendy item.  FYI:  runs true to size!  Oh, and there's a zip-up in the back with cutouts if you're into that kind of thing *grins*  
ANYWHO, I accessorized with this fab layered necklace from Lorraine Tyne.  This stunning piece adds so much personality!  If you're interested copping this, clicky HERE...
A closer look at my BAMF gladiator heels.  I thought these would look mad sexy peeking out of my dress!  FYI:  they're currently on sale for $40 HERE!  LOVE Ami Clubwear~  They have a lot of super-sexy/scandalous clothing, but they also carry a lot of amazingly affordable-cute-trendy items!  Don't just assume they sell if their name is "Ami Clubwear"...ha...ha...

 Shoes:  c/o AMI Clubwear ($39.99)
Dress:  c/o Sugar Love Boutique ($28)
Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($38)
Bag:  c/o Deb

The Lace Bodycon Dress

Feelin' super classy today on SS.  This Deb dress is seriously stunning - their designs have seriously been on point!  Remember this FABULOUS Deb pick? A sequined cocktail dress that I featured HERE a while back.  This taupe dress is an absolutely must-have.  Perfect for ANY special occasion. Sexy enough to wear out with frands, formal enough to wear to a wedding.  
This stunning dress is available HERE for $45.  I know it's on the pricier side, but it's TOTALLY worth it in my opinion.  Feel free to ask me ANY questions below.  I always love hearing from you guys!
OH, and I accessorized with these gorgeous pearls from The Pearl Source and carried a sophisticated bag from Paul's Boutique!  Love, love, LOVE my classy accessories.

Necklace & Earrings:  c/o The Pearl Source
Dress:  c/o Deb ($45)
Shoes:  Nine West Factory Outlet - old
Bag:  c/o Paul's Boutique 

The Sunflower Crop Top

Sigh, I'm so sad that summer's coming to an end.  I had so much fun wearing dinky crop tops and high-waisted minis.  I guess it's time to trade them in... or is it? *evil laughter* It's still warm out, so imma keep featuring summery looks, but I'm sure the layering will start in the not-so-distant future, ha!  Anywho, who here is a fan of sunflower prints?  I saw this adorable number on the OASAP site, and I just HAD to have it!  Clicky HERE if you need want to pick this top up for yourself...

I styled the top with a pair of high-waisted shorts.  I bought these from Forever 21 last summer, and I've been wearing them quite often.  They were actually pretty pricy, $20 or something?  HAHA don't judge me.  I think $20 shorts are expensive.  Anywho, I threw on this Deb cardi for coverage because I didn't want to bare too much skin!  I try to keep things tasteful unless I'm at the beach - then all bets are off, ha!  FYI:  Deb has a TON of awesome cardis available online.  I highly recommend browsing their collection HERE...
Oh, and here's a close-up of my ADORABLE flats!  Love these Le Bunny Bleu lacy slip-ons - cute, lightweight, and most importantly, crazy comfy.  FYI:  sign up for their mailing list to get a $5 discount off your purchase.
A closer look at my outfit!  Isn't my new necklace fab?  SUCH quality, and the color's to die for! Clicky HERE to purchase this stunning piece for yourself.

Top:  c/o OASAP ($16.90)
Shorts:  Forever 21 - old
Cardigan:  c/o Deb 
Necklace:  c/o Trendy Trinkets ($22)
Shoes:  c/o Le Bunny Bleu ($44)

The Floral Pleated Skater

Love, love, LOVE my new floral skirt from Charlotte Russe.  This adorable high-waisted number is mad comfy but figure-flattering!  I love the length - perfect for school AND work IMO!  Make sure to check out their skirt selection by clicking HERE.  They have SO many cute options available online.  
Here's a full body shot for you guys...

Oh, and I've showcased another Lorraine Tyne piece for you guys.  This STUNNING necklace & earring set is available HERE.

Skirt:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($10)
Necklace:   c/o Lorraine Tyne ($42)
Top:  c/o Deb
Bag:  Badgley Mischka
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old

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The Cut-out Shift Dress

YAY!  Excited to feature more Lorraine Tyne jewelry.  I'm obsessed with my new sequined necklace - it kinda has a tribal feel IMO - and statement earrings.  These don't come together as a set, but they sure as hell look good paired together. At least when everything else is neutral for the most part - my cream shift dress is a blank canvas that's begging for color!
Oh, and to keep things cohesive, I threw on a pair of neutral heels to match!  
BTW, don't you just love my new Badgley Mischka?  So here's what went down.  I went to Off Saks Fifth with my mom the other day, and they were having this ridiculous "buy 1 get 2 free" sale. I literally peed my pants and sprinted to the bag section, ha!  I found two beautiful Badgley Mischkas and a fab Rebecca Minkoff.   I saved $900+ since the total was only $300.  Hellz yeah.  That's why I'm the "sensible" stylista *pumps fist*  I was so proud of my buy! Have you guys found any awesome deals?  If so, please share by commenting below!

Bag:  Badgley Mischka
Dress:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($26.99)
Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($35)
Earrings:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($20)
Shoes:  Nine West Factory Outlet 

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The Ombre Bandage Dress

You're welcome.  Sorry, I'm just anticipating the thanks I'll get when I tell you about this RIDICULOUS bandage dress, HA!  But seriously, it's the SEXIEST dress I've ever worn in my life, and that's saying a lot.  There's just something about the way it fits.  It magically highlights your curves - curves that I don't naturally have FYI!  Heads up though, some of you may not like the off-shoulder design.  It constricts your movement a bit.  Also, the piece is on the shorter side!  No worries though because I have a solution.  Throw on black tights and black heels for a win-win situation.  You'll look like you have longer legs AND you'll feel more "conservative" covering yourself up a bit.  I'm on the shorter side, and it was hot as balls outside so I went sans tights.  Whatevs, I do what I want! #sorryimnotsorry 
Moving on, my earrings for today's post are balla.  Yeah, no -er on that one, just goin' with "balla", ha!  These babies are beyond fab.  Actually, let me revise that statement.  Lorraine Tyne is beyond fab!  Their jewelry is legit.  I'm so proud to be an advocate for their amazing boutique.  FYI:  they're having a HUGE blowout sale right now so hit them up STAT by clicking HERE.  Most of their Joan & Jesula pieces are on sale for $10 with free US shipping!  Doesn't get much better than that...
Here's a full body shot for ya'll...

Dress:  c/o Spicy Avenue ($42)
Earrings:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($25)
Shoes: Candie's via Kohl's - old
Clutch:  c/o Lily Rain

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The Lacy Tank Top

Excited to blast another business-casual look for ya'll on SS today! For today's OOTD, I featured a slew of new pieces for you guys.  My top's from AMI Clubwear, my skirt's from Spicy Avenue, and my bag's from Prima Donna - such awesome wardrobe additions.  The top's perfect for layering, and the lace detailing is beyond cute!  I paired it with my rose pencil skirt because the lace created a cohesive vibe.  
A closer look at my Prima Donna bag!  LOVE the zigzag print...
My new sunnies courtesy of OASAP!  LOVE the frames so much.  They're definitely a steal for $10!  If you're looking for unique sunnies, make sure to check these babies out...
 Top:  c/o AMI Clubwear ($16.99)
Skirt:  c/o Spicy Avenue ($19)
Sunnies:  c/o OASAP ($9.90)
Bag:  c/o Prima Donna ($36.99)
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old

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Julie Brown Designs

Business Casual FTW!  Today's look is totally work-friendly... at least in my opinion, ha!  This beautiful Julie Brown dress is stunning to say the least.  The material = high quality with a print that just won't quit.  The orange trim is also a lovely touch!  Bold pops of color always add character and personality.  
Anywho, have you guys ever heard of Julie Brown?  Her designs are all SO sophisticated!  FYI:  she actually launched her first collection in 2001.  Before going solo, she worked for retailers like Ralph Lauren and Anne Klein.  For those of you interested, you guys can shop her designs HERE...
Oh, and sorry for the weird smile!  I was having a really hard time posing because my mouth was full of metal, ha!  I have to use a retainer for the next few weeks so if my smile's off you guys know what's up.  ANYWHO, back to fashion!  I accessorized with an adorable white crossbody (from Deb) and solid statement earrings from Charlotte Russe to keep my look clean and polished.

Earrings:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Dress:  c/o Julie Brown
Bag:  c/o Deb
Shoes:  Nine West Factory Outlet - old

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Lorraine Tyne Jewelry

SUPER excited to officially blast my first post with Lorraine Tyne! They asked me to style their back-to-school lookbook a while back *pumps fists* I'm can't wait to show you guys all my looks. For today's post, I've styled a classic dress (courtesy of the fab brand, Talulah) with a stunning black and white statement necklace for you guys.  
I love the way it complements my neckline...
Oh, and FYI, I've featured Talulah twice already on SS!  If you missed the aforementioned posts, make sure to clicky HERE and HERE.  Make sure to hit their site up - their designs are seriously legit! 
A closer look at my necklace!  If you'd like to see more Lorraine Tyne designs, make sure to clicky HERE.  FYI:  they're currently hosting a huge blowout sale - most of their Joan & Jesula necklaces are $10 - so make sure you shop til you drop!

Necklace:  c/o Lorraine Tyne ($25)
Dress:  c/o Talulah
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old
Clutch:  c/o Handbag Heaven ($37.56)

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The Fringe Kimono

I feel so asian sporting this fringe kimono, HA!  Ok, all jokes aside, I'm lovin' all my new swag.  I centered today's outfit around my new faux-leather skater skirt from Deb.  I'm a big fan of faux-leather, I'm not gonna lie - looks BAMF with anything.  It's a perfect way to play around with texture.
I paired the skirt with a fun cage crop (also from Deb).  I seriously can't recommend the top enough. I featured it way back in the day, but I still wear it often.  It's actually on sale HERE for only $5 so get on that STAT.  Also available in white, black and blue.
My kimono's from Charlotte Russe BTW!  They have a huge selection of different styles available so make sure to clicky HERE.  I guarantee that you'll find something that you absolutely LOVE.  Isn't the fringe totes adorable?  How do you guys feel about kimonos?  Are they a do or a dont?

Top:  c/o Deb ($5)
Skirt:  c/o Deb ($15)
Bag:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Kimono:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Sunnies:  c/o Charlotte Russe

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The Cage Neckline

For today's post, I've styled a sexy look for a fun night out with frands!  A perfect OOTN for a Saturday night if you ask me - I'm biased though, hardy har har!  Anywho, when I saw this fab peplum top from Deb, I just KNEW I'd pair it with a sexy black mini.  Makeshift mini-dress FTW!  FYI:  this top is currently on sale at Deb for $12 (originally $24).  Yeah, they're not playing around - crazy deals for errbody.  Also available in purple.  YAYZORZ.  
Here's a full body shot for ya'll.  The black mini-skirt I have on is from Charlotte Russe.  The high-waist is mad flattering, and the stretchy cotton fabric is super comfy!  Plus, it only costs $10.  Yeah, you really can't go wrong with this solid basic.
Since the top has a fierce cage front, I kept errthang simple.  I threw on a pair of edgy statement earrings and grabbed a studded clutch!  No necklace or belt for bling - didn't wanna look like a disco ball, ha.

Top:  c/o Deb ($12)
Earrings:  c/o Pretty in Pynk ($9.50)
Skirt:  c/o Charlotte Russe ($9.99)
Shoes:  Candie's via Kohl's - old

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