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The Trendy Bikini

Alright guys, for today's SECOND post I've featured the CUTEST bikini I own.  I gotz to say though, I feel mad scandalous "modeling" this swimsuit, ha! *shrugs* Make sure you guys check out OASAP stat because this swimsuit is ridiculously comfy and totes adorbs.  OH, and it's only $15.90.  FYI:  also available in blush and orange. Clicky HERE to purchase now...

Also, my cover up is from Charlotte Russe.  A stylish kimono that I can wear out anywhere:  pool, mall, dinner, whatever.  Versatility FTW, ya'll.  Make sure to clicky HERE to check out their BAMF selection.  My high-waisted shorts are from Aero.  Always love Bethany Mota's clothing!  Clicky HERE to see more of her collection.

Kimono:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Shorts:  c/o Aeropostale
Bikini:  c/o OASAP ($15.90)


  1. So cute!

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    XoXo Venoma

  2. i have one such bikini and i love it
    keep in touch

  3. nice look

  4. Love the bikini !