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Alright guys, so you all know me as Kimberly Kong the blogger, but I want you guys to meet Kimberly Kong the classical pianist! I started playing at a young age - I think I was 5 or so? That's how long it's been - I don't even remember, ha.  I was 9 when I had my first big performance.  Playing with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra was nerve-racking, but it was definitely life-changing!  
I went on to get my Bachelor's in Piano Performance at Peabody - it's part of Johns Hopkins - and my Master's at Juilliard.  I'm actually STILL in school.  I know, I know, I'm a masochist.  I'm currently getting my doctorate in Piano Performance and a second master's in Musicology back at Peabs.  I can't WAIT until my students call me Doc Kong - I teach at the Peabody Prep.  Doesn't it sound like a video game of some sort?
Unfortunately, I don't have any video clips up yet, but I will soon so stay tuned!  Before I leave you all, I want to tell you guys about my fab cello-piano duo: The Ward-Kong Duo. Alicia Ward, my cellist, and I been playing together since 2011.  I'd love for you guys to check out our website HERE.  I think we're pretty awesome, but I may or may not be biased, ha. We'll be playing a bunch of concerts in the DMV area soon so make sure to keep an eye out for us.  Don't forget to support us on twitter!


  1. Kim, thank you for following me on Twitter. Happy to discover your blog and learn about your many interests. What are your favorite pieces of music to play on the piano?

  2. I haven't played the piano in years, but I do want to start back some day soon. Love the photo's!

  3. :) lolol you so silly Kim... :D loved reading this.

  4. Thanks for the follow! Like you, I'm a studied and professional musician and also run a blog... (@TeamYellowRules) and the clothing line 3rd Culture Style (@3rdCultureStyle). Congrats on all of your success! :)