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Glossybox: Unboxing the July Box

It's time for another Glossybox unboxing!  I had a super fun time telling y'all about my June package soooo I thought I'd blog about July as well.  I'm pumped to tell you guys about my new goodies. Keep reading to see what's worth the $$$ and what's not!
1.  Fango Essenziali Sheet Mask ($7 for 1, $24 for 4) - I'm beyond impressed with this sheet mask!. This baby feels like second skin for real.  It totally should though - I mean, it's freakin' $7!  Yes, it's expensive, but if you're looking to hydrate parched skin, it'll be well worth the investment. Regardless of the price tag, I'm completely and utterly obsessed with this treatment - pick one up STAT to moisturize like whoa.  This product contains avocado, kelp, and acai berry to nourish, condition, and rejuvenate.  Great for ALL skin types, pick one up if you're looking to treat yoself! 
2.  Leighton Denny Miracle Mist - This spray supposedly speeds up your mani's drying time, but I'm not 100% convinced that it delivers.  In fact, I just gave myself a fresh mani tonight, and I honestly couldn't see or feel much of a difference.  I'd say pass on this product unless you have a few extra dollars to spare and want to try something new.

3.  GLOV Make-Up Remover ($12.99) - Although I love the idea of this product, I wasn't super impressed with the end result.  Made of fibers that are 30 times thinner than cotton pads and 100 times thinner than human hair, it's supposed to remove ALL your makeup with only water. You wet it in your sink, remove your makeup, hand wash it with bar soap, and hang it up to dry. It's super soft and reusable for up to 3 months - which is great and all - but when I tried to remove my eye makeup, I had a really hard time doing so.  It works great with foundation but you'll definitely need to purchase eye remover because it doesn't swipe everything off.  I got to try the travel-sized version (fits around my index finger), but there's also a "big" size available for sale in stores (fits around 4 digits).  

4.  NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil ( $28.98) - This oil is absolutely amazing - I use it ALL over my body because it does a great job moisturizing!  When I first got this in the mail, I made the mistake of spritzing it in my hair after showering.  Yeah, I ended up waking with a SUPER oily mane.  Don't eff up like me! Spray it on BEFORE you shower so you can rinse it out, but remember to let it sit for a good 15-20 minutes before bathing to let it penetrate. If you have dry skin, massage it on to beautify yourself.  I haven't used this on my face yet, but people apparently like to layer it on top of their usual lotion for extra hydration.  If you decide to do this before I do, shoot me a message and tell me about your results.  Oh, and on top of it all, this product smells ah-ma-zing!  

5.  Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick ($21) - I'm always on the prowl for fabulous new lippies so I was thrilled (to say the least) that Too Faced's Liquified Lipstick was included in this month's Glossybox. They sent me a gorgeous dusty mauve called Melted Chihuahua, and I couldn't be happier!  The formula's super creamy, and a little goes a long way so you can justify the semi-hefty price tag.  TIP:  moisturize your lips and/or exfoliate them before application to prevent creasing.  I haven't had any issues, but a few of my friends have experienced drying.  This product gets 5 stars from me though!  It's a truly beautiful shade that glides on with ease.  For those of you interested, this lipstick's available in 14 other colors.

6.  Eyeko Fat Eye Stick - I like this eye stick, but I don't LOVE it.  Like, if I had to list my essentials, it definitely wouldn't make the cut.  However, I do use it from time to time for variety.  This item doubles as a liner + eyeshadow, but I prefer it as the latter.  There are a few different hues available, but I received a sparkly beige in my GB.  I actually like the color a lot - if it were any other shade, I wouldn't be able to wear it on a daily basis, but it's subtle enough for school and work - it just doesn't blend quite as well as I'd like it to.  Eyeko doesn't seem to sell this product anymore, but you can browse other items in their collection HERE.

CONCLUSION:  Glossybox is life.  I look forward to getting their packages each month because they curate their monthly boxes with care and fill 'em with really cool products.  Now, that's not to say I adore every single item they include, but I usually love 80%, which is actually a pretty high percentage!  If you'd like to subscribe as well, click HERE.  They offer a variety of different packages so pick one that works best for you!  Do you guys subscribe to any monthly boxes? If yes, which ones? 

SS Eats: Red Lobster

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.  All opinions are mine alone.  #HungryForCrab #CollectiveBias

I know I always post outfits on Fridays, but I'm doing something different today on SS just because. Instead of my regular OOTD, I'll be telling you guys all about my latest food adventure at Red Lobster.  To give y'all some background,  it was for my mom's b-day.  Well, to be exact, her birthday was last Saturday, BUT I've been treating her all week because I love her and she's the greatest human ever.  
I don't know what it is about Red Lobster, but I've always been a fan.  I mean, can you blame me? The food's bomb, and the place holds sentimental value.  I know it sounds weird, but hear me out! When I was younger, my mom would take me to RL after my piano performances so it became our tradition.  I remember stuffing my face with cheddar biscuits and scarfing down mass amounts of shrimp.  Fast forward 15 years andddddd absolutely nothing has changed, ha!  
We walked into the Red Lobster in Hanover, MD for a late lunch on Monday.  We were promptly seated and then greeted by our awesome waiter, Gabriel!  Thanks to him, we had a really wonderful meal experience.  He was super attentive and checked back often to make sure we were happy with our food.  If you visit this joint, make sure you ask for him!
Now, onto our noms!  To drink, I ordered a Rogue Wave.  This magical concoction seriously made me feel like I was chilling on a tropical island for reals.  Made with Sauza Gold tequila, blue curacao, house margarita mix, and ginger ale, this beverage does NOT disappoint.  If you like Margaritas, you'll absolutely love this cocktail.  Oh, and it comes in a collectible Deadliest Catch mason jar, which you can take home with you.  Yasss for free swag!
We ordered our favorite appetizer, crab stuffed mushrooms, to start and ate it with our nom salads + heavenly cheddar biscuits.  Yeah, we got a TON of food so we were actually half-full by the time our entrees came out!
My mom ordered chicken tacos and got a side of zucchini on the side.  Her dish came with delish jalapeƱo ranch and fresh pico de gallo.  I, on the other hand, got the Crab Lover's Dream in honor of Crabfest.  I had a really hard time picking my entree because there were so many awesome dishes listed.  It was def. a tough call between that and the Crab Cakes & Crab-Oscar Salmon!  I'll have to go back and try the latter.  

Anywho, my dish came with wild-caught snow crab legs, king crab legs, crab linguini alfredo, and steamed broccoli.  As always, their food was solid.  Everything was nomtastic, but my fave by far was the crab linguini.  Their alfredo is always so ridiculously good - def. try it when you go!
The best part about Red Lobster, other than this cheesy goodness, is that they're all about seafood with standards.  They select their food very carefully and make sure they catch everything in a safe, sustainable way including Maine lobster + snow crab.  Their farm-raised seafood comes from certified farms, and they never, EVER offer endangered or overfished seafood on their menu.  To read more about their practices, click here!
Alright folks - that's it for today.  I hope I didn't make you TOO hungry!  Make sure you hurry to your closest Red Lobster to enjoy Crabfest with your loved ones, and visit the crabfest website to learn more about how you can win dinner with Captain Sig of the Deadliest Catch, and a tour of the Northwestern

A US Giveaway with Sandy Lisa Bags: Win a bag of YOUR choice!

Partnering up with Sandy Lisa Bags again on Sensible Stylista for a fabulous giveaway - I don't know if you guys remember, but I collaborated with them on an outfit post a while back. If you missed it, no worries, simply click here! Now, for today's post, the owner of SLB has generously offered to give one very lucky winner a stylish bag of their choice (!!!!)  As always, entering is super easy!  All you have to do is give her a follow on instagram via rafflecopter below.  There are also several bonus entries available to up your chances of winning.  Good luck guys! This giveaway ends on August 15th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Where to Buy Cute and Affordable Backpacks

Soooo, I'm guessing y'all probably already know that I'm not a huge fan of backpacks because I don't wear 'em that often on Sensible Stylista.  Well, much has changed!  After discovering Emma & Chloe, I'm now pretty much obsessed, at least with the design I own.
This studded backpack is perfect for school - it accommodates my laptop, books, and other essentials. I really like that there's a separate compartment for my computer because I'm super paranoid it'll get damaged somehow! Store pencils, chargers, and other small items in the front pocket for easy access. 
For those of you interested, this baby's available in both black and brown here for $49.99!  Made with Saffiano faux-leather, this bag features shiny gold accents that add the perfect amount of edge to any casual everyday ensemble.  It also has a padded back + straps to provide serious comfort!  If you guys have any questions about the item, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Leave me a comment, tweet me, whatever.  You guys know how to reach me!  
Tank:  ASOS ($15.50) || Skirt:  Banana Republic Factory Outlet (similar) || Bag:  c/o Emma & Chloe || Boots:  Nine West 

Are These Popular Exercise DVDs Worth the Hype?

It's time for another fitness post, y'all!  For today's blast, I'll be reviewing the pros and cons of 4 popular workout DVDs on SS. I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoy working out at home. I try new programs and apps all the time because I'm constantly looking for ways to stay engaged. This is the first of many posts to come to keep your eyes peeled to stay in the know!  Now, without further ado, let's get to it!  First off is...
1.  Insanity - I'm a HUGE fan of this 60-day program.  Created by the one and only Shaun T, this DVD set will seriously kick your butt!  It consists of 9 max interval -  think HIIT (high intensity interval training) on crack - modules, an exercise calendar + a diet plan.

- Shaun T's super likable.  He keeps you motivated, while sweating up a storm WITH you.
- You'll seriously transform your body by the end of the program - you actually start seeing results as early as week 2.  At the end of it all, you'll have decreased body fat + serious muscle definition, BUT it doesn't come easy.
- Insanity helps you increase both endurance + fitness levels.
- It saves you mad time! It's only 45 minutes long so you're being efficient as hell with your workout. It's like the equivalent of 5-6 hours at the gym!
- It requires zero equipment so you can do this on the go - just make sure you have ample space.

- You have to be somewhat in shape to participate.  Know your fitness fundamentals (push-ups, situps, etc.), and make sure you can at least jog a mile.
- If you have weak joints or knees, this may not be the right program for you!  Double check with your MD to prevent injury.
- Insanity's, well, insane.  The sheer difficulty of it all is a total pro for me, but it's totally ok if you find it all too intense!  Try a sesh out with a friend first before purchasing it.

CONCLUSION:  If you're looking to get your @$$ in shape, cop this stat by clicking here.  Yes, you're going to hurt, and yes, you're going to sweat like pig, but it'll all be worth it in the end if you stick with it.  Insanity's NOT for the weak-willed so if you don't have the self-discipline to keep going, try a less expensive series so you don't waste moolah.  This program's all about cardio so if you're hardcore, you may need to supplement with weights on the side. 
2.  Jillian Michaels' Ripped in 30 - I bought this DVD after watching The Biggest Loser on Netflix because I found the show super inspiring, and I loved watching Jillian in action - she was definitely my fave trainer on there!  As I'm sure y'all know, she's released several DVDs since then, but I've only tried this and her 30 Day Shred.  I won't be reviewing the latter today, but if you want me to, simply leave me a comment below.

Her program's geared towards intermediate exercisers, and it consists of four workouts that get progressively more difficult each week.  You're supposed to do 'em 5-6 times a week, ideally taking 1-2 days off for rest.  Her DVD's all about the 3-2-1 - 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute ab work.  Each module has a warm-up + cool-down and lasts for 35 minutes.  Circuits are repeated twice (30 seconds for each exercise), and you'll need hand weights and a yoga mat for your sesh.

- These workouts are short so you have no excuse whatsoever NOT to squeeze in exercise.
- Her sessions are actually quite effective!  They're not as intense as T25 or Insanity, but they still get the job done.
- This DVD's totally affordable.  It's available online at Amazon for $9.99 HERE!  A total bargain for a 4-week program + diet plan.
- Jillian provides modifications for most of her exercises so you can work up to the more "advanced" moves.

- Some find Jillian's in-your-face attitude a bit much.  I personally like her macho-ness, but you may not.
- This isn't really a con, but the DVD seems to be geared more towards women because it's all about toning.  If you're looking to workout with a guy, he may not enjoy it as much as you do - just speaking from personal experience, ha.

CONCLUSION:  Perfect for those of you looking for an intermediate full-body workout!  You'll get your sweat on and have fun at the same time - think of it as an at-home bootcamp with Jillian Michaels.  Personally, I enjoy doing her workouts in the early morn + supplementing with harder ones in the afternoon/evening (when I have the time).
3.  Fluidity - Created by Michelle Austin, Fluidity will help you get a lean, dancer-like bod.  The program consists of 3 dvds + a bar.  If you have issues with joint pain, you'll most likely love this set because it's super low impact.  

- The exercises are actually quite easy - I breezed through the beginner & intermediate videos - but they work your muscles.  I know this because I felt pretty sore afterwards!  
- It appeals to women of all ages!  
- The bar stores easily - simply fold it up and "hide" it wherever you please.

- You need to memorize the moves because it's difficult to watch Michelle & work the bar at the same time.
- It's pricey!  
- The bar's a bit wobbly so you should place it on a non-slip yoga mat or something of the like.

CONCLUSION:  Ideal for those of you who don't like doing cardio and prefer low-impact exercises. You'll feel super relaxed afterwards because Michelle oozes calm!  Click here to purchase this set...
4.  T25 - Yet another gem from Shaun T! I absolutely LOVE this series, perhaps even more than Insanity.  T25 gets the job done, but Insanity's more effective from my personal experience.  Like the aforementioned exercise program, T25 has a strict calendar.  Each sesh lasts, you guessed it, 25 minutes, and you'll sweat up a storm every time!  This ten-week program is broken down into two parts lasting 5 weeks each.

- T25's super efficient since it's only 25 minutes long - doesn't include the 2-3 minute cool down at the end.
- Includes 11 nonstop workouts.
- There are modifications for most moves!  Just keep your eye on Tania.
- The five-day exercise schedule.  Shaun T recommends doing two modules on Fridays, but if you'd rather do the second one on Saturday, that works too.  There's also an optional "stretch" sesh for Sundays!
- There's a money back guarantee!  You can request a refund within 30 days if you're displeased, but I highly doubt you'll want to return it.

- Like Insanity, this series is intense!  If you're a beginner, you're probably going to want to start with something a little less strenuous.
- Although there are modifications, the moves are still pretty difficult.
- You'll need some equipment!  Luckily, none of it is very expensive.  You can get a pair of hand weights + a yoga mat on the cheap at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.
- No breaks so you're gonna have to go hard for 25 minutes!

CONCLUSION:  Perfect for busy individuals who are looking to save time + get/stay in shape.  T25 also works as a nice intro to Insanity...and by "nice," I mean hard-as-hell-but-less-cray-than-insanity.

So that's it for today everyone!  Have any of y'all tried these DVDs? Are their any workouts you'd like me to try + review? How are you guys currently staying in shape?

The Asymmetric Rib Dress

Hands down, one of THE coolest dresses I own!  I picked this up a few weeks ago because...well, I don't really have a reason.  I was feeling down so I decided to treat myself to a new dress.  You know how it is!  We all get like that from time to time, being human and all, ha!  Anywho, I absolutely love shopping ASOS' site because they carry a bajillion things, change up their collection all the time, offer free shipping, AND have a killer return policy.  

This stylish rib dress is everything!  It screams high fashion (at least to me) for a VERY reasonable price.  $65 for this baby? Uh, I think yes!  I rarely pay full-price for anything, but this item's worth every penny because it's unique, comfortable and high-quality.  Think about it this way.  Most items at Forever 21 cost a good 20-30 bucks. Now, I do enjoy shopping there, but their quality's not always up to par.  I've found ASOS to be much more reliable!  Plus, it's hassle-free because you don't have to sift through a sh*t ton of racks.
For those of you wondering, I'm wearing a US 4, and it's equivalent to a S.  I typically wear xs-s so 2 could've worked, but I personally like the extra breathing room.  I'd say their US 2 is more like a BCBG XXS-XS so keep that in mind when you're purchasing this dress.   The high neck's hella chic, the twin self-tie detailing's seriously fashionable, and the asymmetric high-low hem's the cherry on top!  Since the dress makes a bold statement on its own, I went easy on accessories to keep things simple!  I threw on fab fringe heels and carried a classic quilted crossbody (Chanel-inspired) to match.

Dress:  ASOS || Shoes:  AMICLUBWEAR (similar) || Bag:  Bag Inc

Summer Stripes

Alright guys, I'm guessing by now y'all know that I spent my June in Korea. During my time there, I bought tons of stuff for friends, but only got ONE thing for myself. Now, don't get me wrong - I seriously wanted to buy, well, everything I came across, but I practiced serious self-control and only copped this top!  I picked it up at Doota - an amazing fashion-forward mall at Dongdaemun.  I had so much fun browsing there.  Their entire first floor featured the clothing of high-end Korean designers so that was really cool! If you ever find yourself in S. Korea, you MUST go.  I swear to god, if I had an endless bank account, I would've bought one of everything.

Anywho, I fell head-over-heels in love with this long, striped top.  It's simple yet damn stylish!  The piece is super lightweight (think linen-ish material) which makes it perfect for summer.  For today's OOTD, I paired it with a simple white tank & shorts. To finish off the look, I threw on my favorite distressed boots and carried my go-to YSL crossbody for a pop of print.  

Tank:  Banana Republic Factory Outlet || Shorts:  Aeropostale || Bag:  YSL || Boots:  Nine West

July Fitness Update + Workout Playlist

I know I haven't been very good about sharing my workout playlists with y'all, but I promise to stay on top of it from here on out.  Lately, I've been doing a lot of different things to get my bod in tip-top shape.  I have big things coming up so I have to make sure I bring my A game all day, every day. 

Anywho, for starters, I've completely eliminated sweets.  I'm eating so clean, it's ridiculous!  I really love it though. I feel so much healthier, and although I do miss eating unhealthy stuffs from time to time, I'm ok.  I mean, it's MY choice after all.  I choose not to eat unhealthily, and that makes all the difference in the world.  You know what they say - you make abs in the kitchen, not the gym. Moving on to my workout regimen, I run 2-3 miles 3x a week and do a Freeletics workout daily to build strength.  Have you guys tried any of their apps? I'm a big fan of Freeletics bodyweight.
What I'm currently listening to on my pod-pod...
What are you guys doing to get or stay in shape? Make sure you leave me a comment below to update me!  Let's motivate each other and get in the best shape of our lives!

Remixing Old Favorites

Channeling my inner girly girl for my latest.  I don't know if y'all remember, but I've literally featured each and every one of the pieces I'm wearing today previously on SS.  You guys already know this, but I live to remix clothing.  I mean, I am the sensible stylista after all!  So,  for today's post, I styled my trendy Karmaloop crop with printed high-waisted shorts.  I picked them up at Francesca's last year while they were on sale - I think they were $10 or so?  Yeah, their clearance racks are lit! Always take time to sift through because everything they carry is cute!  Oh, and btw, if you love this OOTD, you can shop it HERE!
I threw on ivory gladiators and carried a matching crossbody bag to keep things polished.  I wanted to incorporate a pop of color to finish off the look so I used my current fave Bobbi Brown lippy - for those of you interested, it's Pale Coral.  Click here to get an extra 15% off your purchase with my exclusive BB coupon.  You're welcome in advance!

Top:  Karmaloop - 30% discount coupon || Shorts:  Francesca's (similar w/ coupon) || Bag:  Amiclubwear (similar w/ coupon) || Shoes:  Amiclubwear (similar) || Lipstick: Bobbi Brown - 15% off coupon
This post is in collaboration with Bobbi Brown, Karmaloop and Stylinity.

click here to shop more looks you'll love at Stylinty.com
click here to shop more looks you'll love at Stylinty.com

South Castles Top Kavos White

Karma Loop
South Castles Top Kavos White
Vintage Havana Floral Side Tie Shorts

Vintage Havana Floral Side Tie Shorts
Floral Paisley Skort

Floral Paisley Skort
Luxe Lip Color
Bobbi Brown
Luxe Lip Color
Mellow World Amanda Quilted Crossbody Wallet
Mellow World Amanda Quilted Crossbody Wallet
Fuchsia Faux Leather Chain Strap Handbag

Fuchsia Faux Leather Chain Strap Handbag
CELESTINE Lace Up Bootie in Nude
Fly Jane
CELESTINE Lace Up Bootie in Nude
Beige Strappy Lace Up Peep Toe Single Sole High Heels Faux Suede

Beige Strappy Lace Up Peep Toe Single Sole High Heels Faux Suede