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The Ruffle Mini-Dress

The weather's been straight up cray in Pittsburgh as of late.  It's so freakin' hot here - I seriously feel like my face is melting off.  To battle the heat, I wore a cute mini-dress. This adorable ruffled number is available online HERE for purchase at ASOS.  It's perfect for summer because it's super lightweight.
The dress itself is hella fashionable.  The tie front detailing's on point, and the layered skirt's effortlessly stylish.  The piece cinches my waist, creating the illusion of an hourglass figure.  I'm wearing a size S, but in retrospect, an XS might've worked better for me.  I tend to size up a lot of the time because I prefer looser fits!  What can I say? I value comfort over all.
NOTE: This skirt has quite a bit of volume so keep that in mind when purchasing it. Good news though, ASOS has an amazing (FREE!!!!) return policy so you don't have to worry at all.
Shoes: AMICLUBWEAR || Dress:  ASOS || Bag:  Urban Originals


  1. nice outfit! :-)


  2. I love the whole entire look, super gorgeous! :)

  3. Such a cute dress !


  4. Perfection! Love this dress!

  5. Not only a very pretty dress.. but wow.. also perfectly short! :)

    Love the heels too! Overall great look! :)

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