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Sensible Stylista x Hair Cuttery

Alright guys, I'm gonna be real honest with y'all.   I'm kind of crazy about my hair - I like it long and lush like Rapunzel, ha.  I'm also mad picky about salons - I don't usually mind dropping cash on hair appointments because I usually only go once or twice a year.  Definitely not the greatest idea, but whatevs.  I make it work!  Anywho, I decided to work with +Hair Cuttery and try them out for today's post...

Before - I know, I know.  My hair was hella long.  BTW, I got my hair did after this shoot!  Don't worry, I didn't dress up THIS much for my appointment *grins*

I ended up getting a shampoo + trim + layers for $19.  Oh, and if you were wondering, I went to the HC in Hanover, MD.  I had a great experience there - the salon was busy yet clean, and they had a huge selection of products available in-store.  My stylist, Linh, was super sweet, and she did a lovely job with my mane.  Have you guys ever been to a HC?  I'd love to hear about your experience below!  BTW, clicky HERE to contact them via FB and HERE to tweet them with any questions you may have...

After - my hair feels SO much lighter.  I'm so glad I got my split ends taken care of!

Disclosure:  I have received promotional consideration and a free salon service from Hair Cuttery, but all opinions are my own.


  1. So beautiful!

  2. gorgeous dress!

  3. thats a gorgeous party dress, looks so good on you
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