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Beauty Trends: The Brow Edition

We've already talked about the top eye trends of this summer, but a gorgeous eye look isn't complete without perfect brows to match! If you wanna make sure your brows stay on fleek this summer, check out the following top eyebrow trends:

1. The Ombre Brow

This eyebrow trend is probably the most popular right now,  it's also commonly referred to as the "instagram brow." Like contouring, this trend actually started in the drag community. Basically, it's what it sounds like, an ombre'd eyebrow effect. The top of the brow is drawn in very lightly, and then slowly fades to dark and harsh at the end of the brow. This type of eyebrow looks amazing in pictures and flash photography, but be careful wearing it out, it can sometimes look a little too dramatic.

2. Thick Eyebrows

This may seem simple, but it's definitely a trend. A few years ago, supermodel Cara Delevingne got a lot of recognition for her amazing, outlandish style of eyebrows. However, now they're not considered crazy because everyone loves rocking a thick brow!  Thin, arched brows were popular in the 2000's; I'm glad to see that this 70's-inspired trend is coming back with a vengeance.

3. Eyebrow Extensions

This trend somewhat goes along with the thick eyebrow trend mentioned earlier. Eyelash and hair extensions are all the rage, it was only a matter of time before eyebrow extensions began! Now, they're here and in full swing. If you have little to no brow hair and want that thick eyebrow look, you can now go to a salon and get tiny little pieces of hair glued onto your brow bone! 

4. Eyebrow Tattoos

Similar to brow extensions, this trend is for those of you who struggle with thin brow hair. If you have tons of sparseness in your brows and constantly have to fill them in, you may want to consider brow tattoos. They're literally just tattoos that you get on your brow bone and underneath your eyebrows.

For those of you interested, there are ton of different techniques available out there. For example, for people with sparse brows, the soft fill technique is best. Technicians simple take a light color and fill in the sparse areas. However, for people with absolutely no eyebrow hair, the full creation technique works best. In this technique, the tattoo artist uses strokes that mimic real hair, and create an entire brow. 

Written by Zoe Luiz


  1. Wow, I didn't know about eyebrow extensions! Full eyebrows are definitely best! Great post :)

  2. I used to get made fun of in school because I had big, thick. Greek eyebrows. Now big eyebrows are in style :)

  3. Its lovely!been looking forward to Having good eye brows I have one now

  4. I have thick eyebrows and I'm happy with that, I only go to a salon to let them shape a little bit :) Love! x