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You're my echo

I'm obsessed with my new Charlotte Russe dress!  I picked it up during a blowout sale a few weeks ago - it was only $6 (!!!)  They have the most incredible sales. Get the most bang for your buck by shopping their outlets.  Honestly, I like CR way more than Forever 21.  Their stores are neater, and their quality's better IMO.  I wore this number out to a yummy dinner!  I went to an awesome Seafood restaurant in Pittsburgh called Off the Hook with a friend.  I reallly should've taken photos of my food.  I always forget to...and when I say "forget", I mean I'm too hungry to take pics first.  I can't help it!  I ordered scallops though, and they were glorioussssss...
Anywho, let's talk about today's look!  I styled my dress with a ridiculously bad@$$ statement necklace courtesy of Sparkles & Pop.  Hands down, one of my current fave accessories!  If you're a fan of bold jewelry, you need to cop this piece STAT, especially since I have an exclusive discount for you.  Use code KIM20 at checkout to get an additional 20% off your purchase + free shipping - valid until 8/31.  Their collection is on point! Every piece is a gem.  Seriously.  Take my advice and shop their store.  You'll be hooked!
A close-up shot of the amazing piece!
Dress: Charlotte Russe
Necklace:  c/o Sparkles & Pop ($39)
Bag:  Charlotte Russe

BTW, if you'd like to browse some of my other fave CR dress picks, here's a widget for you guys!