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Summer's Hottest Trends: The Shorts Edition

It's summertime, and that means it's time to bust out the shorts! Finally, you can ditch the leggings and boyfriends jeans, and start wearing some trendy cut-offs! Here are a list of this summer's top five shorts trends:

1. High-Waisted Shorts

This trend has been in for a while, but it's still going strong! If you guys already own these from past summers, get some cute tops to create new outfits.
Save: Romwe $13                                                  Splurge: Urban Outfitters $138

2. Pin-Up Shorts

These shorts are a variation on the aforementioned high-waisted trend; they're definitely specific though. They're typically tight black shorts that go above the belly button. They're also sometimes called "sailor shorts" aka pin-up shorts with buttons across the sides. 

Save: Rue 21 $20                                   Splurge: Urban Outfitters $39

3. Asymmetrical Shorts

I love this trend because it's fairly new!  These shorts are similar to the classic 90's skort. The piece has a panel that's diagonal, which makes the front look asymmetrical. 

Save: Choies $14                               Splurge: Nasty Ga $68

4. Rompers

These aren't technically shorts, but they have shorts attached therefore they make the list! Rompers were in a few years ago - they never really fully went away, but this summer they're coming back strong. There are tons of different styles, but my personal favorites are ones that have really loose legs - they look like dresses until you start walking.
Save: Nordstrom Rack $20                        Splurge: Revolve $142

5. Embellished Shorts

Sequins and studs may seem like things of the past, but they're making a comeback. Any of the aforementioned trends can be embellished - just add sequins, studs, or lace.  You could even DIY! I personally like shorts with embellished pockets sticking out underneath (pictured below on the right).

Save: Target $15                                                       Splurge: American Eagle $50

What do you guys think of these trends? Do you think you'll be purchasing any new items? Which one's your favorite?

Written by Zoe Luiz


  1. Rompers are my summer must-haves. Love all your picks.


  2. I really like this trend and bought two pairs of shorts the past month :) Love! x

  3. I am not really into big time trends, but i am into what looks good.... I'd stay away from the embellished shorts, they wont last and you will throw away money. Stick to the clean look of high waist, that wont leave anytime soon! Make sure it is a quality denim though! Love you babe!