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The Floral Dress

Le sigh.  There's nothing I love more than a gorgeous floral dress!  In this freakin' heat, dresses and skirts are a godsend.  I guess that doesn't really mean much to you guys though because I'm ALWAYS about dresses and skirts, ha.  It's just SO easy to look fashionable at work while wearing a printed dress.  This beautiful piece makes a bold statement all own its own - that's why I went easy on the jewelry.  I didn't want to look like a disco ball at the office, ha.  It all depends on your work vibe though.  Be smart with your judgement.  If you work in the fashion world, it's obviously ok for you to sport mad bling + cray prints, but if you're an investment banker at Wallstreet... you may need to save it for the weekend.
Since I don't have a dress link for you guys, I took the liberty of creating a widget for your viewing pleasure.  Here are a few of my fave floral dresses:
Like I said, I kept things pretty tame today.  I accessorized with my new pearl earrings courtesy of The Peach Box.  Available for $34 HERE, these studs are beyond chic!  Smaller front-feature pearls are set within an 18K gold-plated design that slip into larger pearl backings, but you can wear these however you want obviously!

I matched my heels + tote, too!  A big everyday bag is a must.  I swear, I'm like an Asian Mary Poppins.  You need something? I can pretty much guarantee I have it in my bag, ha.  Whatever. That's why I have BIG shoulder muscles, ha.  Again, since I don't have a bag link for you guys, here are other faves of mine!  Don't you just love how helpful I am, hardy har har!
Earrings:  c/o The Peach Box 


  1. Very cute look !


  2. beautiful dress! Honestly you look fantastic! I wish i could wear florals to work but we have a strict all black uniform which is ok as i usually wear a nice skirt xx

  3. Lovely dress! I feel lucky as my workplace is casual. I'd be able to wear this dress and even something sleeveless into work.