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Karelen: A Beauty Review

Super excited to tell you guys all about karelen today on SS.  I can't get over how AMAZING their new line is.  They offer hair and skin care products that enhance one's natural beauty.  Their items are formulated with only the purest ingredients: no glycols, parabens, mineral oils, or petrolatum.  They also NEVER test items on animals.  Trust me when I say you'll adore this line.  I seriously love EVERY product I got from them.  Make sure to keep reading 'cause I'm sharing a BAMF discount code at the end of this post!
1.  Aloe There Hand and Body Creme ($5.99) - This lotion smells like heaven and absorbs crazy fast, improving your skin's natural firmness while keeping it soft and hydrated.  It contains all of aloe's potent natural antioxidants from beta carotene to vitamins C & E.
2.  Vivacious Vitamin E Dry Oil ($5.99) - Amazing oil for sure.  Use it on your hair or your body.  I like layering it on lotion post-shower to seal moisture in, but it's also great for your tips!  Make sure you don't overdo it though - you don't want your hair to get all greasy!
3.  Shea Your Way Body Butter ($5.99) - I can't recommend this body butter enough.  The consistency is lotion-y (not rich and creamy like most), but trust me when I say it works like magic.  I used it ONCE and woke up with silky smooth skin.  You seriously can't go wrong with this!

 4.  Tea Tree Treat Hair Masque ($6.99) - A fabulous hair masque!  Use it once a week to hydrate and condition your mane.


5.  Mango Crazy Leave-in Detangler ($6.99) - My fave hair detangler.  I've tried a slew of different ones, and this is by far the best!  I brush my hair before showering and spritz this on after I step out.  No more tugging *thumbs up*
6.  Luscious Coconut Bath & Shower Gel ($5.99) - A luxurious shower gel that smells AMAZING and leaves your skin soft and irresistible.  The coconut was such a good call! I recommend trying this scent out yourself.

So basically, here's my conclusion:

- Karelen products are mad affordable (the items I reviewed are $6-7) but work like high-end salon products.
- They're available in 13 different fragrances.
- You guys need to try them out STAT, and use code SENSIBLESTYLISTA to get an extra 10% off your purchase.  Also, for a limited time, y'all get free shipping with a $25+ purchase.

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