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The Gold Shift Dress: A Review

It's time for another fab OOTN - I've partnered up with Stylemoi again on SS today.  I can't wait to tell you guys all about my new dress (available here for $34.99).  It's beyond stunning! The floral lace fabric is especially beautiful due to its metallic sheen.  SM calls it a "long sleeve shift dress" online, but that's misleading because it's bodycon.  Shift dresses have straight lines, and this piece clearly hugs my curves.  Just giving you guys a heads up because I want to make sure y'all know exactly what you're purchasing.  

This dress is def. fab for a GNO or date night, but it adds bulk.  It makes me look bigger than I am; adds 5 lbs IMO, which some people may actually want - I've had super thin friends do all sorts of crazy (not in a negative way, of course) stuffs to gain weight.  I wish I had that problem, haha.  

Other than that, this piece is gorg, and it looks WAY more expensive than it is (think Cache level).  Stylemoi has quality clothing for sure, and I only have WONDERFUL things to say about their designs, customer service, and standards. I highly recommend shopping their collection.  As a bonus, they offer free shipping worldwide *pumps fist*  Let me know what you guys think of their selection.  I'm curious to hear your thoughts!  Where do you guys like to shop?
Dress:  c/o Stylemoi ($34.99)
Bag:  YSL


  1. I know I say this about EVERYTHING you wear, but seriously, you look GORGEOUS. That's such a beautiful dress, Kimberly. <3


  2. With the YSL bag, it makes the dress look even more expensive. Great picks! <3


  3. Fantastic dress. Really can't notice your figure looking any less gorgeous than usual! Nathan

  4. Your dress is very gorgeous. So elegant!