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Sponsor Spotlight: Nature's Time

I'm SUPER excited to tell you guys all about Nature's Time today on Sensible Stylista.  Nature's Time was created in the heart of SF by founder and active registered nurse, Christian Panaligan.  After hearing story after story of suicides and shootings linked to bullying, he decided to step up and take a stand.  As a victim himself, he found solace in the strength and beauty of nature so he incorporated it into his vision: a chic fashion accessory - made of natural materials - that would spread compassion and awareness.
"Through nature, each and every one of us is connected and it's our TIME to start making real impact for each other.  We don't know what tomorrow will bring, so why not make the best of today for the good of society?" - CP
Support NT and help #endbullying by purchasing a sustainable eco-friendly, toxic free watch that'll make a serious fashion statement.  Each watch purchase helps 6 bullying victims, and NT has partnered up with Free2Luv to fight bullying through community outreach, awareness campaigns, and events.  Make sure you guys help them out on their Indiegogo campaign HERE.  
The men's and women's limited edition prototype is available only for the first 100 sales.  After that, no more will be made!  The men's designs start at $89 each.  Once they reach $100,000 in fudning, the women's line will be released.  They use natural wood and 316L steel to handcraft all their pieces, and they're water resistant.  FYI: the watches have pins and holes in every link of the band so the re-sizing is hella easy.


  1. Love the wooden detail!


  2. Hello from Spain: nice proposals. I like. Great brand.