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Meet Zoe Luiz: Sensible Stylista's Summer Intern

Super excited to introduce you guys to my beautiful intern, Zoe Luiz!  I'm stoked to work with her this summer.  She's the total package: gorgeous, intelligent, passionate, and [insert any and every positive adjective here].  Here's a fun Q&A for you guys.  I want y'all to get to know her because you'll be hearing from her quite a bit these next few months.
How would you describe your fashion sense?
It's hard to put my fashion sense into one strict category; I like to incorporate hip-hop, boho, and edgy fashion all into the way that I dress.  I draw most of my inspiration from Rihanna who can pull off any and every look, which is something that I aspire to do! 

Where do you like the shop?
I love shopping anywhere inexpensive; honestly, being able to find a diamond in the ruff at cheaper stores makes me much happier than getting an expensive piece.  My favorite store of all time is Forever 21 which always brings it with the latest trends but keeps it affordable for young people like me.  Lately, I've also been loving thrift stores, Brandy Melville - although their "One Size Fits Most" clothing sizes are completely ridiculous - and Necessary Clothing.  If I'm feeling rich, I sometimes venture into Zara.

What beauty products do you recommend?
I've recently discovered the cult classic Lorac Pro palettes.  I don't know how I lived so long without them, but I'm now fully obsessed.  I've never used any eye shadow that has the same color pay off as these shades.  And, not only are they amazingly pigmented, but they are also so incredibly easy to work with.  

Lorac has many palettes, but I've only tried the Pro Palette & the Pro Palette 2.  The first has warmer shades, like golds and browns, whereas the second palette has cooler shades, like pinks and purples. For my olive skin tone I prefer the latter, but I recommend everyone goes to their local Sephora or Ulta and tests out these shades.  The palettes are $42 each but well worth the investment.

What is your "can't live without" accessory?
I have a ring obsession; you'll never find me without at least six rings on at a time.  I love everything from delicate midi rings to large statement rings.  My all time favorite piece has to be my Om ring: throughout all my different ring pairings this is the only piece that has a consistent spot on my pointer finger.  

In fact, I love this ring so much that when I lost it two years ago in Chile, I went back to the same etsy shop I ordered it from a year before and got it again.  I've also been loving my chokers lately.  I used to wear them back in elementary school - I'm so happy this trend has returned.

What do you do in your spare time?
My fashion obsession takes over most of my free time, and you can usually find me in bed on  I love that they have articles on every aspect of fashion, from simple street wear to Chanel runway shows.  If I'm not creeping on Vogue then I'm probably either binge watching Supernatural on Netflix or hanging out with my amazing friends!

Color: Gold in general, but black to wear.
Song:  This is constantly changing, but right now it's M'$ by A$AP Rocky.
Drink:  Root beer all day every day!
City:  My heart will always live with my hometown of Boston.
Dessert:  Any kind of ice cream, specifically Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia.
Movie:  Silver Linings Playbook!  This also happens to be my favorite book.
TV show:  I'm a huge geek, and I love the CW's Supernatural.


  1. So happy to head that such amazing person will be your intern this summer! For Zoe, good luck! :D

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