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Give Yourself the Perfect Mani: Must-Have Tools

Alright guys, today's post is extra sensible because I'm going to tell y'all how to give yourselves pro manicures at home.  You're welcome in advance - not only am I going to help you save mad dough, you're going to do so while maintaining your nail game.  So, without further ado, let's get right to it!  Here are my must-haves:
1.  Zoya Remove+ Nail Polish Remover ($11) - To give yourself a killer mani, you need to start with a solid base. That means, thoroughly removing any polish you've applied previously!  This product does an outstanding job.  It doesn't dry you out - brittle nails are the worst - and as a plus, the pump's extremely convenient.  It's much gentler than other regular removers yet gets the job done in a few swipes with little or no effort.

2.  Ulta Nail Clippers ($5) - Before filing your nails, you need to shape them by carefully clipping them.  I like using these babies from Ulta - they have a streamlined design for effortless control and tapered edges for superior cutting.  They're super light yet sturdy!

3.  Emjoi Micro-Nail Device ($39.95) - After clipping, you want to gently file your nails into shape - go for a slightly rounded shape or square-rounded edge.  Metal or coarse files can do serious damage. Do your fingers a favor and invest in the Micro-Nail device pictured above.  This unique device has an innovative roller spinning 360 degrees at 30 times per second to gently buff away ridges, imperfections and discolorations while adding shine. A huge thanks to Lipton PR for letting me sample this product.  Note:  don't buff nails too smooth or else your polish won't adhere.

4.  OPI Nail Polish ($10) - After soaking your hands in warm water, removing callouses/excess cuticles, and moisturizing, paint your nails with your favorite polish.  Personally, I love OPI!  I'm currently obsessed with this pastel mint green - it's called "That's Hula-rious," ha!  The new Hawaii Collection is on point.  Anywho, remember to pain your nails in layers.  If you have weak nails, use a base!  Then, apply your color polish in layers - two should do the trick, but remember to let each layer dry in between.

5.  Orly Polishield ($10) - To finish off your mani, apply a layer of this 3-in-1 topcoat to strengthen and protect your nails.  It dries super fast and isn't thick like most!  It'll keep your mani from chipping and help you maintain serious shine - your nails will seriously look glasslike.  Tip:  touch up your nails every two days or so with a layer of topcoat to extend your mani's life span. Trust me when I say it'll make a world of a difference!


  1. I love Orly products! Great pics, I'm going to have to keep my eyes out for that Zoya nail polish remover, it looks great.

    xo Jannine
    Happy Stylish Fit

  2. That's Hula-rious nail polish shade is awesome,..