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Spot This: Revolutionizing Online Shopping

As I'm sure y'all know, I've been working with Spot This - a Maryland based start-up - all month to help raise awareness for their fabulous site.  Constantly guided by the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, they started ST in October 2015.  They're an on demand discovery service for fashion.  Users have to register, but the process takes like 2 minutes tops...if that.  Trust me when I say you want to check them out.  You all know how freakin' busy I am!  I would've never taken them on if I didn't believe in them.

Now, here's how it works.  You upload photos of outfits you like onto Spot This, specify size and price range, and then just wait!  Our fashion stylists do the work for you.  They find you similar matches that fit your budget so you can re-create respective ensembles from the comfort of your own home.  Now, why is this helpful? When you visit bloggers' sites, they usually have shoppable links for you, but a lot of times, their picks may be too expensive.  Now you have a solution! Upload their outfits to find similar items for less.  

Or, perhaps you LOVE Olivia Palermo's style and have an entire pinterest board dedicated to her - I may or may not have one HERE, ha - but you have no idea where or how to shop her OOTDs. Well, lucky for y'all, you do now!  Within 24 hours, similar matches will magically show up in your Spot This account.  Do yourself a favor and register ASAP.  Take advantage of their amazing site and elevate your style tenfold!  If you have any questions about their service, shoot me a message!  I manage all of their social media platforms, so make sure y'all give 'em a follow.

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