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AOL Summer Beauty Awards

I'm stoked to announce that I'm one of AOL's summer beauty judges!  I don't know if you guys remember, but last year, I adjudicated their fall awards - click here if you missed it.  Now, if you guys follow me on snapchat (which you should BTW, ha - my handle's @sensiblestylist), you saw the slew of goodies they sent me.  I'll be telling y'all about my absolute favorites today on Sensible Stylista.
1.  Fekkai Pré-Soleil Hair Radiance & Protection Mist ($19.99) - This product's a must-have for those of you who enjoy frolicking around in the sun.  This mist helps protect your mane from damaging threats like color fade and dehydration while adding radiant shine - it contains a UV filter that basically acts as an invisible shield for your hair. Shake well and spritz it on before and during outdoor shenanigans for best results.  Note:  the directions say to "spray all over," but I recommend exercising self-control because a little goes a long way.  2-3 pumps are more than enough!

2.  Bliss Drench 'n' Quench Lock-in Moisturizer ($38) - I've been obsessed with Bliss body cream for years now, but for some strange reason, I never got around to trying their facial moisturizers.  I'm really glad I had the opportunity to do so though because this item's legit.  It smells amazing and works well with all skin types - I have combination skin, and this product does a great job hydrating. However, what I really love about the product is its texture.  The gel-like consistency feels refreshing and leaves skin soft and supple, which is perfect for summer!

3.  Instanatural Argan Oil Thermal Spray ($13.25) - Heat-protector sprays are an absolute must in my book - the last thing you want to do is fry your hair when styling it so if you use any heat whatsoever, you need to make sure you prevent damage by spritzing this on beforehand.  Instanatural's thermal spray acts as both a protector spray and leave-in conditioner so you're getting major bang for your buck. This product contains 100% pure and organic argan oil from Morocco so your hair's receiving max nourishment and shine.

4.  Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof Mascara ($15) - I'm super impressed with this mascara.  It does a great job lengthening and creates mad volume without any clumping so feel free to get your layer on if you want!  This formula's ophthalmologist-tested so it's suitable for those with sensitive eyes, and the product strengthens and conditions because it contains the following ingredients:  pro vitamin B5, phytantriol, and vitamin E.

5.  Fiona Stiles Ultra Smooth Waterproof Eye Defining Pencil ($16) - Straight up obsessed with this eyeliner.  It goes on super smooth and is highly pigmented.  The color lasts all day and doesn't smudge at all!  I've only tried metallic brown, but I'm going to purchase matte black and carlyle in the near future.  If you're looking for creamy liner that glides on effortlessly and stays put, give this baby a shot!

6.  Amika Triple RX Nourishing Hair Mask ($38) - If you're looking for a solid intensive hair treatment, look no further.  This product works really well!  The mask combines obliphica (aka sea buckthorn berry), Amika's signature ingredient, with borage oil and west african shea butter. The former strengthens and softens while the latter coats the hair shaft to condition and protect.  Use this once a week to up your hair game!  Massage it into your scalp and leave it on for 5 minutes or so before rinsing it off thoroughly with warm water.  You'll see immediate results!

7.  Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Sleeping Cream ($11.89) - Honestly, I'm shocked that this product is under $12.  I tried to find it on Ulta, but unfortunately, they don't carry it so I linked it to Amazon instead.  If you're looking to brighten your complexion, make sure you pick this up STAT.  It nourishes while improving one's moisture balance.  

Have you guys tried any of these products?  If yes, which ones and did you like them?  


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