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Trend Alert: How-to Wear the Choker

I've been super into chokers as of late so I am thrilled (to say the least) that the trend's coming back with a vengeance.  A-list stars like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid have been seen decorating their necks with the quintessential '90s accessory.  Whether you're into chic, understated designs or bling-y, over-the-top pieces, you need to get your experiment on STAT.  Here's how I've been wearing them on Sensible Stylista:
1.  "I'm too cool for school...but you can still sit with me anyway."  This lace piece is a do in every way.  It adds just the right amount of edge to any and every ensemble.  Ooze polish and sophistication with this effortlessly stylish necklace.

2.  "I really only wore this dress to show off my necklace."  Talk about bling - this necklace slays! Accessorize a plunging neckline with a statement piece like this to break necks left and right. Channel your inner Queen Bey and strut around like the sex kitten you are. 

3.  "Nothing says chic like simple gold neck candy."  This piece is the epitome of classy.  Elevate your style tenfold by wearing this gorgeous necklace.  It pairs well with simple button-fronts and summery frocks alike.  

So, which one of these babies is your favorite, and how do you feel about chokers - hot or not?  Oh, and before I leave you, I want to tell y'all that all three of these necklaces are from JWholesale.  


  1. great ideas for wearing chockers!

  2. you look very awesome.lovely necklace.

  3. Love chokers they are so chic !


  4. The second choker is very nice,...

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