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My Workout Essentials

It's time for another fitness update!  I know it's been a while, but I wanted to share my must-haves with you guys today on Sensible Stylista.  Staying in shape has never been harder - with school, work, blogging and whatnot, it's been tough keeping a steady exercise regimen.  I always used to rail on people who used "I don't have time" as an excuse, but I'm kinda starting to feel sympathetic!  I haven't been able to work out daily, but I try to squeeze it in at least 2-3 times a week.  I know that's weak, but I just gotta power through this month!  Plus, better some than none, right?  Things will be much easier once I finish teaching + my residency at Strathmore - I'll make sure to go extra hard this summer to compensate!
1.  TKO Running Belt ($9.99) - Founded by Garry Kurtz, TKO was first a boxing company, but has since evolved into a health and fitness equipment, accessory and apparel lifestyle-brand.  Kurtz is committed to building a brand comprised of high quality, innovative products that are accessibly priced.  Presently, they sells boxing gloves, punching towers, cross fit gear, yoga mats, and more! Convenience and practicality go hand in hand with a successful work out.  Therefore, this running belt is essential for many hands-free activities.  This item's water-resistant and has two expandable pockets that accommodate a mobile device, keys, wallets, and other essentials while remaining sleek in appearance.

2.  Polar A300 Fitness Tracker ($125.97) - Counting calories is a must IMO - I'm a huge fan of food journaling because I believe 80% of your bod is made in the kitchen.  This fitness tracker helps me keep everything organized.  I'm strict about how much I burn vs. how much I eat so it's crucial for me to track my stats.  I bought this watch years ago, and I still use it religiously every time I get my sweat on!  I also like to keep an eye on my heart rate to make sure I'm making the most of every sesh. Personally, I'm a big fan of HIIT because it's the efficient - it gives you an all-day metabolic boost, while burning the most possible fat in the shortest amount of time.

3.  Great Gear Infuser Bottle ($10.97) - This water bottle is everything.  If you're a fan of flavored water, this item's a must-have.  Do yourself a favor and invest in this infuser to save a buttload of money!  Why pay a ridonkulous amount of dough on drinks when you can create your own delish concoctions at home? I personally love filling this baby up with raspberries, lemons, and, not all at the same time, of course.  Also, the spout's totally leak proof - it has a locking lid - so you don't have to worry about getting water all over yourself when you're exercising.

4.  T25 by Shaun T - After completing Insanity, I knew I had to try this series out.  Words can't express how much I love this set - with T25, 25 minutes is all you need to get into tip-top shape.  It contains three phases total:  alpha, beta, and gamma (15 different modules).  You get a good mix of cardio + strength training, and you don't need any heavy duty equipment, just resistance bands and/or a set of free weights!  If you're constantly pressed for time, this is the workout for you. Seriously.  I know it's pricy, but it's worth every penny.  You're welcome in advance. 

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