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Brooklyn Hat Company

You guys have no idea how excited I am for summer!  I, for one, am pumped to whip out my massive collection of sunhats.  Cute lids are everything - not only do they help you practice safe sun, they elevate your style tenfold. Anywho, for today's post, I'll be telling you guys all about my current favorite hat brand.  

Founded in a small studio in Williamsburg, NY, Brooklyn Hat Company invigorates the social graces of the new and old, delivering diverse styles that blend the past with the future by incorporating fine fabrics in a wide selection of colors and textures.  Unique designs and trims, diversified silhouettes and shapes, high-end materials are some of the many great features for which this brand focuses.  


  1. the liberty hat is my best

  2. I've never heard of this brand but wow - the hats look soo cute! I need to pick up some more sunhats for sure.

    Lee -

  3. The hats are awesoem,.. Riviera Fedora Hat is my fav