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Recap: The Fashion for Paws Runway Show, New Thai Noms in MD & Delish Boba

Ahhh! I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I enjoyed attending the Fashion for Paws Runway Show at the Grand Hyatt in DC last Saturday.  The show's a nationally acclaimed luxury brand event that benefits the Humane Rescue Alliance, and fundraising ambassadors raise a minimum of $3k twelve weeks before by participating in a friendly competition.  

This year's top earner was Jessica Abrahams, and she raised over $26k (!!!!!!) Sponsored by bamf companies like Audi and Lilly Pulitzer, the event was SO well done - seriously props to TAA PR for doing such an awesome job.  I was blown away by the production, and there were a ridiculous amount of people there.  I took my beautiful mom to the event because we're both crazy dog people, and we had a blast watching all the adorable pups walk down the runway!  
Earlier that day, I spent the morning teaching piano at Peabody + running errands with my mom.  We picked up a giant box of napa cabbage at Hmart for homemade kimchi before hitting up a new restaurant in Ellicott City called Eattini Thai Kitchen.  I'm a HUGE fan of thai food, and there aren't any good places near me so I was helllllla excited that this place opened with good reviews on yelp. 
We ended up ordering two plates and sharing:  chicken pad thai + chicken ka prow.  The noodles were pretty good, but I've definitely had better - the waiter actually recommended the Drunken Noodles so I'm gonna go with that next time.  The ka prow was on point though - perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of spice, and I loved that the veggies were COOKED PROPERLY.  I know that's a given, but I've gone to way too many Asian places in the past that've messed up their veggies by overcooking them.

Anywho, I'm looking forward to going back and trying other dishes!  Bonus points to them for cute decor and a yum spice rack - pickled thai chili peppers in fish oil? An absolute MUST for me to enjoy my meal, ha.  After noms, we hit up the Kung Fu Tea next door and got a medium Matcha Milk with bubbles to share.  Hands down, the BEST boba in the DMV!
What have you guys been up to lately? Have you guys checked out any new restaurants lately? Andddd who here's a fan of thai cuisine and/or boba?