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Gone with the Wind...Literally

It was SO ridiculously windy out when Julian (aka Steeze Media) and I took these shots.  It was GREAT for photos and all, but I totally got sick afterwards because it was fuh-reezing.  I love shooting formal gowns because they're fun to play with, anddd I realized I never featured this piece so I figured better late than never.  I've had this dress for YEARS now so it's been through a lot - think graduations, important performances, and nerve-racking auditions.
Like most all of my dresses, I scooped this number up at BCBG.  Their gowns are always on point! They're pricy, but they ooze quality and their designs are second to none.  Man, I'm still pissed that closed all of their brick & mortar factory outlets, ugh.  I guess I'll be hitting up ASOS more often than I already do, ha.
I'm a huge fan of pastel gowns, but I feel like red looks best on stage.  There's just something about the color - it makes me feel powerful, confident, and sexy!  Anywho, I'm curious to hear what you guys think from an audience's perspective.  Are there specific shades that you prefer? If yes, why do you think that is?
 Shot by the fabulous Steeze Media.


  1. That dress is so beautiful! I love how flowy it is and I love the shade of the skirt, it's stunning.

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.blogspot.com

  2. Lovely dress! I really like how flowy it is. :)

  3. Hello !
    You look stunning !
    Beautiful photos .

  4. Great shots (worth braving the wind for), and the dress is beautiful. Probably like red, or darker blue, for instrumental performances, as it usually better complements the intensity of the music. Maybe lighter shades for vocalists. Am curious whether the choice of wardrobe is affected by the particular piece you're performing. Cheers. Michael

  5. Your photos are always looking amazing. I have been reading your blog since forever <3

    Margareta Vania
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