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How-to Rock Date Night Like a Boss: 3 Easy Ways to Slay

Alright guys, we're tackling date night garb today on SS - I've been getting several emails regarding the topic so I figured it'd be a good subject to blog about. Before we get into everything, I want to emphasize that these are NOT first date outfit ideas (that's an entirely different subject all together, and I'll be addressing that another day).  We're gonna talk about ways you can spice up your outfit game!  Sooo, let's get to it!
1.  Make a statement with kickass accessories.  Don't be afraid to go all out! It is night time after all. I treated my LBD as a neutral canvas and dressed it up with edgy pieces for fun (to see more photos, click here).  If you're afraid you're gonna overdo it, just keep a few things in mind.  Sidebar:  I'm all about wearing whatever the hell you want so if YOU love your look, don't second sh*t.  I'm simply sharing tips with those of you who want some extra help.  Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to it!

a.  If you're wearing a bunch of vibrant colors together at once, don't mix metals.
b.  Bold jewelry + simple outfits = optimal combination
c.  Wear ONE statement piece at a time.
d.  Take your bag + shoes into consideration when thinking about your accessory game.
2.  Grow an inch...or 5 with sky high heels.  Confession: I totally have a thing with height - I've always wanted to be super tall, but that didn't quite work out for me, ha.  Luckily, I can "grow" as much as I want with fashion!  Yay for visual illusions.  Here's how I pull off my trickery.  

First, pick out a killer maxi dress that's sexy as hell but drags like nobody's business.  Then, pair it with 5" ankle-strap heels for max comfort + security.  The straps are hella important because they'll keep your shoes ON your feet.  You won't have to worry about them slipping off and (inevitably) making a fool out of yourself by falling flat on your face.  Lastly, make sure your dress still grazes the ground a slight bit so no one sees how high your heels actually are!  To see more snaps from this look, click here.

3.  Rock BAMF cut-outs.  I don't know what it is, but there's just something mad sexy about showing unexpected bits of skin.  Pass on the "traditional" plunge neckline + backless cut and experiment with something different to mix things up!  Try wearing pieces with cutout waists, arms, and necklines.  To see more from this look, click here.


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