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To The Skies

Very excited to partner up with Vestique today on SS.  Run by two college friends, Caroline and Morgan, launched in 2010.  They worked all throughout the night with orders while juggling full-time day jobs.  They look a leap of faith and quit their day jobs one day when the strain became too great and opened their first brick-and-mortar store in North Carolina in 2011.  Fast forward to 2015.  They've opened their FIFTH Vestique in Cary, NC and have another one coming in Charleston, SC.  Super impressive for sure!  I just HAD to share their story - they're SO inspiring.  I always love hearing stories about young and wildly successful entrepreneurs.  Clicky HERE to support them and shop their amazing collection...
A full body shot for you guys!  I feel like my face looks really weird in this picture, haha.  Sorry, I'll try to smile better next time *sniffles* Anywho, I paired the dress with a chic blazer and thew on a pair of pumps. 
My dress sans blazer.  Clicky HERE to pick one up yourself.

Dress:  c/o Vestique ($46.50)
Shoes:  c/o Deb
Blazer:  Hugo Boss via Off Saks Fifth
Necklace:  c/o Centime ($49)
Bag:  Prada

PS.  I'm currently hosting several giveaways on SS!  Clicky here to win some seriously awesome swag!


  1. Lovely dress !

    Win Makeup Revolution full skincare collection !

  2. gorgeous dress, it's so fun and sophisticated!

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  3. You look beautiful. That printed dress is stellar!

  4. Stunning pictures! Stay pretty and lovely.