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Home + Living: Urban Outfitters Review

Soooo I've decided to start blogging about home + living.  I moved into a sweet new apartment way back and didn't decorate at all because I was too busy with life *shrugs* Nothing wrong with the minimalism, but I DO want to fancy up my crib. I thought I'd start by reviewing new apartment stuffs from Urban Outfitters.  OH, and I jacked these pics from the UO website.  I'll share my own with you guys later on.
1.  Three Tier Rolling Cart ($179) - To be honest, I'm a little bummed about this piece.  It looks SUPER cute online, but the quality's a bit "eh" in person.  As you can see, it's a circular cart with three wire-mesh shelves.  UO markets it as a bar cart, but it's definitely not sturdy enough to function as one IMO.  I had a really tough time putting it together because pieces weren't fitting right.  With that said, I'm keeping it because it has a cool vintage vibe, and it looks really good next to my piano.

2.  Acid Etched Letter ($12) - A faux-antique etched metal letter that you can place on a shelf or tabletop.  Cute for sure but a bit flimsy.  Keep in mind that it's made to look "imperfect". I only bought one, but I think a lot of people purchase full words.  I may actually get my full name - still debating, though.
3.  Glass Octagon Display Box ($39) - Love, love, LOVE this case.  This geo-shaped box has three glass shelves inside and is PERFECT for holding jewelry and/or other magical trinkets.  I totes recommend this piece. Looks way more expensive than it is!
4.  Firefly String Lights ($28) - Hm, I have mixed feelings about these lights.  They're super cute and all, but they're kind of pricy.  Hopefully they'll last for a while!  I'll be bummed if they burn out quickly.  The LED bulbs are surprisingly bright, and the copper wire's bendable so you can string it wherever.  It comes with a water-resistant electrical adapter.  FYI: these lights are only 15' long!

Have you guys shopped UO's apartment collection?  If not, where do you guys buy home stuffs?


  1. No 3, great piece!


  2. Gorgeous!


  3. That display box looks so close to something my great grandmother used to have on her dresser with her jewelery and other knickknacks in. It zapped me instantly back to childhood!

    It's a shame that cart was such a pain to get together. I love the look of it and can totally see it in my own home. Given the price you paid for that one, I almost wonder if it would be more worth it to hit flea markets and yard sales to see if I could find a similar piece with a better construction.

    I'm a big flea market gal. I love finding older pieces there and having my bestie refinish them, since that is what she does for a living. What's even better is she travels around and picks, so when I need an item all I have to do is tell her and I generally have it within a week. My latest piece is a Motown Tress wig head from the 80s. When I told my bestie I wanted a wig head for my hats, I was expecting something styrofoam. Imagine my surprise when she showed up with a huge plastic piece! She was a little banged up, nothing a little cleaning couldn't take care of.

    If you have the time and want to get your hands dirty, hitting flea markets and yardsales is the way to go for uniquely cool pieces.