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Find of the Day: The Pleated Skirt ($28)

Totes excited to tell you guys about today's FOTD - an ADORABLE checkered skirt with pleats.  This fab piece transitions beautifully from Winter to Spring.  It's SO freakin' cute and comfy.  As a bonus, it elongates your legs like WHOA because of the high-waistline.  Trust me - this piece is mad flattering.  I suggest copping this item STAT. 

Here's some additional info for y'all: length 17". made of 99% polyester and 1% spandex.  On the shorter side - no worries though.  Throw on opaque black tights, and you're good to go  Available HERE at +Aeropostale for $28.
I feel like Aero has a bad reputation.  Trust me when I say they've upped their game. Bethany Mota's line is really cute, and they're putting out some great clothing.  Give 'em a shot! You'll be pleasantly surprised *smiles*

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  1. what a great skirt!
    and so affordable...thank for sharing sweetie!

  2. I love that beautiful skirt , lovely pattern as well. Awesome!!!