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Highlights from 2015

I can't believe 2015 is already over.  This year has gone by SO fast!  As promised, here's a short recap of highlights for y'all.  I'm sorry I wasn't more thorough - I was on a time crunch because I had a ton of errands to run.  I hope you guys still love me!

1.  Becoming a Strathmore Artist-in-Residence.
Photographer:  Jonathan Timmes
Strathmore's an amazing arts organization based in the DMV - they sponsor and host a ton of concerts, bringing in huge artists from all genres. It's a true honor to be one of the chosen 6 AIRs! I've already learned so much - their bi-weekly seminars have been so helpful and informative - and I've met some truly incredible musicians and mentors!  I even had the opportunity to dabble in some jazz, ha.  I'm really looking forward to upcoming improv lessons with the wonderful Dan Roberts.  For those of you in the area, I'm being featured in May!  For info on concerts and whatnot, clicky HERE. Also, if you'd like to see more pics from my shoot with Jonathan Timmes, clicky HERE.

2.  Breaking 50k+ on instagram!
I was super excited to reach this milestone because instagram is by far my favorite social media platform.  Thanks to you guys, I was able to to smash my original goal.  I wanted to hit 50k by the end of December, but I built my following up to 55.2k+!  I really can't thank y'all enough.  I promise to work extra hard in 2016.  

3.  Finishing my degree recitals + passing Peabody's piano lit exam.
As you all know, I'm currently pursuing my doctorate in piano performance at the Peabody Institute. I'm stoked to announce that I officially finished my last solo recital for the degree.  If you're wondering what I played for the concert, here's my program: Haydn's Piano Sonata in E Major, No. 31, Chopin's Four Ballades, and a contemporary piece written by my good friend, Natalie Draper.  I was actually pretty nervous for the performance, but it went really well so I'm content.

Also, as I mentioned above, I passed Peabody's piano lit exam on my first try - it was an unexpected ("unexpected" = miraculous) feat, ha!  You guys have NO idea how much I studied.  I was literally scrutinizing scores and listening to recordings 10-12 hours a day.  People told me all sorts of insane stories so I was legit terrified - thank god that's all done and over with.  I still have 2 more comps to complete, but I can sort of see the light at the end of the tunnel now!  Send me good vibes so I pass both my exams in the spring!

4.  Visiting LA + linking up with blogger friends!
The Arts District || Good Times in Hollywood || Feeling Myself
Last summer, I visited la-la land and had a marvelous time romping around like a tourist!  I worked with an amazing photographer and hung out with some IG favorites: fashionista804, kkarmalove, and lifesjules.  My trip was super short so I didn't get to connect with all my CA friends - I guess that means I have to go back soon!  FYI, links to full posts are provided in the caption.

5.  Hosting Snobswap's DC event + modeling for Fox news.
I was stoked to co-host my first event in DC this year!  "The Best of Snobswap" was such a blast - the h'orderves were delish and the space (Malmaison) was super cute.  I had the opportunity to connect with local consignment boutiques and mingle with fashionable DMV-ers.  I represented Ella Rue and wore Alexis and James Jeans to the event.  Also, I made my first official TV appearance as a fashion blogger/model on Fox news to help promote the event!  I've been featured/interviewed on TV for my music several times in the past so I thought I'd feel fine, but I was surprisingly nervous.  I guess jitters don't fade with time, ha!

6.  Creating my youtube channel + making videos/recording with Blue Griffin.
Ok, I know my youtube channel only has ONE video, but that's going to change very soon!  I actually flew to Michigan to record a bunch of videos and audio tracks with Blue Griffin.  Keep an eye out because sh*t's about to get real.  Also, if you're wondering why I have a random photo of a living room, it's because I stayed with my recording engineer and his partner during my stay in Lansing. Their home is freakin' ginormous.  In fact, it's an insult to call their house a "house" because their crib is actually an effin' castle.  Ha.  Moving on, I'm planning to vlog a bunch this year so let me know if you have requests.  I always take them into consideration!

7.  Attending my first Her Campus Event + covering it as an ambassador for European Wax Center.
I had a blast covering Her Campus' College Fashion Week!  European Wax Center generously sponsored my post - if you missed it, clicky here. I really enjoyed the show because they featured "real" girls, and the audience was really supportive. As a plus, HC got Allie Gonino (Laurel from The Lying Game) to perform a lovely set as an opening act.

What are some of your favorite moments from 2015? Leave me a comment below with your most memorable experience!  Also, don't forget to check out my list of end-of-the-year sales HERE.


  1. wow, you definitely accomplished a lot last year!! I studied classical piano up to my Bachelor's Degree, so I have mad respect for pianists who have worked for their Doctorate's. I love Chopin's 4 Ballades :) Looking forward to your accomplishments this year!! Happy New Year!

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  3. Love your photo with red dress!
    Happy New Year darling <3
    Pearl in Fashion

  4. such a lovely recap! wishing you a happy, stylish and successful 2016!


  5. such a beautiful place
    keep in touch

  6. Hey Kimberly, your 2015 has been amazing and filled with great success and achievements!
    I hope this new year will bring you even more joy and satisfactions!!!

  7. sounds like you had a great 2015!!