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College Fashion Week

Soooo yesterday was officially crazy.  My schedule has been insane as of late!  I woke up at 6, practiced piano from 7-9:30 (which was NOT enough time BTW, ugh), taught piano from 9:30-4, and then drove to DC to cover Her Campus Blogger's College Fashion Week.  I ended up getting home at like 11, which is fine, but I had to stay up until 2 because (of course) I had more work to do.  Life's been mad hectic, but I'm kind of okay with that.  In fact, I secretly love being hella busy. What can I say, being productive makes me happy! 

ANYWHO, let's talk a bit about the event!  The show took place at W Hotel in DC and was sponsored by awesome brands like European Wax Center, Milani, Monthly Gift, and more!  They created a really cute runway around VIP/press seats.  I got to sit in the front row so I had a great view of all the clothing (provided by Neiman Marcus, Forever 21, Macy's, and more).  As a plus, they had fab swag bags with lots of goodies laid out for us!  
Let's take a look at my fave sponsor's booth! Isn't their setup cute?  European Wax Center was founded a decade ago on the belief that all of us deserve gorgeous skin by not concealing who we are, but by having the courage and confidence to reveal our natural, beautiful skin. They invented the "4 Steps to Gorgeous" process to ensure the most comfortable experience possible - their exclusive waxing techniques prep skin before AND after.  As a bonus, all first-time guests get a complimentary wax (!!!!) 
Here are shots of the EWC ladies hard at work, beautifying everyone!
I got my brows filled in, too!  My technician was super sweet, helpful, and gorgeous.  She used EWC's Brow Powder and Shape It on me to create a polished look.  If you have light or sparse eyebrows, their brow powder will do wonders.  They're available in 3 duo shades, and you can apply it dry for a natural look or wet for a dramatic finish.  I personally prefer the former, but that's just me! Shape It is a total must-have because it'll keep your unruly brows at bay with one sweep.  This styling essential is alcohol and paraben free and nourishes with aloe leaf extract.  Use it whenever you want to add a bit of oomph.
In case you're wondering, my mom took this shot of me, haha.  I'm so lucky to have her - she's my best friend AND role model.  Doesn't she look absolutely fabulous?  I keep telling her that she needs to start her own blog!  Maybe she'll take my advice to heart one day, ha.
Before the show started, the gorgeous Allie Gonino (Laurel from The Lying Game) opened with an original set.  She had a beautiful voice! I was really impressed with her music!
Unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots of the models walking.  Sorry, I'm still learning how to use my DSLR, ha.  It's definitely not easy - there are so many options, and I'm not good with artificial lighting.  I took this shot at the very end when the models came on stage!  I loved that they used "real girls" - recruited from local colleges - for the show.  They looked like they were having a blast!  Also, if you're wondering, the co-host pictured below is Windsor Western, the President of HCB.  She co-founded Her Campus with Stephanie Kaplan Lewis and Annie Wang!
I hope you guys enjoyed today's latest!  A special thanks to European Wax Center and Her Campus Media for sponsoring this post.


  1. Great event and great pictures :)

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