8 Pieces, 8 Ways: Part 7 - Sensible Stylista

8 Pieces, 8 Ways: Part 7

I'm all about casual cool today on Sensible Stylista. For part 7 of my style challenge - if you're just tuning in, make sure you read part 1 HERE to check out rules and such - I decided to get my layer on. I started with my Sincerely Jules graphic tee and tucked it into my fave pair of high-waisted skinnies - (if you're wondering, they're from Aero).  I threw on a classic button-front and topped it off with my Ann Taylor moto jacket to battle the fall chill.  To finish off the look, I carried my Coach crossbody and wore stylish yet comfortable ankle boots.  

This is pretty much how I dress for a lazy day!  No sweats for me, I've upgraded, ha...unless I'm at home stuffing my face with chinese delivery watching netflix.  That's the exception though.  Trust me, high-waisted jeans (or bottoms for that matter) are the way to go.  They're super flattering because they cover muffin top and elongate your legs.  Visual illusions are def. awesome.  My bod's not in great shape, but I know how to dress for it!  To be honest, I'm totally self-conscious of my body.  I'm not trying to fish for compliments or anything.  In fact, I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm insecure, but hey, it's the truth and you know how I like to always keep it real.  I sit on my butt all day long because I'm either practicing, blogging or studying, and it's showing.  I need to get it together.  If any of you are looking to get in shape, let me know!  It'd be great to be virtual workout buddies.
Anywho, sorry I got so off topic, ha.  If you're looking to shop my look, here's a widget for your viewing pleasure.  OH, and don't forget to enter my international giveaway with Define Me Scent HERE to win 5 roll-on scents worth $180!


  1. i like jacket paired with white shirt under
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  2. Hello from Spain: Great jacket. Fabulous proposals. Keep in touch

  3. I love anything leopard print, even tho I won't let myself wear it as I will go crazy and go all leopard. Oh wait, it's Halloween. Okay maybe I will lol stay inspired! xoxo, Robin at THE INSPIRED: Life, Love & the Pursuit of Style. http://www.theinspired.life

  4. Love how you paired the t-shirt with the button up and the leather jacket