8 Pieces, 8 Ways: Part 4 - Sensible Stylista

8 Pieces, 8 Ways: Part 4

It's time for part 4 of my style challenge.  If you missed my other posts, no worries.  Clicky HERE for part 1, HERE for part 2, and HERE for part 3.  Anywho, I've noticed over the course of the week that I apparently have a thing for scarves.  Yeah, that sounds about right.  I styled today's basics (faux-leather jacket, black turtleneck, and high-waisted jeans) with a chic but affordable version to spice things up.  For those of you wondering, my scarf's from Charlotte Russe.  They carry a ton of cute designs in-store and online - if you're looking to make a statement on the cheap, I recommend hitting up your local CR stat.  Scarves make incredible accessories so I suggest purchasing a slew of 'em in different colors and prints.  I personally own 20+!  Moving onto, I threw on Valentino-inspired heels (similar ones available HERE for $35.99) to match and carried my YSL crossbody for extra oomph. 
If you want to shop my look:
Also, here are some fabulous yet sensible scarves for your browsing pleasure! You're welcome in advance, ha.