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20 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Rental

1.  Customize your storage boxes.
2.  Purchase a colorful rug.
3.  Decorate your bookshelf with fancy clutches! 
4.  Put on removable wall decals.
Available at Stickerbrand

5.  Mess around with string lights.
Photo credit:  Urban Outfitters

6.  Experiment with different book stacks.
7.  Spray paint cheap ikea furniture for a splash of color.
8.  Purchase fun accent pillows.
9.  Upgrade your hardware - just remember to hold on to the original fastenings.
10.  Decorate with food - fruit makes a surprisingly lovely centerpiece.
11.  Create the illusion of a larger space with mirrors!
12.  Experiment with removable wallpaper.
Photo credit:  Betapet

13.  Display fun objects on your windowsill.
14.  Hang fabulous curtains.
15.  Cozy up your wall with a beautiful tapestry.
16.  Nature it up with potted plants and fresh flowers.
17.  Personalize your space with photos of family and friends.
18.  Line the back of your shelves.
19.  Initials are always fun to display!
Marquee lighting available at Ankit

20.  Buy a fun runner for your table.

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