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The Best of Korean Skincare

1.  Cel-Derma Ideal Radiance Hydrogel Mask ($24.87 for 4) - Indulge in a luxurious at-home spa night with this mask for killer skin.  It's a magical sheet that's temperature activated. Made of water soluble hydro gel, it increases your skin's resilience and moisturizes like no other.  If you're looking to hydrate, you'll absolutely love this!  Warning:  everything is written in korean, ha.  Lucky for you guys, y'all have me! Simply wash your face, splash on some toner, place this on your skin carefully, and leave it on for 40 minutes.  Do NOT wash this off afterwards. Just pat your face for max absorption - if you want, you can layer extra lotion or cream on top.  I have family members send me this straight from Korea, but you can purchase it HERE on Amazon.  FYI, each package contains 1 disposable mask.

2.  Amore Pacific Sleeping Mask ($60) - If you haven't tried this yet, you need to purchase this at Sephora ASAP.  This is the most amazing overnight treatment you'll ever use.  Apply a thin coat - think dime size - over your moisturizer and let it work its magic.  Formulated with 5-Hydra Complex (a potent blend of Asian botanicals that deliver mad hydration), this product is lightweight and luxe. Yes, it's on the pricy side, but I promise it's worth every penny. 

3.  Sooryehan Hyo Fermented Emulsion ($55) - Like the Sulwahsoo product pictured above, this is also an emulsion - I like to use it as a lotion though.  This item was created by fermenting four oriental herbs:  ginseng, foxglove, Pleuropterus multiforus, and Polygonatum falcatum. These ingredients provide max defense against aging, pollution and the like.  It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave much residue so your skin will feel hydrated without any kind of unpleasant stickiness. Available HERE online at Amazon for $55.

4.  Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Cream ($79.09) - This cream is unreal.  It works overnight to "reprogram" your skin - it repairs existing damage, while improving smoothness and radiance.  Made of life-extending mediterranean botanical, this cream encourages skin's natural youth protein production.  FYI, it's currently on sale at Amazon for $79.09 - it's originally $169.95.  Purchase this before it sells out.  I promise you'll thank me when your skin's softer than a baby's bottom, ha.  In my very humble opinion, this cream's better than La Mer's famous moisturizing soft cream!

5.  Sulwahsoo Essential Balancing Emulsion ($63) - This product's technically an emulsion, but I use it in place of toner.  It's formulated with Korean medicinal herbs so it soothes while it softens. Mountain peony prevents dehydration while yai jiu hua extract enhances radiance and encourages circulation.   FYI, it's ideal for all skin types!  Neiman Marcus recommends that you to apply it after Sulwahsoo's First Care Serum and Balancing Water at morning AND night, but I think that's overkill - I personally only use it at night. Apply it under your moisturizer, and you should be good to go!  If you want to supercharge your routine, apply a serum after the emulsion in the evening (before you layer cream on top).  Tip: let your skin absorb each product - wait 3-5 minutes in between applications. Also, don't touch anything germy (like your phone) or else you'll counteract this magical goodness.  Only use clean hands on your skin.  If you don't, you'll totally break out!  Trust me, I speak from experience.


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