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In honor of the new year, I've decided to tackle Day Zero's project, 101 Things in 1001 Days.  Since I'm starting this today, I have until Sept. 29th, 2018 to complete my list.  If you want to take on this challenge with me, use this date calculator to figure out your end date.  Also, make sure to link yours below (in the comment section) so I can see your tasks - I actually really enjoy reading these lists. I'll italicize goals currently in progress, and bold tasks that are completed.

1.  Get a six-pack!
2.  Make a vegetable lasagna.
3.  Visit my best friend, B. Michael, in Houston.
4.  Take voice lessons.
5.  Try a yoga class.
6.  Complete a juice cleanse.
7.  Run a 5k.
8.  Bake a perfect macaron.
9.  Finish my doctorate!
10.  Take a hip-hop dance class.
11.  Buy a pair of expensive designer shoes.
12.  Write an e-Book.
13.  Hit 50k on twitter.
14.  Ride a roller-coaster.
15.  Hit my goal weight of 105!
16.  Get nail art done professionally.
17.  Bake fancy cupcakes for a friend from scratch.
18.  Run a 10k.
19.  Share a vocal cover on my youtube channel.
20.  Create an inspiration board.
21.  Carve a bad@$$ pumpkin for Halloween.
22.  Experience Sleep No More in NYC.
23.  Write 5 handwritten letters (0/5).
24.  Read 50 new books (1/50).
25.  Run a half marathon.
26.  Grow homemade herbs and cook a delish meal with them.
27.  Volunteer at an animal shelter.
28.  Mail someone a surprise care package for no reason.
29.  Travel to 5 new places (0/5).
30.  Take a cooking class.
31.  Visit a winery!
32.  Bake a cheesecake.
33.  Re-connect with an old friend from high school in person.
34.  Learn how to use photoshop.
35.  Complete the 100 push-up challenge.
36.  Try a new hairdo.
37.  Enroll in a photography class.
38.  Re-design Sensible Stylista.
39.  Donate $500 ($125/$500).
40.  Get back into martial arts.
41.  Get a massage.
42.  Take a family portrait with Daisy.
43.  Make homemade jam.
44.  Learn how to poach an egg.
45.  Sew a piece of clothing.
46.  Make my own hummus.
47.  Go to a local farmer's market in Maryland.
48.  Run a mile in 8 minutes or less.
49.  Try a DIY from my pinterest board.
50.  Learn how to speak spanish somewhat fluently.
51.  Ax TV for a month.
52.  Go to a professional sports game.
53.  Design my own planner.
54.  Learn how to play ukelele.
55.  Compose songs for pre-college piano students.
56.  Build a gingerbread house during the holidays.
57.  Visit a psychic.
58.  Go on a walking tour of DC and document everything.
59.  Learn how to shoot a gun.
60.  Make homemade pasta.
61.  Try deep dish pizza in Chicago.
62.  Go to an amusement park.
63.  Complete T25.
64.  Bake a pecan pie from scratch.
65.  Have a cheesesteak in Philly.
66.  Speak on a TV segment (for fashion).
67.  Attend a blogging conference.
68.  Give up red meat for a month.
69.  Listen to an audio book.
70.  Give five 'just because' gifts (0/5).
71.  Try a new ethnic cuisine.
72.  Buy new glasses.
73.  Try 50 new restaurants in the DMV area (4/50).
74.  Go vegetarian for a week.
75.  Buy an ice cream maker.
76.  Build up to a 5-min plank.
77.  Visit 3 new art museums (0/3).
78.  Go watch a movie at a drive-in.
79.  Visit a comedy club.
80.  Listen to a podcast.
81.  Connect with 5 new blogger friends in person (0/5).
82.  Get a professional facial.
83.  Go on a cruise.
84.  Speak at a blogger event.
85.  Learn how to make 20 healthy meals in my crockpot (0/20).
86.  Make a year-in-pictures album.
87.  Visit the Baltimore aquarium with a friend.
88.  Stop biting my nails.
89.  Bake a birthday cake for a friend!
90.  Learn how to use protools.
91.  Cook a thanksgiving feast for my family.
92.  Get monogrammed stationary.
93.  Re-design my business card.
94.  Play tourist in NYC.
95.  Try 20 smoothie recipes from my pinterest board (0/20).
96.  Hit 200k+ on instagram.
97.  Visit Hawaii.
98.  Try to get into The Box in NYC.
99.  Randomly send flowers to a friend.
100.  Watch 20 movies I've never seen before (0/20).
101.  Travel to the caribbean again.


  1. Wow that's such a lot! Good luck with everything ;) You are amazing.