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The Arts District

I'm excited to share another fab shoot I did with the amazing Ryan Chua on SS today.  This shoot took place in the Arts District (in LA obvi) - 'twas my fave location for sure.  The artwork was INCREDIBLE.  I was snappin' pics left and right.  Anywho, prior to this shoot Ry and I had a light breakfast at The Pie Hole - a super cute joint with delish pastries (savory + sweet) and amazing coffee.  I had a really yummy leek + swiss quiche, and RC got a cornbread chicken pie *thumbs up* I regret not takin' pics of the food.  I was mad hangry at the time, and I  didn't have the patience to take a pretty shot of it all, ha!  I just wanted it in my belly. I'm one of those people who can't function on an empty stomach.  I get super pissy!  I don't know how people skip breakfast because I'm hungry within the first 15 min. of waking.
A full body shot for you guys!  I was getting dim sum with other bloggers later for lunch, Christine (Kkarmalove) & Julia (LifesJules), so I wore a comfy dress to hide my future food baby.  Always thinkin' ahead of time *grins* I scored the dress at Charlotte Russe for $5 during their Memorial Day blowout!  It's super simple so I styled it with fierce gladiator sandals.  The sunnies + bag matched so of course I couldn't help but wear them.  A lot of faves in today's post!  These Kristin Perry Inc. sunnies are so on point.  Available HERE for $28 - seriously worth every penny.
A closer look at my sunnies!  The flower embellishments are so cute *forms heart with fingers*
Some other fab striped dresses for you guys, all at different price points!

One last full body shot for y'all!  The people behind me were having bratwursts.  I kind of wanted to jack someone's sausage, HAHA!  That sounds awful on so many different levels, but lucky for them I was already full.
 Shoes:  c/o Deb
Dress:  c/o Charlotte Russe
Bag:  YSL