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Empire State of Mind

I know it's Monday and errthang, but what can I say, I like starting the week off with a bang!  I featured a sexy OOTN for you guys today on SS because I felt like it.  This gorg two-piece is available HERE at AMICLUBWEAR for $39.99.  If this outfit looks familiar it's because I featured it HERE as a find-of-the-day not too long ago.  Anywho, if you wanna know more about the set I'm wearin', check out my review.  If you have questions, comment below! You guys can reach me on ANY of my social platforms - I ALWAYS respond so don't be shy!
Anywho, I just got back from NYC, and I'm HELLA tired.  My butt hurts so much from sitting - the drive from NY to Pits was long, at least for me (7 hours).    I had an amazing trip though!  Manhatten never disappoints. I was actually planning to do my first vlog on NYC but.. I totally forgot, ha.  I swear, I have the memory of Dory from Finding Nemo.  As always, food was incredible.  I got to try a bunch of different restaurants.  I'm gonna review them on Yelp soon so keep an eye out.  Clicky HERE to find me on that platform.  

Some highlights from my trip:
-met a bunch of new poeple  
-caught up with old friends from Peabody
-experienced Circle nightclub for the first time
-re-visited Juilliard
-saw my old crib - good ol' trump place
-saw Marcel from The Originals in the elevator of my hotel
-chilled at the Almost Famous showroom and met several of their amazingly talented designers
-hung out with the gorgoeus IG-er @elleisalwayshere
-took my parents to Moma
-met up with one of my fave professors from Juilliard, the brilliant Paul Sheftel

...I really should've taken pics!  I shared a few snaps but that's about it.  If you're interested in my adventures, you can follow along via snapchat!  My handle's @sensiblestylist.  I'm going to VA beach soon, and I PROMISE to take a lot of pictures there.
One last collage for you guys!  Oh, and what kind of stuffs do you want to see on my future YouTube channel? I'm brainstorming topics so if you have requests, please let me know!
Shoes:  Aldo - old
Bag:  c/o Amiclubwear ($24.99)
Two-piece:  c/o Amiclubwear ($39.99)


  1. That lace is luscious. Sexy shoes too. I'd watch outfits like this on YouTube all day! Nathan

  2. thats a gorgeous two piece set, loved the lace detail

  3. Love the lace details !

    Giveaway, win a pair of Polette glasses !