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Summer's Hottest Trends: The Bathing Suit Edition

After a long, long winter I know that I for one could not be happier that summer is here. After spending far too much time indoors curling up next to a heater, I can't wait to get to a beach ASAP! This means that I'm going to need some of this season's hottest bathing suits. Let's take a look at this summer's hottest bathing suit trends:

1. Neoprene
Last summer Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Fall 2014 Haute Couture runway was filled with neoprene dresses. It seems like the trend just can't be stopped, from dresses to tops and even to bathing suits! Make sure you get your hands on your very own neoprene swimsuit this summer. 
   Save: Sears $24.99       
Splurge: Triangl $89

2. One-Pieces
Bikinis have been getting skimpier and skimpier, but that's not the case with this trend.  Shops all around the world are selling sexy single-piece swimsuits. There are tons of different styles available:  some with slits all over, some with chains, and some even with lace! In my opinion, the LBO(ne)P(iece) is just as much of a must-have as the classic LBD.  Every girl needs at least ONE simple black suit.
 Save: Victoria Secret $29      
 Splurge: Volcom $73.99

3. High-Waisted
High-waisted clothing has been on fleek these past few years.  Last summer we saw everyone's shorts switch from low-rise to high-rise, and this winter "mom-jeans" were seen everywhere.  This trend is here to stay so jump on the bandwagon and purchase a high-waisted suit for yourself.  Need more convincing? Fashion icons, like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift, have been seen sporting trendy versions on beaches themselves.  
  SaveSammy Dress $8.93  
   SplurgeUrban Outfitters $42

4. Neon
Neon is always on point for summer - everyone loves coming back from the blacks and burgundy's of winter to the brightest colors they can find. Plus. neon has the ability to somehow make everyone look tan, which is great for those of us who've hardly left the house this cold winter!
Save: Doll Swimwear $27.99  
Splurge: Voda Swim $66

5. Mismatched
Looking perfectly put together is no longer "in"! This summer, it's cool to look mismatched. This trend is awesome because it means that you can reuse last season's bathing suits; just buy a new pair of black bottoms and you can match them with any of your old tops!
 SaveVictoria Secret $19.50  
Splurge: Zimmerman $260
Which bathing suit trend do you guys like best? Do you guys have any big beach plans for the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Zoe Luiz


  1. oh dreaming of the black on my sexy body.. hot hot hot..
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  2. Neon and neoprene. And mismatched... Not so much the high waisted.... Just a male opinion ;). Nathan

  3. very nice selection !


  4. I like the one piece the best, especially in black.