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Workwear Wednesday: The Bow Skirt

Yay for workwear inspo!  I gotta apologize in advance though - I slacked today.  There's only one photo *sad face* Forgive me! I promise to step up my game tomorrow.  For today's office friendly OOTD, I wore one of my fave blouses.  This hot pink number from Talbots is on fleek!  

...yeah, that's right!  I just said "on fleek".  To be honest, I'm kind of obsessed with the phrase.  I've been saying it nonstop these last few days.  I'm ashamed but totally unapologetic, ha.  Maybe I'm going through some sort of crisis *shrugs*

Anywho, I paired the top with my current fave pencil skirt c/o Style Check-in.  So much winning going on with this piece.  I mean, what's NOT to like? The giant bow seriously makes me want to freakin' pass out...from excitement, of course!  It's high-waisted so it's mad flattering, and it has a totally BAMF print.  I love checkered patterns.  

TIP:  black & white prints look good with pretty much everything.  Style it with a bold piece (like my hot pink blouse) or with a constrasting B&W pattern for an equally ballsy look. 

Skirt:  c/o Style Check-in || Top:  Talbots

PS.  If you want to see my previous collab with Style Check-in, clicky HERE.


  1. loved the outfit, has vintage vibes
    such a nice skirt
    Keep in touch

  2. I used to have a blouse similar to that color, but I ended up giving it away to my friend. I kind of regret it now that I saw how you made it work. Totally flattering!

  3. Wow, love the bow skirt. The pink top is also very pretty. Kisses <3

  4. You are amazingly fabulous here, Kimberly. I love this blouse and think this skirt is very cute. Very classy and lovely. Speaking of lovely, your smile and hairstyle are as beautiful as this outfit.

  5. I love that bow skirt, so pretty and perfect for the office!

    XO Chelsea

  6. pink it was love at first sight I get pink when I turn out the lights pink it's my new obsession