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Celeb Style For Less: Rihanna

Rihanna is famous for her amazing fashion sense - her hip-hop style of clothing is always on point. This gorgeous look is from a while back; she wore it out to dinner with Jennifer Lawrence back in 2013. However, Rih is always so fashion forward with her looks that this is an outfit most of us would still wear!
Skirt: New Look || Top: LUCLUC || Body Chain: TOPSHOP || Shoes: Go Jane || Bracelet: BloomingDale's

The standout piece in this outfit is Rihanna's skirt. Designers have been incorporating pale pink a ton (in their 2016 runway shows) so Rihanna knew what she was doing - she's definitely a trendsetter.  The easiest way to replicate this outfit is to find a skirt that's similar in color and silhouette.  The fabric's most likely expensive - it looks like it's made of silk - and the side embellishments probably bring the price way up.   Lucky for you guys, New Look sells this gorgeous pale pink midi skirt for only $23! Unlike Rih's, this piece is ribbed and polyester, but it is still absolutely gorgeous.

Her top is just a basic black crop that can be purchased anywhere. This specific shirt has a triangle top with very thin straps.  It's very similar to this LUCLUC shirt, which is being sold for $12. It's a jersey top with spaghetti straps, and it complements the New Look skirt perfectly!  In this look, Rihanna actually wore her gold body chain under her top instead of over like most people do! It accentuates her amazing body perfectly without detracting from her adorable crop top. Topshop carries a body chain that like Rih's. It's 32cm long - I recommend that you measure and make sure it hits you right above your hips for the perfect fit.

Her simple white shoes look chic and give her outfit an ombre affect: black to pale pink to white. If you look closely you can see that she also painted her toe nails to match.  Absolutely adorable, right? Although all stores sell strappy white heels, I recommend purchasing these Go Jane shoes.  They're especially cute, and they're available for only $21!

Finally, Rihanna's gorgeous gold jewelry ties the entire ensemble together. Her thick gold bangles contrast with the thin, delicate structure of her body chain. Similar sets can be purchased from Bloomingdale's for $30.  On another note, Rihanna is exposing a lot of skin in this look so if you'd rather not flash your stomach here are a couple of cute coverups that would look amazing with this outfit: 

What do you guys think of this outfit? Would you wear any of these pieces? Also, let us know who you want to see in the next Celeb Style For Less!

Written by Zoe Luiz


  1. this is such a great look.
    and Rihanna is such a
    fashion goddess.

    Ms. Kei

  2. This is such a cute look !

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  3. I like the bra top more than the skirt! the pale pink is nice though

  4. wonderful inspirations, xo babsi

  5. She looks absolutely amazing :) I wouldn't ware the croptop because I don't have a flat tummy so it wouldn't look very flattering. But I would definitely wear the skirt, looks cute :) Love! x