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Sponsor Spotlight: Jord Wood Watches

In Swedish, "Jord" means "earth, soil, land." This reflects Jord's goal in creating watches that are inspired both by nature and modern design. Their watches are created entirely from wood so they're both functional AND stylish. Their slogan is, "telling more than time..." because their watches represent simple yet efficient individuals who appreciate contemporary aesthetics.
Jord sent me the Ely Maple watch to review, and I couldn't be more obsessed. Every part of this piece is luxurious, including the gorgeous wooden box it came in.
The watch's design is simple and sleek. When I initially ordered the watch, I planned on styling it with a set of wood bead bracelets, but when I saw it in person, I decided that it needed to be worn alone.  How would you guys style this piece?
Jord has in-house artists, designers, and watch smiths that design and create with intricacy and care.  You can see the beautiful detail (shown below) in the logo alone. 
This watch is amazing; the craftsmanship, functionality, and design are all on point. Jord carries both men and women's pieces so make sure you guys check them out!  They ship internationally - US residents get free shipping - AND you can get it sized beforehand for a small fee.

Written by Zoe Luiz


  1. This is looking so lovely !

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  2. cool watch :) xo babsi

  3. although you said "Sponsor Spotlight" perhaps you should put an FTC disclosure?

    1. Thanks for your comment! Jord didn't pay me to feature their watch. They did send me one to review though which I indicated above!

      "Jord sent me the Ely Maple watch to review..."

      I'm def. very careful about sharing pieces that were sent to me - I always mark c/o and will clearly state sponsored posts. Thanks so much for commenting though! I totally understand the importance of marking sponsored posts/reviews =)