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Addicted to a Memory

I'm all about style with ease on Sensible Stylista today.  I was feelin' a little lazy TBH so I went with a simple loose top + shorts combo.  You really can't go wrong IMO!  It's casual chic at its best - just as comfy as sweats and 1000x more fashionable.  ALSO, clicky here for my weekly HauteDeals - I published them earlier today!
I don't know if you guys read my NY post (clicky here if you missed it), but I told y'all that I visited the Almost Famous showroom during my trip.  I had a blast browsing their collection, and I left with a ton of goodies.  They seriously have the CUTEST stuff - their clothing is available in stores like Charlotte Russe, Macy's, and Zumiez.  I really can't recommend them enough!  
Unfortunately, I don't have a product link for you guys!  No worries though, here are some other adorable options for y'all.  Let's start with chic striped tops...
...and move onto fab jean shorts...
ANYWHO, let's get back to Almost Famous.  I think the thang that impresses me most is quality.  Don't get me wrong, their designs are freakin' fab, but the quality of their stuffs = so on point.  Have you guys shopped AF's collection?
A back shot for you guys. I just LOVE the lace! What a great way to elevate an otherwise basic top - FYI, when I say "basic", I mean basic as in "standard", not like OMG that girl is such a basic betch, ha.  Just clarifying *grins*
 Top:  c/o Almost Famous
Shorts:  c/o Almost Famous
Earrings:  c/o Berricle ($39.99)


  1. Hello from Spain: I like your shorts. Fabulous look. Feel great on you. Keep in touch

  2. So casual ad stylish!


  3. Super cute!
    Enjoy the day, sweetie.

    >> Check my cool Summer prep! <<


  4. Amazing look! Looks very romantic :) Love! x